July 24, 2012

Training Camp Primer

As training camp draws ever near I wanted to take a look at what has been making news for the Broncos. There has not been much noise coming out of Dove Valley the last few weeks but it has really heated up in the last few days leading up to Training Camp. Mainly three news stories that we will continue to follow as they develop.

News Headlines

Ryan Clady Extension
If the DenverPost is to be believed the Broncos have offered Clady a contract in the range of a 5-year deal worth $50 Million, with $28 Million guaranteed. This is close to Top-5 money for the left tackle position. But there are reports out Clady is looking for 'Joe Thomas' type money (Thomas signed an 8-year, $92 million contract last August, with $44 Million guaranteed.) The two sides will continue to negotiate the terms in a hope to extend Clady soon but it is doubtful that would happen before Training Camp starts.

Elvis Dumervil Arrest
Elvis joins a long list of other players that were arrested over the offseason. The list can be found here.

Dumervil was charged by Miami Beach police with a charge of aggravated assault after he was accused of lifting his shirt and showing a handgun in his waistband during a road rage incident last Saturday on Collins Ave. in Miami's South Beach area.

Sources close to Dumervil say he was not wearing a gun. Further, the sources say the Land Rover Elvis was driving and the gun are not registered to him.

One of Dumervil's friends, Andy Auguste, was also arrested on an aggravated assault charge. The incident was reported on a 911 call by an employee at a nearby Victoria's Secret store. During the 911 call, the employee mentioned people screaming from a white Chevy Impala and a person brandinshing a gun from a Mercedes, but never mentioned the Land Rover or anyone it. The police report from the incident said Auguste was a passenger in the Mercedes.

According to the Miami-Dade County Court website, Elvis Dumervil has a preliminary hearing on his aggravated assault charge set for Aug. 16. Judge Darrin Gayles has been assigned to the case.

Dumervil will report along with his teammates to Broncos training camp Wednesday for meetings and conditioning. The team's first training camp practice will commence at 8:50 a.m. Thursday.

Elvis has stated the truth will come out and that he has nothing to hide. For his sake I hope that is the case but the Ginger Hammer may still come down on him with a suspension.

Colorado Aurora Shooting
As Colorado continues to mourn and try to understand the massacre at Aurora, the Broncos are trying to do their part and bring the community together. Broncos players visited victims in hospital to show support and hopefully put a smile on their faces. More info and pictures can be found here, here and here.

Peyton Manning also called hospital rooms to talk to some of the victims and listen to their stories, for more go here.

Champ Files with Thunderbirds
There is a nice gallery here of Champ's day with the Air Force but all I was thinking about was this video.

Training Camp Primer
With Training Camp only days away there are a number of key positional battles occurring. Almost every position has some form of battle or a point of interest that we the fan should watch closely. Below are my thoughts entering Training Camp on a position by position bases.

With new players and the integration of a new scheme/plays it is hard to know what to expect from the Broncos Offense. This will make it interesting viewing as we may see a few things the Broncos haven't done before or in quite a while.

This will be the first chance fans get to take a look at new starting QB Peyton Manning. It will give the fans a chance to gauge where they believe Manning is at compared to what has been reported. It will also be another chance for him to test his health.

The interesting battle happening at quarterback is for the No 2 job. Adam Weber twittered that he is in a competition with Hanie and Osweiler for that position. You would think Osweiler and Hanie are the favorites for the position with Weber a distant third but anything can happen.

Running Back
Who will perform and who will stay healthy is the question. It is almost every year the Broncos lose a running back in camp to some injury and the same will probably happen this year. Every RB position is open for competition but Willis McGahee should keep the number one job. The question lies in who will make up the remainder of the running back corps. From Knowshon Moreno, rookie Ronnie Hillman, returning from injury Mario Fannin and holdovers Jeremiah Johnson and Lance Ball. Plus a few other young backs that may be able to upstage the others. Ronnie Hillman is a lock to make the team. Moreno on the other hand should be a little worried. It is easy to say now that he is the second best or third best back on the roster. But if Fannin or JJ can set up their game it may move Moreno down into cuttable territory. Ball should not make the the team *fingers crossed*

We have two, Gronk and Sylvester. Only one will be kept but I do not see a big role for this position going forward.

