November 20, 2009

Broncos Vs Chargers

What up gang, this week we have a divisional battle against the hated Chargers. The Chargers are on hot form and the Broncos, well are not. This game here I believe is the season, it will be hard to make the playoffs with a lose here. But having said that the Broncos seem to turn up big in big games. Take for example the last Chargers game and the Patriots game. The Broncos need to put in a complete team effort no matter who the quarterback is to will this game. Now this take a look around the web.

Chargers, Broncos tussle for first place in AFC West

In Brief

» Last meeting: The Broncos improved to 6-0 with a 34-23 win in Week 6.
» Streaks: San Diego has won five of the past seven, but trails the overall series, 54-44-1.
» Last week: The Chargers overcame 450 passing yards from Donovan McNabb to knock off the Eagles, 31-23. ... The Broncos lost QB Orton at halftime and fell apart in a 27-17 loss to the Redskins.

Keep your eye on ...

Mike Nolan's defensive adjustments: Nolan, Denver's defensive coordinator, was praised profusely during the team's 6-0 start, because the defense was among the league's best. A three-game skid has exposed the unit some, however, and now Nolan has his work cut out for him to restore the defense's confidence and get it to find its early season form.

LT's inspiration: Finding out his wife was pregnant prior to kickoff seemed to spark something in LaDainian Tomlinson last Sunday. Playing against a tough Eagles defense, Tomlinson had a season-high 96 rushing yards and two touchdowns. He was shut down by the Broncos when these teams met earlier this year, but his wife may have just given him the motivation he was missing in that earlier matchup.

Eddie Royal's return ability: The biggest factor in Denver's win earlier this year over San Diego was Royal's production in the kicking game. He brought back a punt and a kickoff for touchdowns and those two scores proved to be the difference. The Chargers cannot afford to let Royal have a similar performance in the rematch.

Did you know?

San Diego has won four straight on the road against the AFC West. ... Chargers LB Brandon Siler had his first career sack last week. ... Denver's Champ Bailey ranks first among cornerbacks with 44 interceptions since 1999.
  • Denver quarterback Kyle Orton didn’t practice at all Thursday for the second straight day with an ankle injury. If he doesn’t practice Friday, he likely won’t play Sunday in a pivotal AFC West game against San Diego.
  • Denver running back Correll Buckhalter (knee) did not practice Thursday after he practiced on a limited basis Wednesday. Denver receiver Brandon Marshall practiced Thursday. He was held out Wednesday with a neck injury.

  • The Broncos, who are looking to snap a three-game losing streak, defeated San Diego 34-23 on Monday Night Football on Oct. 19. Facing a Chargers team that has won its last four games, Denver aims for its first season sweep of its series with San Diego since 2005.
  • Sunday's game vs. San Diego marks the first time Denver has played a team 100 times in the regular season. The only team the Broncos have faced 100 times including playoffs is Oakland (98 reg. / 2 post.).


  • WR Brandon Marshall has posted at least 100 receiving yards in each of his previous two games. He scored on TD catches of 75 and 40 yards in the first quarter last week at Washington, becoming only the 11th player in the NFL since 1940 to post two TD grabs of 40 yards in the opening quarter.
  • RB Knowshon Moreno leads all NFL rookies with 591 yards from scrimmage and 520 rushing yards, which represent the eighth-highest total by an NFL rookie through his team's first nine games since 2005.
  • QB Kyle Orton registered a 134.7 passer rating (11-18, 193 yds., 2-0) in the first half at Washington last week before missing the second half due to an injury. QB Chris Simms replaced him and saw his most extensive action since his last pro start (9/24/06 vs. Carolina) with Tampa Bay.


  • Coached by long-time NFL defensive coordinator Mike Nolan, the Broncos are tied for second in the league in sacks (29) while ranking fourth in points per game allowed (16.8) and fifth in yards per play allowed (4.8).
  • OLB/DE Elvis Dumervil has an AFC-best 11 games with two sacks since entering the NFL in 2006. That total ties for the ninth most in league history through a player's first four NFL seasons.


