July 25, 2011

Football is Back!

That is right, after over 4 months the deal has been done and football is back.

Check the NFL.com article for more info...

Prepare for some quick action as Football starts up again and if you are like me, you can't wait for Free Agency. Lets get this football party started!

I am thinking that I will struggle to keep up with all the news coming out of Dove Valley. So I was thinking of just doing a days recap of those events to keep everyone up-to-date. ~ Aussie


  1. Well, I'm back. Saw the comments you guys left on here after the USA lost. Don't feel bummed out for me, I feel for that team. They deserved to win it. Anywho, its not the end of the world. Just still in shock sometimes over what happened.

    THANK GOD football is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only took them forever to get this deal done. Too much time went wasted, will be a VERY interesting season for sure considering training camp would have started already. Will be interesting to see how prepared each team is coming into the pre-season.

    As for the updates on camp & everything, I will do my very best to help you out Aussie. They got me working 4 days in a row and when I'm done, all I want to do is rest & sleep, despite I'm bored the whole time. lol Won't have me at Dove Valley this year to get pics, believe me I wish I could be there to see Tebow in person. haha Most likely the days I'll want to cover will be Sunday, Monday & Tuesday - my days off, unless they ask me to cover for someone. Now that we have a season to look forward to, I'll be more inclined to help & write articles... even the one I never did on two of the rookies.

    Welcome back football, welcome back!! lol

  2. Oh and I love the poll question. That was a really hard decision to make. LOL

  3. No problem princess, and it is great to have football back! And that would be awesome if you can help out. And that is good you are working getting moneys haha

    As for the poll I thought there was only one real option for the question haha