July 25, 2011

Broncos Day 1 - Undrafted FA

Well it has begun, I will try to update this and keep everyone as up-to-date as possible.

Broncos informed RB Correll Buckhalter of his release - from Rotoworld.com
FOX 31 Denver's Josina Anderson suggests Buckhalter could return at a lesser salary than the $1.92 million he was due, but we doubt it. Going on age 33, Buckhalter petered out with a career-worst 2.49 yards-per-carry average last season. It's not out of the question that the former Eagle's NFL career is over.

Rutgers cornerback Brandon Bing announced via his Twitter that he’s going to be a Bronco. Jason Baum, Rutgers Associate Athletic Director for Communications at Rutgers University (read: Sports Information Director), also Tweeted the same. Update, 9:35 p.m.: Other players whose names have been linked to the Broncos include Kansas cornerback Chris Harris (who wrote it on his Twitter page); Michigan cornerback James Rogers; Miami fullback Patrick Hill; Toledo tight end Justin Jones; and Ohio State guard Bryant Browning. - from DP.com

NT Ian Williams agreed to go to the 49ers.

10:38pm ET - According to @NFLDraftInsider, the Broncos have agreed to terms with undrafted rookies RB Mario Fannin from Auburn, FB Patrick Hill from Miami and WR Mark Dell from Michigan State, G Bryant Browning from Ohio State, LB Nick Bellore of Central Michigan, and DE Deron Mayo from Old Dominion, younger brother of Pats LB Jerod. According to @NEPatriotsDraft Denver has also signed WR Marshall Williams from Wake Forest, TE Justin Jones from Toledo and CB James Rogers from Michigan, and DT Colby Whitlock of Texas Tech. Rutgers CB Brandon Bing says he's also agreed to join the Broncos, so does Kansas DB Chris Harris. According to @Ethanhamm, Denver has also added OT Curt Porter out of Jacksonville State. - from IAOFM.com, Rotoworld now saying the same thing on RB Fannin.

Looks like the Broncos have begun to make moves. ~ Aussie.


  1. I see Orton is on the trading block. Not so sure that's a good idea. I know we'd never get anything useful if we attempted to trade Quinn but he's the one that should go, not Orton. Orton has at least some experience with this team and if God forbid Tebow ever went down, we'd have a decent backup... assuming Tebow is our starter. Quinn has done nothing for/with this team, why keep him over someone who can at least throw the ball?? Would it be so bad to just cut Quinn... I'd say if we get anything at all for Quinn, its worth it. Right now, no team in their right mind would give us something/someone for Quinn but even a draft pick or two in the later rounds - I'd take it!! Am I completely off my rocker???

    If we do trade Orton, are we seriously going to be OK with Quinn as a backup. No way on God's green earth will be win the starting job over Tebow. IF and that's a huge IF, he did then I'll be the Queen of England starting tomorrow. I was sure Fox wanted Tebow & Orton to battle it out. Am I the only one who got that from all that they've been saying during the lockout? Quinn was NEVER mentioned in that battle. This is nuts!!

  2. Bucky was released, what a "shocker". That was inevitable.

    So in anyone's opinion on here, is the choice to pick up Mario Fannin a good or bad move?? Sounds like a pretty good RB on paper.

    I knew it would be crazy once FA was a go but its like every major type of natural disasters all combined! ahhh lol

  3. Hey BP. Yeah you may be the only one who truely bought the Orton is our starter and Tebow must win it in a fair competition talk. Maybe you didn't see the 3's. You can't have a 9 mil/yr. backup and so there is no competition. The only reason Orton is still here is the lockout.
    Fanin is a good back. Much like Moreno only a little heavier. He will be a good PS guy. The undrafted FAs are exciting to talk about, but few make the team.