  • WR Eddie Royal handles return duties for the Broncos in addition to his work at wide receiver. He is the only player in the NFL to post at least 1,300 yards from scrimmage and 1,300 return yards since his rookie year in 2008.
  • ILB/FB Spencer Larsen's five solo special-teams tackles in November (3 games) tie for the third-highest total in the NFL.
Big Games
Well we need big games out of the own team, if we want to win we need to give 110%. I know Dawkins is pumped I just hope the rest of the team is. Also still looking for a big game out of Peyton Hillis, want to see him get some action.

My Take
Man another hard won, I really want Broncos to win but this game will be hard fought. I still think this game is the most important of the season, win this and a say a deep playoff run.

An elementary teacher starts a new job at a school in Denver and trying to make a good impression on her first day, explains to her class that she's a Bronco fan. She asks the class to raise their hands if they too are Bronco fans. Everyone in the class raises their hand except one little girl.

The teacher looks at the girl with surprise and says: "Mary, why didn't you raise your hand?"

"Because I'm not a Bronco fan," she replied.

The teacher, still shocked, asked : "Well, if you're not a Bronco fan, then who do you support?"

"I'm a Charger fan, and proud of it," Mary replied.

The teacher could not believe her ears. "Well Mary, will you explain why you are a Charger fan?"

"Because my mom and dad are from San Diego, and my mom is a Charger fan and my dad is a Charger fan, so I'm a Charger fan too!" "Well," said the teacher, in an obviously annoyed tone, "that's no reason for you to be a Charger fan. You don't have to be just like your parents all of the time. What if your mom was a prostitute and your dad was a drug addict and a car thief, what would you be then?"

Mary replied, "I'd be a Raiders fan."


  1. LOL, that was a good joke. Like really good! Too funny.

    Bottom line: the boys need to play like a team and get this win. 7-3 would be awesome for us. I've seen us do worse. If they can get this win and make a good run to the end of the season, they could make it into the playoffs. Even if we get one game into the playoffs, I'll take it and run. Better than nothing at all.

    Go get 'em boys!! ;)

  2. Yeah I know, I enjoyed writing this article.

  3. Man that was ugly. I'm so frustrated, annoyed, angry and ticked about this game I'm out of words (for now).

    Guess we had that one coming... we beat them in their house a few weeks ago and we let them return the favor. Good grief, win some games already!! grrrrrrrrrrr

  4. Yeah, I am cheesed too, I think the lose of Dawkins was big. But the fumbles in the redzone killed as and we really needed to get points on the board. Well here is to hoping to next week.

  5. Next week? Ha, we... no sorry, THEY have 3 days to practice and make a total rebound and then host the Giants. Oh brother. The game got so bad today, I had a friend working some more on my computer and he called me to say I could come pick it up so I left and gladly missed about 40 minutes of the game. I've never been so frustrated and annoyed. I just don't get it. I'm convinced that bye week totally messed them up. We were doing so well and they got to take a break. Not that they had a choice but something happened where we have just fallen completely apart.

    Losing Dawkins in the game was huge and I can only hope playing Orton today won't mess us up on Thursday. I'm relieved he was put in after Simms kept screwing up but I would've liked to see Brandstater play just cuz I think we need Orton more for Thursday. And like you said, we had one too many fumbles. Our mistakes are killing us. Its ridiculous. Orton got in the game and man he was on fire... we're at the edge of the goal line to get a TD and what happens... a fumble. I swear my TV almost died today.

    If they can't find a way to win on Thursday, I'm not so sure I can stomach watching any more games this season. Too painful but knowing me I'll watch 'em anyway. Why? I don't know but I will. haha, guess I found some words to say now.

  6. I can only hope for a better game next week, well this week. I would like to see more Hillis than Knowshon, especially when we are in the redzone. I hope Dawkins is alright. We need to score points.

    And I hope they don't play Brandstater. That would be like throwing him in to the fire. He would fail, it is very difficult to come in mid season and do something like that.

  7. Yeah as frustrated as I am, they can still win a few games and do better than another 8-8 dead end season. But if they want that to happen their stack of problems has piled up very high and they have so much to improve on, its ridiculous. The more losses they accumulate the harder it will be to bounce back before season's end. Our offense has got to get it together and give our D a rest. They're falling apart cuz our O can't do their jobs causing chaos all over the place. I can't for the life of me figure out why McD won't use Hillis more. I saw him once during the game and then its like he disappeared. That kid is full of talent, if McD doesn't see talent in him he needs to watch film from last year on #22.

