July 26, 2011

Broncos Day 2 - Signed UDFA and Players return

Well here we go with more news, I will try to update throughout the day when more news comes...

Broncos seem to be adding Minnesota QB Adam Weber, former teammate of Eric Decker.

Final list of UDFA that have agreed to be with the Broncos:

CB Brandon Bing, Rutger
WR Mark Dell, Michigan State
RB Mario Fannin, Auburn
WR Jamel Hamler, Fresno State
CB Chris Harris, Kansas
FB Patrick Hill, Miami
TE Justin Jones, Utah
LB Deron Mayo, Old Dominion
OT Curt Porter, Jacksonville State
CB James Rogers, Michigan
QB Adam Weber, Minnesota
DT Colby Whitlock, Texas Tecvh
WR Marshall Williams, Wake Forest

Looks like G Bryant Browning, who was originally reported as agreeing with Denver, but ultimately he chose to join the St. Louis Rams.

Nick Bellore is apparently headed to the Jets instead of Denver.

FB Patrick Hill has decided to join the Titans instead of the Broncos (thanks Digger).

Miller said he’s eager to be Robin to Dumervil’s Batman. But what about Ayers and Weapon X?

Weight watchers, Knowshon lost a few, as did Vickerson. But Doom has put on weight.

About 20 players at Dove Valley in first 90 minutes. Tim Tebow among first players to arrive at Dove Valley.

Orton is on the trading block, with interest from Arizona & Miami. And now also the Titans. Don't expect Orton to be traded until Hasselbeck is signed, the loser for his services will want Orton.

Miller doesn't want to miss any camp time by holding out.

Charles Johnson resigns with the Panthers. The Broncos were apparently in on the bidding for his services.

According to NFP's Aaron Wilson, Willis McGahee is interested in possibly joining the Broncos. ESPN's Adam Schefter confirms the interest between Willis McGahee and the Broncos is mutual. McGahee is eying Denver, and the Broncos apparently view him as a fallback option if they lose out on DeAngelo Williams.

Broncos training camp has been set. Check the webpage here or the blog page for details.

Reports Veteran LB Paul Posluszny agreed to terms on a six-year deal with the Jaguars, a league source said Tuesday. That is a bummer, I personally was hoping we would go after Posluszny, he is a solid LB that could have helped the corps greatly.

Broncos pushing to re-sign Marcus Thomas, as reported by DP.com

Also Kevin Kolb is still the Cardinals' top choice, according to the Arizona Republic. The Cardinals also had trade discussions Tuesday with the Broncos about Kyle Orton and expressed interest in both Matt Hasselbeck and Marc Bulger. But now that they have the leverage against the Eagles, they can hold out for the deal they want. The Republic says the Cardinals are "willing to part with starting cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, but the two sides apparently can't agree on other parts of the deal." The Eagles likely want a first- or second-round pick in addition to DRC. Lets wait and see what happens.

Redskins agreed to terms with DT Barry Cofield on a six-year contract. So he is now off our list, also heard the Seahawks are trying hard to resign DT Mebane so we may yet again miss out on DTs.

This was on ESPN, 'I hear the Broncos are clearing cap room and want to be players for key defenders.' That is good news, but the Broncos have yet to be seen in FA.

Stay tuned for more to come. ~ Aussie


  1. Orton will be traded and we will bring in someone so we don't have to worry about Quinn. We already have Weber who agreed to terms with us.

    As for fannin he is a good prospect but lacks vision and struggles running the ball. I said he was more an athelete then football player. But with work he should improve, he has the physical traits needed.

  2. FB Patrick Hill, Miami
    signed with Tenn instead of us.

  3. Thanks digger nice catch, is a bummer Hill looked solid.

  4. love to see that this keeps going strong lol. You are too kind to leave me as a contributor when i haven't been around in forever. I think Fannin just needs great coaching. He never had a chance to run in college. Did mostly recieivng. So never developed some RB skills. Plus im sure Cam did all the running for the team lol. Hope Orton is traded and traded soon. Quinn can stay but will likely be a 3rd string behind someone like Jake Delhome who will be vet QB if Orton is gone. I almost want Quinn to go so he can have 1 more chance to catch on with another team. Cuz it sure as heck won't be with us lol

  5. Not a problem TRB, feel free to pop in any time and post what u like. Orton is as good as gone and Gaffney also gone, glad I called this, knew at least one wr would be traded.