November 14, 2009

Broncos Vs Redskins

So in the absence of Aussie and since this is on such short notice this won't be as detailed of a match-up but I'll do my best.

6-2 Broncos take on the 2-6 Redskins this Sunday with both teams definitely looking for a win. The Broncos are entering this game in the nation's captial with a 2-game losing streak and seek to put that to an end soon. Much work is needed for them to get back up on their feet so they need to come out fighting tomorrow and show NO mercy whatsoever.

The Redskins are in far worse conditions being at the bottom of the NFC East, 4 straight losses and coming into this game losing quite a few players to injury including former Bronco, Clinton Portis. While this seems so easy to take advantage of for the Broncos, the Skins I'm sure are wanting this win considering their standings so this game cannot be taken lightly by either side.

Injury update:

Broncos announced Saturday that Josh Barrett (hamstring) and Ryan McBean (knee) have been ruled out for tomorrows match. Tackle Ryan Harris (toe) is also ruled out for the second week after missing Monday night's loss to the Steelers and Brandon Marshall is listed as probable for the Skins game citing a back problem.

Redskins have bigger issues to deal with on injuries so we have a little bit of an advantage but that doesn't mean they won't come out fighting.
RB Clinton Portis ruled out with a concussion, TE Chris Cooley & T Mike Williams ruled out with ankle injuries, RB Ladel Bette is questionable with an ankle injury, Punter Hunter Smith is questionable with a right groin injury, CB Byron Westbrook & T Stephon Heyer are both questionable as well with knee injuries. QB Jason Campbell is listed as probable with an ankle injury.

Will be interesting to see how this all plays out. Broncos are in desperate need of getting their running game back and their O line needs to become a brick wall again. Orton needs to be protected and in the last two games (both of which were painful losses to watch) the O line has failed him. As for McDaniels, as our Head Coach, he needs to establish a more versatile style of playcalling. Mix it up a bit so when teams go to watch film on us they won't be able to predict what we'll do everytime. Being unpredictable in this league is what makes teams dangerous, we need to make that happen.

Depending on how we decide to play the game this can go several ways. We can become the team I know and attack the Skins, surprise them and the ending could be leaving them in the dust. That would be the most preferrable action for Denver to take if you ask me. Or, both teams could decide to play it so that the lead switches back and forth like a tennis match and the ending would be close, which is not something I want to see because we can do better than that. Or, the Skins could run over us like we let Baltimore and Pittsburgh do and our boys go home unhappy.

That last scenario should not even be an option. They are smarter than this, they are better, more talented than this. I expect to see NFL level football. End of story. They had better show up to play football tomorrow or they'll get a piece of my mind. We all know how well that would go for them, ha. Don't make me come over there and chew you boys out!

This is the time for the Broncos to get their groove back and they are certainly capable of dominating this game. Just one question they all need to answer...

How bad do you want to win?

I'm ready for these two teams to clash tomorrow. Go get 'em boys! Show no mercy and take them all as prisoners! muwahahaha


  1. Oh and Berger had better do something right tomorrow or he'll get a personal greeting from Hurricane Ashley. Hopefully we won't have to use him much and we'll actually finish our drives with a TD. Wouldn't that be a sight?! It's the quite the concept - just score a flippin touchdown and they all just might dodge the bullet that is Hurricane Ashley. haha

  2. Haha good read Princess, thanks for that.

  3. lol, no problem. You usually have a matchup put up by Friday or Saturday and so I guess I decided to bail you out. :)

  4. This could be a really good game for us.I hope we get a running game going. Oh and there will not be 5 ints throwing by Jay Cutler in this game. Jay Cutler won't be fined 20,000 for anything in this game either. LOL. Thought I would just bring up Cutler again. I'm just looking forward to the Broncos playing the Skins.

  5. I am shocked and disgusted that we lost this game. If Orton doesn't get hurt I think we run away with this one. The team better show up this week for the chargers game.

  6. Yeah I hear ya Aussie. After hearing about how the game went guess I got kinda lucky I didn't get to see it. They decided to not show the game so I missed everything but I know enough to say we should've won this game, no questions asked. We had a nice lead, then it got shortened a bit but we had a lead and our D blew it. Simms screwed up pretty bad but this is mostly on our D. Totally agree that if Orton hadn't got hurt we would have this one... we would've won big time. We'll be in some deep water if he doesn't play against SD. But if we have to go with a back up, I hope they play Brandstater over Simms. We have some major kinks to work out and starting with the SD game they had better get their act together. Our next 4 games are tough ones and then going to Philly in late December. McD has some major work to do. Something has to be done differently. Our D is getting worn out too quickly, totally different D than what we had in our 6 wins. Alright, I'm done ranting about a game I didn't even get to see.

    At least we now know Berget can make punt worth watching... or so I hear. lol

  7. this was a bad loos. but, on the bright side, Berger did well punting. I agree, we would've won if Orton didn't get hurt. Simms didnt look good but I would say start him over Brandstater. Simms didnt get any reps with the first O and hasnt played in a game sine 06 so I'm going a bit easy on him. I really thought he had Marshall on the deep pass but he decided to pump fake which made him late on the throw causeing the int. Our D is playing good 40 mins. of football. we need them to play for 60.

    thats all I have to say. lets just beat the Chargers and I'll be happy.

  8. I think it has been hard for the D being on the field alot the last few games because our O always getting stopped. We had 3 first downs in the second half against the skins. Our O really needs to play well to help keep the D off the field. I will also take Simms over Brandstater. He would still be the starting QB in Tampa if he didn't have the spleen injury.

  9. We should have EASILY beat the Redskins. I sure hope Orton will be ok. This game against the Chargers is a MUST win. I'd say this game will now be the biggest game of the year for us. With Orton, Simms, or Brandstater I feel like we have to win. I still feel like we can make to 11-5 but that record will not be good enough if we can not beat the Chargers. Well at least the Bears are doing worse than us.