March 24, 2012

Joel Dreessen and Jacob Tamme sign; Caleb Hanie signs

A busy few days for the Broncos as they signed a host of new players. The new Broncos are two Tight Ends and a Quarterback. Their information is below:

TE Joel Dreessen

First up his the TE Joel Dreessen. The Denver Broncos agreed to terms with tight end Joel Dreessen on Friday, Executive Vice President of Football Operations John Elway announced.

Dreessen (6-foot-4, 245 pounds) is a seventh-year player who has seen time in 91 career games (34 starts) with the Texans (2007-11) and the Jets (2005), totaling 110 receptions for 1,364 yards (12.4 avg.) with 13 touchdowns. He also played in two playoff contests for Houston last season.

He started at least 10 games in each of the last three seasons with the Texans, averaging 30 receptions, 397 receiving yards and nearly four touchdowns per campaign over that span.

Originally selected by the Jets in the sixth round (198th overall) of the 2005 NFL Draft, Dreessen attended Colorado State University, where he was a two-time All-Mountain West Conference First Team honoree. He finished his Rams career with 123 receptions for 1,295 yards (10.5 avg.) and 10 touchdowns.

An all-state performer at Fort Morgan (Colo.) High School, Dreessen was born on July 26, 1982 in Ida Grove, Iowa.

TE Jacob Tamme

Second up is another Tight End and a former teammate of Manning. Not too long after signing former Jets and Texans tight end Joel Dreessen, the Broncos signed former Indianapolis Colt Jacob Tamme, who became a household name in 2010 when Dallas Clark missed a ton of time with injury, and the former Kentucky product finished with 67 receptions for 631 yards and four scores.

Speaking of Clark, this move likely indicates that the former Iowa Hawkeye and one of Manning's favorite targets during the last few years in Indianapolis likely won't be coming to Denver. The Broncos also have Julius Thomas and Virgil Green to go along with their new toys at the tight end position, so let's get to know Tamme a little bit more.

The Broncos agreed to terms on a three-year deal with Tamme. According to Jason La Canfora, Tamme (6-4, 236) will receive $3.5M in guarantees as part of a $9.5M deal.

Tamme, who turned 27 last week, is entering his fifth NFL season after Indy drafted him in the fourth round of the 2008 Draft. In 60 games with the Colts, 14 of them starts, the Kentucky alum collected 92 receptions for 855 yards and five touchdowns.

During the 2010 season (when Peyton Manning was last active), Tamme was targeted by Manning 98 times for 72 receptions, 342 YAC, and four touchdowns; throws his way resulted in three interceptions and seven drops, but he did not fumble. PFF graded him at plus-4.5 overall (8.5 pass, -1.3 pass block, 1.5 screen block, -3.9 run block, and -0.3 penalty), while in 2011, without Manning, his rating dropped to minus-3.0 (1.2 pass, -4.7 run block, 0.5 penalty).

It is interesting that we picked up two TEs. Both these guys are young and will be starters but what does that mean for Green and Thomas? Nothing really. Both these guys are here to replace Fells and Rosario. We will carry 4 TEs into next season the same as we did last year. All 4 will probably feature at some point.

QB Caleb Hanie

The third and finally signing for the Broncos is a guy I said we should look at and go after, and that is Caleb Hanie. The Broncos added former CSU Ram and Chicago Bear Caleb Hanie, who agreed to a two-year deal; Hanie (6-2, 222) spent four seasons in Chicago backing up former Broncos Kyle Orton and Jay Cutler, going winless in four starts last year after Cutler broke his thumb.

When Cutler departed the 2010 NFC title game with a knee injury, and backup Todd Collins was yanked due to ineffectiveness, the third-string Hanie surprisingly rallied the Bears to two fourth-quarter touchdowns against the Packers to give his team a chance. But sandwiched between those scores was a stunning pick-six by behemoth nose tackle B.J. Raji, and a fourth-down Sam Shields interception short-circuited a potential game-tying drive, sending the Packers to SB 45, where they defeated the Steelers.

Hanie has appeared in 11 career regular-season games, completing just 59 of 116 passes for 679 yards and three touchdowns against a woeful 10 interceptions.

Presumably, the Broncos will draft a developmental prospect next month to groom behind Peyton Manning. The failure to do so by Bill Polian contributed to the Colts going 2-14 last year, unleashing a shocking chain of events that culminated in Polian's ouster and Manning signing with Denver.

Hanie has taken some heat for not being very good and struggling when he has started. The thing is anyone would struggle behind the Bears O-Line, terrible is an understatement for how bad they are, maybe 'Turnstile' is a better comparison. Hanie is extremely talented player but lacks the mental side of the game. I would prefer to see him sit and learn for a few years. It would be better if he was the third QB and we had a veteran as a back up to Manning.