Wide Receiver
Once again WR looks packed for the Broncos. Demaryius Thomas should have the No 1 spot locked down and Decker No 2. It gets interesting from there. It looks like the next three spots are between newcomer Andre Caldwell, the returning Brandon Stokley and the training camp destroyer Matthew 'Ninja' Willis. What order they are on the depth chart and the role they play will be decided in training camp. That makes 5 wide receivers but don't be surprised if someone else ends up in that 5. Mark Dell, D'Andre Goodwin and Greg Orton have been with the Broncos awhile and may push their claim for a starting role. Both Jason Hill and Gerell Robinson have the size, Hill also has the athleticism, to push for a spot in the top 5. Willis and Stokley beware. If reports are to be believed Eric Page may be the shoe in for return duties but this is not a certainty. This raises another question whether the Broncos will carry 6 WRs or 5 with the 4 TEs. Will the return duties and that roster spot be used on another DB?

Tight End
There will be four tight ends barring injury. Joel Dreessen, Virgil Green, Jacob Tamme and Julius Thomas. There are a number of others but I doubt they dislodge these four. Dreessen and Tamme are the starters now. Thomas needs to come in and have a good camp to figure in some playing time and leap frog the other two. Green needs to improve also but I think he still makes the 53. If the Broncos need a roster spot for other players Green's may be in doubt if he doesn't perform.

Offensive Line.
I envision the offensive line to be the same as it was last year. Clady, Beadles, Walton, Kuper and Franklin should be the starters. There are only two other players that may dislodge the starters and cause a reshuffling of the line. They are Phillip Blake and Ryan Harris. Either one has the talent and potential to possibility leap frog their counterpart but at the moment it is a long shot.

We also will not carry two long snappers.

Another year, another Defense Coach. I do not know what Coach Del Rio plans to run but I believe it will be based on a 4-3 alignment and a one gap system. What I think he does plan to do is use his players to create matchup problems based on downs with his players. It will be interesting to see how different the defense looks and feels compared to the aggressive style of D-Allen.

Defensive Tackle
The guys I have playing inside are Justin Bannan, Sealver Siliga, Kevin Vickerson, Ty Warren, Mitch Unrein, Derek Wolfe and maybe a little Malik Johnson. From all the reports I have seen Bannan and Warren are the starters. But Siliga has been setting the world on fire, he would need to keep that performance going through training camp if he wants to stay in the rotation. Wolfe may not be the starter but he will see plenty of time on the field this year. One player I am interested to see is the return of Big Vick (or Biggerer Vick if the reports of his muscle growth are correct). If he can dominate and perform through TC and preseason he should hold onto his stop and push Siliga down the depth chart. I included Johnson here as I expect to see him inside a little as well. That leaves Unrein for me as the odd man out. My prediction Bannan, Warren, Wolfe, Vickerson and Siliga stay and in that order, Unrein is cut.

Defensive End
There are a number of players verifying for position at DE. Dumervil and Ayers should be the starters but Dumervil may be facing a suspension and Ayers may be facing some stiff competition from Wolfe depending on how he is to be used. But Ayers should make the roster easily. The guys on the bubble are Jeremy Beal, Jason Hunter and Ben Garland. Hunter should make the team leaving Beal and Garland fighting for a spot. Both of which may be over taken by guys like Blatnick and Obiozor. Malik Jackson has a spot no matter what I believe because he adds much needed 'versatility' to the line.

Outside Linebacker
With DJ suspension and pending DUI trial Woodyard will get the first chance to play that WLB spot. His main competition for the starting spot is coming from Danny Trevathan. The two will battle for the spot in Williams absence. The Strong Side Linebacker (SLB) is locked down by Von Miller. Mike Mohamed is his likely back up but the Broncos may try Nate Irving on that side. There is also the hope that one of the extra rookie linebackers steps up. This may mean that Mohamed could be facing the axe.

Inside Linebacker
It looks like the Inside Linebacker spot has all but been handed to Joe Mays. But I am holding out hope that Nate Irving can show some improvement and nab this position. I also have Trevathan as a dark horse for MLB.

