March 13, 2012

Free Agency - Day 1

Well it is the first day of Free Agency and hopefully I can keep all of you up to date on important signings around the league.

I will try to chronology the signings here with updates throughout the day.

Also hopefully you guys are around to comment and discuss any of the news tidbits as they happen.

Enjoy and let's go Broncos ~ Aussie.


  1. If they trade Tebow under ANY circumstance, Manning or no Manning, I will be PISSED OFF BEYOND BELIEF.

    We need consistency on this team and playing musical chairs with quarterbacks will NOT do us any good in that area. We need stability... good God, give this guy a freakin chance to do something in this league.

    I'm not freaking out, really I'm not, just expressing my would be anger IF they do anything with Tebow.

    Honestly, I can't even believe Denver is considering the thought of acquiring Manning. First, why would Manning take such a big risk that could potentially re-alter his life?? He's had a great career, retire while you can still walk & don't take such an unnecessary risk. I get that he loves the game & I applaud him for that and wanting another ring but being paralyzed by one hit isn't worth coming back for. At that point, it really is just a game. And this is coming from someone who can't tell you in enough words how much I LOVE FOOTBALL!

    Second, why would Denver want to take that risk? Yeah, I know, its Peyton Manning but he also has a serious issue we would have to consider & deal with. You really want to trade away our future for someone we wouldn't have for more than 3 seasons??? Really??? Come on front office, think about it.........

    I think Elway needs to get outside a little bit and work with Tebow. He's just a good, in my opinion better, mentor for Tebow than Manning would ever be. And Elway is already in Denver.... DUH!! It wouldn't kill Elway to share his great mind with such potential talent like Tebow.

    My new motto for the year or until Denver gets the picture:

    Give Tebow a Chance!!!! Or else!!

  2. And HECK NO to any Bronco being put on the Madden 13 cover. I'm not superstitious at all but these boys need to focus more on football & staying healthy than being on that cover

  3. Looks like Crybaby 1 & 2 will reunite in Chicago... Marshall got traded to da Bears.

    I will be waiting for the report whenever they decide to implode Chicago. Give it time & it will happen lol

  4. First of all what up princess! How you been?

    I agree with you completely, let's hope manning goes somewhere else and we can deal with the fall out.

    No to Broncos on Madden cover, :)

    And looks like cutler finally got his man, don't know if Marshall would be too happy about it. I think he likes sunny Florida. This just looks like cutler begged pretty please for him.

    Reports say we are looking for a big back, doesn't surprise me at all. Hillis maybe bush?

  5. Looks like the deal for Marshall was pretty cheap, good move I say.

    Brandon Meriweather is visiting today.

    Cox signed with the 49ers

    Garçon signed with the skins. Looks like Eddie Royal has too.

    Henne is visiting the Hawks.

    Orton getting interest from the skins as a backup.

    Bucs and Eagles going after Carl Nicks.

    Colston stays with the saints.

    Bills front runners for Mario Williams

    Bucs going after Vincent Jackson

  6. Royal gone to skins.

    Hawks sign red bryant

    Looks like we are trying to lock up bunkley but have also reached out to DL Soliai from Miami

  7. Looks like Jason Campbell signed with the bears.

  8. Vincent Jackson signs with Bucs

    Chiefs are favorites to sign Hillis

  9. The rams have signed CB Finnegan.

    Chiefs will visit with Mike Tolbert, so Hillis may not be a lock there.

    Eddie Royal hasn't officially signed anywhere....yet

    Looks like Manning will meet Titans tomorrow.

  10. Shocker Reggie Wayne stays with the colts.

    Carlos Rogers also looks to be resigning

  11. Reports broncos contract for manning would be 90 mil over 4 years or 22.5 mil average a year. But he won't sign yet, still has to meet the titans tomorrow.

  12. reports "several" teams are pursuing free agent WR Eddie Royal in addition to the Redskins, including the Ravens.
    Reports of Royal signing a two-year, $12 million deal with the Redskins turned out to be inaccurate, though it appears they are still in the hunt for his services. Royal saw his numbers fall off dramatically after Tim Tebow took over at quarterback for the Broncos last season, but has a history of success both in the slot and on special teams.

  13. Hey Digger I did see that. But either way it looks like he is leaving Denver.

    Hasn't been any other real activity from the broncos except that.

  14. That will probably do it for today too. I doubt there will be many moves happening now.

    I don't expect a Manning decision tomorrow. He is meant to meet the Titans and if he signs with them then there will be an announcement otherwise he won't be making a decision till Thursday.

  15. Titans are jacking up the price. In the end I think he will sign with Denver now. Before, I was thinking no way he signs with Denver instead of Ariz or Miami. Now I'm leaning toward that he will don the orange and blue. IDK about this. Nerve damage scares me. He can't ever get back to being what he was before the surgeries IMO. Can we have a "lemon law" on this so we don't get stuck with a piece of crap? If Tebow stays, I'm OK. If not' I think I will have a very strong 2nd team competing for the Bronco's time. That will be wherever TT goes. I'm going to be one of those annoying fans that are just Tebow fans, LOL. JK, my Bronco blood runs deep.

  16. Haha Digger I know what you mean, if Tebow goes else where I will still support him. But I can be bitter about it.

    Also I think Manning probably signs with the Titans. They will give Manning the most money and that is where he should sign. He has already won a superbowl so he doesn't need to do it again. He has a young family to support and not long left in the game. He should go where the money is the greenest.