    Well its obvious bringing a person in, in the middle of the season is tough... Simms hasn't done too well but each QB is different. I hope Orton can play on Thursday at full force but Brandstater deserves a shot. He was another option we could've used today instead of stressing Orton's injury when we need him 4 days from now. Some people, like me, work better under tremendous pressure. For Brandstater, throwing him in the line of fire would make him be accurate and successful, like what we need. Not sure I want him in the game Thursday but we do have a 3rd option at QB and if Orton can't play, Simms isn't doing good... Brandstater wasn't made our 3rd QB for nothing. Use him if needed. Simms had all week to prepare for this game and he was just as bad as he was against the Skins. Orton had some issues today too, but he's proven to be more accurate. We have no idea if Brandstater would fail or succeed, he could be just what we need but we'll never know if we don't give him a shot. He's gonna get thrown into a regular season game sooner or later, might as well see what we have on our hands cause he could be just what we're looking for. He deserves a chance just as much as the other two have gotten. For now though, I'm just hoping Orton can play cause I'd love to see him get back to the game manager he was in our 6 wins.

  8. Yeah I know what you mean, but this season isn't over yet so don't just hand it to the rookie just yet. I think we are in a good position, I did some research on the league standings. The other teams that are 6-4 are Steelers, Jaguars, Giants, Eagles, Packers. The only teams above us are the Patriots, Benegals, Colts, Chargers, Cowboys, Vikings, Saints and Cardinals. We versus three of these teams, and if we can turn it round and get wins against them then we are a good chance for a playoff berth. I think we are right where we need to be to make a run for the playoffs. The team just needs to get that winning instinct back and then we will be sweet as.

  9. Now this ticks me off, writing us off completely because of a few loses. I really believe the team will turn it round and find some of that c*** that they have been lacking, and destroy the giants on Thursday!

    Another idiot that does know whats coming

  10. No, I don't want them to just hand the QB duties to him but if we could really use a 3rd option, they should consider using him if it's absolutely needed. I think he could've done well in this game but we'll never know. Very unlikely he'll get any play time his rookie season but he could be useful in sticky situations. That's all. And I totally agree... I hate to drag on the wishful thinking cuz one loss should've been enough to wake them up and they definitely should've stopped the losing streak in Washington so I almost hate saying that 4 losses should wake them up but they seriously need to ask themselves... how many losses is too many? How much longer are they gonna stand for this? How much longer are they gonna stand for playing like crap... its gotten worse since the loss to the Ravens.

    They're heading down a very long and deep road and in these 3 days they just need to pull over, chill and get back on track cuz honestly I don't know how much longer I can put up with them playing like this. I'm thinking because this is a really short week for them to get their act together, the pressure will do them some good. They have a lot that needs to be improved and the pressure of doing all that in 3 days might just be the trick. Only thing is they'll have till Dec 6 till they play another game. Doesn't help it will be in KC, I saw what KC did to Pittsburgh today and I'll be the first to tell you, there's a reason why Arrowhead stadium is like a death trap. It's almost worse than the Black hole.

  11. Oh and it doesn't surprise me at all that someone has completely written us off cuz of 4 straight losses... Dukes wrote us off before the season even started. We shoved 6 straight wins in all their faces so we are not a ocmplete joke. We've gotten side-tracked, lost focus but I honestly think b/c of the pressure they have to regroup in 3 days will be like fresh air to them. They need to come out in full attack mode on Thursday. I don't care what the "critics" say... they know nothing worth mentioning.

  12. Yeah I really hope we so the critics what we are made of and find that fire from the first part of the season. We are still in with a big chance this year.

  13. I think it is up to McD to turn this around. If he is as good a coach as they say he needs to prove it.

  14. Absolutely, totally agree. I still like McD but he is the coach and he needs to lead this team back to winning. Like you said, he needs to prove he can bring this team back from adversity.

  15. I am getting pumped for this game I can't wait. I really think we can turn it around with one big win. Just limit turnovers, and play hard. I think we can win by getting back to basics.