I don't think we have ever had this much talent at Cornerback. The list includes Champ Bailey, Omar Bolden, Drayton Florence, Chris Harris, Coryell Judie, Tracey Porter and Syd'Quan Thompson plus a few others. This position I think will be based on how many corners we can actually keep on the roster. The plan is to have Bailey and Porter playing on the outside. Florence, Bolden and Harris playing Nickel and Dime as well as spelling the others on the outside. Harris will need to continue to display his amazing form from last year to keep his spot. That is 5 corners already. I believe the Broncos will carry at most 6 with 4 safeties. The other two players I listed for me are favorites. Squid I really think is one of the better Nickel or Dime players and a ballhawk in small spaces. Judie is all about potential and I have a big belief in him. For me Squid is the pick if he plays well but if Judie can take those kick return duties as his own Squid will be cut. This is how I see it going down but there another 4 or 5 corners trying to make this team.

I think there will be only 4 positions available for Safeties. Those spots belong to Mike Adams, David Bruton, Quinton Carter and Rahim Moore. Rafael Bush I doubt makes the team. There is some question about whether Duke Ihenacho makes the team as there is a special role that he could fill but would the Broncos trade his spot for that of a Corner? I do not know.

As for how the starters line up I would love it to be Moore and Carter but I doubt Moore can beat out Adams. Therefore starters being Adams and Carter with Moore rotating in mostly on passing downs I would think.

Kicker - Matt Prater

Punter - Britton Colquitt.

That is it from me, we will have more as Training Camp unfolds ~ Aussie.


  1. Hey Jazzy it looks like the keeper thing works but the one thing it doesn't have is the round guys were drafted in.

    I was thinking Forte and Lynch. If you could give me the list of rounds my roster was drafted in or the location, I will make a decision then.

  2. Osweiler and Hillman all signed up as per:



  3. Hey Princess now with your week off, if you get bored you could look at the Hillman and Jackson rookie bio pieces?

  4. Also before I forget July 14th is Broncos Blog's birthday. Which as it happened was while I was away.

    Therefore the blog is now 3 years old! Glad to still have a few of you comment and being apart of the blog. I do miss the numbers and comments from the others but we will go on.

  5. I'll try to get those done, they're hanging over me like a bad rain cloud.

    Glad to see Clady get such a great deal. He's worth the money

    And Happy Birthday to us!! lol Honestly, kind of surprised we've kept this blog up and running this long. Very cool. I just hope to hear from more fans once the season starts.

    Glad to see the Broncos being so supportive of all the victims of this terrible shooting by a complete loser in life. What irritates me is that they'll play the "insanity" defense and somehow they go soft on him. I hope I'm dead wrong and they can his sorry ass. Just said it like I mean it. He should have done the world & taxpayers a favor and got rid of himself for us. Sickens me that the survivors and all the other taxpayers would have to help pay for him to eat & watch TV in prison... if they're smart enough to send him there rather than an asylum.

    Anywho, that shooting really hit home for me. Aurora is where I was raised. Scary stuff. Born in Denver, raised in Aurora, way too close for comfort. Would have really freaked me out if I recognized any of the places they showed. Thank God all I remember is our house and that nutjob didn't live there. Would've been P'od!! lol

  6. Well its Olympic time... US Women's soccer team has their first game today.

    Ready to watch them kick some French booty!!!! muwahahaha lol

  7. hey G, all you have to do is go to the homepage for the league. In the middle topish rightish part of the screen it says "2012". change that to 2011 and use the tab for final roster to see who was on your final roster, then to find out where they were drafted, just go to the draft results tab. AND WA_BAMMMMMMM!!!!

  8. Ok cool.

    Clady hasn't been signed yet that was just what he was offered.

    The dude will get his, may take awhile but he will get it.

    As for the Olympics, Aussies all the way!! haha Those US Women don't stand a chance against the might of the Australians! haha

  9. Ok cool thanks Jazzy.

    Also today the Broncos released Page and Judie. Judie was my boy but at least that gives hope for Aquid staying.

