November 6, 2009

Broncos Vs Steelers

What up gang, this week the Broncos take on the defending Superbowl champs the Steelers. This will be a really hard fought game as the Steelers are tough right across the board. Just look at their fans. The Broncos come off their first loss and it was a disappointing one. But I think they can bounce back and really give it to the Steelers. I would love to see them run away with this one. There is also the new addition of Ty Law but I doubt he will play this week. Ok so time to look around the web to see what is being said:

In Brief

» Last meeting: Jason Elam hit a 49-yard field goal as time expired to lead the Broncos past the Steelers, 31-28, in Week 7 of 2007.
» Streaks: The Broncos have won four of the past five and have a commanding 16-9-1 overall series edge, including the playoffs.
» Last week: Both teams were on a bye.

Keep your eye on ...

How the Broncos respond to their first loss: For the first time as a head coach, Josh McDaniels has to get his team ready to play following a defeat. The Ravens exposed the Broncos offensively with their intermediate passing game and defensively by getting pressure on Kyle Orton. The Steelers play a very similar style to the Ravens, so McDaniels has to make some adjustments.

Eddie Royal's return skills: If there is one glaring weakness for the Steelers it is their special teams. They have given up three touchdowns on special teams in the past four weeks. Royal has the ability to exploit Pittsburgh with his uncanny knack for coming up with big returns.

Ben Roethlisberger's strength: Pittsburgh's signal-caller is one of the league's toughest quarterbacks to bring down and his exceptional ability to keep plays alive often dooms defenses. Denver will have to maintain discipline in the secondary and its pass rushers must be under control when attacking Roethlisberger.

Did you know?

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin is 4-0 on Monday Night Football. ... Roethlisberger has a touchdown in seven consecutive games. ... Orton has lost just two home games in his career. ... Denver's Elvis Dumervil leads the AFC with 10 sacks.

The Denver Broncos (6-1) will make their second Monday Night Football appearance in their last three games this week when they host the defending Super Bowl-champion Pittsburgh Steelers (5-2). Kickoff at INVESCO Field at Mile High is set for 6:30 p.m. MST.


  • The Broncos, who look to rebound from a 30-7 loss at Baltimore last week, will appear on Monday Night Football for the 61st time in club history. That total is the fifth highest in the history of the program.
  • Head Coach Josh McDaniels guided Denver to a 6-0 record to begin the year, a start that tied for the third best by a rookie NFL head coach since 1930.


  • QB Kyle Orton’s 18-2 (.900) career record at home as a starter is the best by an NFL player since the 1970 merger. He leads the AFC in TD-to-INT ratio (9-to-1), fourth quarter passer rating (124.2) and INT percentage (0.4).
  • The Broncos’ 16 drives of at least 10 plays (20.8% of their possessions) tie for third in the NFL.


  • Coached by long-time NFL defensive coordinator Mike Nolan, Denver leads the NFL in yards per game allowed (266.7) and yards per play allowed (4.4) while ranking second in the league in scoring defense (13.7 ppg.).
  • Last week at Baltimore, the Broncos posted an NFL Week 8-best 10 tackles for a loss (31 yds.) with seven run stuffs, two sacks and one on a reception.
  • OLB/DE Elvis Dumervil’s 10 sacks lead the AFC (2nd in NFL). Minnesota DE Jared Allen is the only player in the NFL with more two-sack games than Dumervil (11) since he entered the league in 2006.


  • The Broncos have won both AFC Special Teams Player of the Month awards this year with K Matt Prater (September) and WR/KR Eddie Royal (October) earning those accolades.
  • Royal became only the 11th player in NFL history to score a touchdown on a kickoff (93 yds.) and a punt return (71 yds.) in the same game at San Diego on Oct. 19.
  • S Darcel McBath, a rookie second round pick from Texas Tech University, leads the Broncos with seven special-teams tackles.
Denver defensive lineman Ryan McBean may not play Monday night against Pittsburgh with a knee injury. LeKevin Smith is set to start in his place.

Big Games
So I am looking for big games from the Offense. But most importantly Tyler Polumbus, Knowshon Moreno and Kyle Orton. Tyler needs to get some push and stop the rushers. Knowshon needs to get some rushing yards and Kyle Orton needs to have a bounce back game.

My Take
This game will be close, maybe a touchdown separating the two, I think the score will be something like 24-17. But this is going to be a tough game to win and the Broncos are to win it, it will be done late in the game.

Q. How many steeler fans does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
A. Two. One to do the job, and the other to tell everybody else how much better they are at it than everybody else.

Q. What do the Steelers and bumble bees have in common?
A. They are both black and yellow and get smeared all over your windshield.

Had to post this as it has our boy Elway in it.


  1. Also noticed a few more followers welcome.

  2. Jack Williams gone, in comes Ty Law

  3. disappointing loss. our offense does not look good. things need to be straightened out on that side of the ball. if they dont perform against washington expect some major changes. congrats to Robert Ayers on his first NFL touchdown. Ty Law played well but obviously, he doesnt know all the signals and audibles yet.

  4. I thought our passing game was good, but the run game was terrible. I was surprised to see Peyton Hillis as an inactive. I think we really need to use him.

  5. 3 interceptions is not a good passing game IMO. I understand that a good running game wouldve helped a lot but you've gotta do better then that.

    I agree, we need to get Hillis involved in the offense.

  6. Well, Orton played really one in the first half, put when you have to pass all the time it becomes alot harder and mistakes are likely. Remember when you throw the pass it can be one of three things. A catch, an incompletion or an interecpt. So it is a one in three chance that everytime you throw it, it will be an interecpt and when you thorw the ball 40 times that means, atleast some have to be intercepts. Fix the run game, fix the passing game.

  7. On another note, Happy Veterans Day to everybody

  8. Shoot, been awhile since I've been on here. ha Been a rough 2 weeks for me then our 2 losses. I have enough on my plate now I have that to rattle my brain. Yipee. Anyhoo, not that any veterans are gonna be reading this but a HUGE thank you to our US troops for their sacrifice. Without it, we probably wouldn't have the freedom to watch our boys play football. What a tragedy that would be!

    Definitely another icky loss. Bad enough trying to forget the Baltimore game, now this. They'll get it figured out, I just know it. McD comes from a team that rarely lost while he was there, he won't put up with this for too long. I was totally convinced we were gonna get the win at home against Pittsburgh but crap happens. Everything is fixable, so that's what they need to do... fix it all! Won't happen overnight but they'll get it done. And McD definitely needs to use Hillis more. I heard his grandma died sometime before the Pittsburgh game so I'm guessing that's why he was inactive so hopefully this Sunday he'll get some play time. He's awesome and we can use all the help we can get.

  9. Yo if what Princess says about Hillis Grandma is correct, then I got to give a shout out to him, our thoughts and prays are with you in this difficult time.

  10. I can't remember where I heard that but it kinda explains some stuff. If she was sick, could be why he hasn't been playing much and then if she did pass, no wonder he was inactive Monday. I've been there done that, twice, with my grandmas so my prayers are with him as well. As far as I know its just another rumor but its kinda like the missing piece to the puzzle. I really hope we see more of him on Sunday. We could really use his talent.

  11. Found a link to the story, very sad, our thoughts are with you Hillis.

    Hillis story

    Also I noticed that Clady got no dreads

  12. I noticed that to. probably so the Raiders players wont pull his hair anymore

  13. its been quiet out here. we need a new post. Im tired of looking at that pic