  16. Hey quick question I keep on getting a forbidden link everytime i try to get on the Broncos blog on happening to anyone else, cuz I am starting to think I have recieved the ultimate ban

  17. Nope I don't have that problem, try this link. It is to mark coopers blog, I can use it.

    Marks blog

  18. lol TRB. I haven't had a problem but I think their system still has some glitches. I posted a comment today and it came up as "waiting for moderation". Haven't had that happen to me in a long time but like I said I think their system has some issues every now and then. I don't think you got banned. I actually had that same thing happen to me a long time ago and eventually it let me get on the site. Weird, I know. You could always try coming here first and trying the link to the Broncos site or the link Aussie just posted and see if it lets you get on the site from there.

    Oh and I should have the last part to the 50th article out sometime this week, I hope. Gonna be busy but I just want to finish it and be done with it!! Feel like its another piece of homework I have. lol

  19. Yeah there are still problems with their site, but I think it has been better. And that is awesome you will have the article done soon. They are always very good, and I will be happy to fix and problems.

  20. oh ok thx for info....really thought I might be banned because someone made a personal attack on me and I lost my cool and told him to go F**K himself....:-( wouldnt be surprised but he was asking for it....said nothing to him lol....well I havent received a email from telling me I am banned or this is a warning.....ill keep trying to thx again

  21. Don't worry about it TRB, we have said lot worse things on that site then telling some one to F himself. You should be fine, I think it is just a warning.

  22. wow. I'm pretty disappointed. McDaniels told the chargers linebackers pregame that "we own them" and look how that turned out. also not cool with Moreno and Marshall getting at it on the sideline. we need to refocus and go back to what got us those 6 straight wins. we need to start playing as a team instead of 11 individuals. From this thanksgiving game on is the playoffs. If we dont beat the Giants at our house then were screwed. lets get it done.

  23. Oh and Aussie, that joke was hilarious. LMAO!!!

  24. Not a problem Doc, I thought that joke would get some serious laughs.

    As for this weeks game, man it is a game we really need to win. I think the guys have got ahead of themselves and trying always to make the big play. I think they need to relax and play more as a team. Play basic, simple and mistake free football then they will win. Good solid football is all that is needed.

  25. I think we need to start running the ball a lot more on the early downs. Moreno had 8 yards per carry, but only 10 carries. with Hillis and Buckhalter sharing the rock with him, we'd have a pretty good run game.

  26. Yeah running the ball should be a good option. The giants D isn't good against the run and has allowed a lot of points. I think we should beat them, we are a good team when we play together.

  27. 2 teams on the decline playing for their playoff lifes on thenksgiving night. should be a great game

  28. Yeah will be a tough game, even more tough since the giants are coming off a win.

  29. Yea man, Like ive been saying along with a couple others...we are not losing cuz we all of a sudden suck now or because teams are better than us or have figured us out or w/e....we are loosing because we are fallen apart on the inside, not acting like a team...and the injuries havent helped either because we were beating redskins till Orton got hurt and when he entered the game agaisnt the chargers...he was on fire til the momentum stopper which WAS a TD

  30. I agree with TRB, our opponents arent much tougher then the guys we played weeks 1-6, I think our players egos are getting in the way.

  31. Agreed TRB, a team effort is what we need, good solid 60 mins of football.

  32. did Robert Ayers take over Mario Haggans starting spot?

  33. I don't think so, I read somewhere that Ayers was inactive for the Chargers game.

  34. then wheres Haggan been? he hasnt been playing like he used to.

  35. I think he has been none exist on the field and not making any plays, I also noticed Jarvis Moss got some playing time. So I don't know what has been happening. I know Wes has been playing alot, but that usually is on Passing Downs and Andra Davis comes off.

  36. I saw Moss once in the game...and it was when he went offsides. he hasnt developed the way we had hoped.

  37. I also thought it was funny, that people have already put Ayers in the same category as Moss. You know a bust. But sometimes it takes awhile for a player to bear fruit. Like Vincent Jackson it took him 4 years.

  38. Also have you checked the bears schedule, they have the vikings twice, the packers and ravens. All these teams will beat them, then they have also the Rams and Lions who they should beat. So they finish with a record of 6-10, and last years draft that was good enough for 9th place. So we could be looking at a top 10 pick.

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