    With Page gone I have no idea who will be the returner. I just hope it isn't Decker.

  10. Seems both those guys were injured.

    Page tore his ACL, and Judie has a disc problem in his back.

  11. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/09000d5d82ace2cc/article/denver-broncos-continue-to-help-aurora-community?module=HP11_headline_stack


  12. Jazzy
    I want Sam Bradford as one keeper (12th round) and Demaryius Thomas as the other (13th round).

  13. Cool, I will make sure to get that put in for you. Go ahead and do it just for records purposes on the yahoo keeper tab as well. And we need one replacement team as of now, possibly a 2nd if i dont hear back from playmaker7. Could you do me a favor and see if anyone on the other blogsite wants in. And tell them they will get the #1 pick if they do so, but that a lot of the top picks are being kept, so basically they won't be able to pick any of the top 3 RB's on the draft board

  14. Jazzy
    Can I switch my team to Playmaker 7's team?
    He has Gronk and Cam Newton. If not I'm not wanting to keep Bradford anymore. I forgot Fischer is the HC now and Lloyd left. I think I could draft him or someone as good in the 12th round. I'm sure I'll draft a better one earlier anyway and he would just be a backup.

  15. Some good things to read:





  16. Hey Jazzy I set my keepers.

    Am I right in that Forte will cost me a 2nd round pick and Lynch would cost me a 7th?

  17. LOL Australia doesn't even have a women's team for soccer this time. That was easy... haha

    Hour long special on Broncos TC right now on ESPN... FYI

  18. :( guess we will have to beat you at all the other events haha.

    Also some more reading on TC:


  19. lol New Zealand made it instead in that region ahaha I won't pay much attention to anything else other than women's soccer

  20. Digger- I am gonna wait one more week and if i dont hear from playmaker7, I will give his team to a new owner. I don't think it would be fair to other owners who have lesser keeper options to not have the same opportunity to switch to someone else's team. So I am gonna say no to you switching teams.
    G- You are correct on your keeper values.

    The cool thing with choosing your keepers through yahoo is you can change your mind on who you keep until 3 days before the draft which is when I will lock the rosters and keepers.

  21. OK cool Jazzy. Just thought I'd ask. Gronk and Newton sounded good. Bay Bay and Julio Jones don't sound bad either though. There is a guy on true fans that wants in. Atwater 27. Hey can we see who other guys are thinking about as their keepers? You said all the top RBs will be gone.

  22. Haha ok Princess, what about Women's softball or basketball, I know the Aussie's dominate in that too.

    Sweet thanks Jazzy.

    And Digger's idea would be good. A list of all the players that end up being keepers so we know who is available leading into the draft.

  23. The only way to find out is to ask people. I am not able to assign keepers until all 12 teams are signed up. Once this happens I am asked to lock the teams and which makes it to where no one else can join or leave. At that I point I can set the draft order and assign the keepers. But it doesn't even show me the keepers until the League Teams have all joined and been locked. It is a "non-linked" tab right now that says: "Finalize the keeper selections managers made from imported roster players. Use the Edit Draft Order & Assign Keeper Players commishioner tool to order the keepers in the draft after finalizing them. Available after the Keeper Deadline has passed and after Finalizing the Team List, until approximately one hour prior to draft." So apparently I have to wait until after the "Keeper Deadline". Which is Thursday, August 9th.

    All that to say. What I can do is post people's keepers that they inform me of on the message board with each owners permission. But like I said, owners can always choose to change their keeper choices up until the keeper deadline. At which point I will go into the settings and assign each keeper player to their teams for whatever round they will be selected at.

  24. The way I did it last year was, I asked each player to send me a message through yahoo of their final selection, and then I was able to put in the selections right away, but now I cannot do that. Once the keeper deadline is passed i will put in all the keeper stuff and it should be available for everyone to see on friday and saturday morning before the draft.

  25. I will explain to Atwater what his options are as far as the league goes. I will just jump over to the other blog and tell him whats up.

  26. Ok cool Jazzy, I will make sure to check out the keepers before the draft and then actually MAKE the draft haha.

  27. I don't need to bring it because I already brought it yo!