Other News
Happy Birthday to Peyton Manning, he turned 36 today. Interesting article here on some presents that he may like.

Saints agreed to terms with MLB Curtis Lofton on a five-year contract.

According to's Alex Marvez, the Redskins' cap penalties could hinder contract talks with free agent ILB London Fletcher.

The Broncos are interested in re-signing free agent OLB/DE Jason Hunter. Hunter appeared in all 16 games last season, but made just two starts one year after making 12. He notched 21 tackles and one sack. He's received no known outside interest since the start of free agency.

Free agent SS Brian Dawkins says his neck injury is 100 percent recovered, and the numbness is gone from his fingers. Dawkins describes his late-season injury as a pinched nerve that simply needed recovery time. The 38-year-old remains undecided about playing in 2012. After Mike Adams signed in Denver, Dawkins may not be welcomed back. I would expect him to be back this year.

Another weekend in the books and more still to happen ~ Aussie.


  1. Replying to digger from the previous blog, I know it is tough bro. Not sure if you saw it but I talked about the emotionally side of the connection with Tebow a few posts back. It is something we bought into and connected with on another level. That is why the connection is so hard to cut, or lose.

    The reason I think Elway wasn't the biggest fan of Tebow is because he was frasturated by his lack of production and progress in key areas of quarterbacking. Elway probably thinks Tebow could be a great Qb in 3-4 years maybe. But he wasn't willing to wait that long for that. I fully except Tebow to sit and struggle for a few years. But explode onto the scene when he is closer to his 30s. He can take a team to the playoffs but probably can't put us over the hump. Again he was a short sighted move all about the now.

    I would cheer for Tebow but not the jets, they are a crap team full of idiots. I hope Tebow can be a shining light for them. Tough decisions like this have to be made once in a while, let's just hope this is the right one.

  2. Yeah it was a good post G.

    Ida Grove , Iowa is not far from where I live.

  3. Thanks digger, it is hard to explain that feeling but what is done is done and there is no changing it now.

    And that is pretty cool, you may have meant Dreessen and never even known haha.

  4. No. I didn't even know he was from there, but I have met Adam Timmerman of the Packers and Rams. He's from Cherokee, Iowa and we did work on his house.

    I just can't figure out most of these offseason moves. FA is always hard to forsee what will take place, but even aside from the Manning thing and TT gone, the moves are baffling. Let two decent TEs go that this FO aquired just last year and then sign two new ones. Look at good MLBs after rotoworld says Irving is not ready to start, only to re-sign Mays to to damn much money. Sign Tracy Porter, but only for 1 year, no guarantees. Let Bunkley escape and then talk all night Wed with Thomas who still hasn't signed. Now Hanie.

  5. They may be baffling to you digger haha your head maybe a little clouded at the moment :P

    That is why I am here to help. Fells and Rosario were average and the FO was looking for upgrades so they let them go. Instead they sign two up and comers to replace them. This is a solid move.

    The porter deal was interesting. From what I can gather his value was down because of the bounty scandal going on, he may or may not get suspended. So I think he was only after a one year deal. He can prove himself this year and hit FA again at 26 and maximize his value. Solid move by him and his agent. Also I think we draft corner pretty high as porter I doubt is here next year.

    Hanie is a serviceable 3rd QB with talent to develop, he would be plan b at the moment. He is a project player to develop over the next few years.

    Does that help some?

  6. That is pretty cool that you meant an nfl player.

  7. Yeah it helps a little. I knew Dreessen and Tamme are better than Fells and Rosario, I just was in a complaining mood. You didn't mentioned the two important ones. Mays for 3 yrs/12mil and no DT other than a suspended McBean.

    Hannie is only 6'2. Not much upside either IMO. He has a carreer TD/INT ratio of 3/10 and a career QB rating of 41.6 He went undrafted in 2008.

    It was cool. He kind of shrunk I think though. Looked more the size of a MLB instead of an OL.

  8. I bet your wife is loving the complaining mood :P

    Ok Mays I find interesting. For whatever reason around the league he has a surprisingly good reputation. I don't know how it happened though with his 21 miss tackles. Maybe there is something special that we just don't see? Either way I think Irving will take his job at some point. Mays also became more important in special teams when they decided not to bring back Larsen. I really am unsure exactly what the plan is here.

    As for DT I think they wanted Bunkley bad. But bunk wanted the money, the long term contract. It would not surprise me if the Broncos wanted some type of injury clause in his contract knowing his history. So he chose the Saints. Thomas you would think will stay here. I also have the feeling EFX are banking on warren and big Vick being back. They would have been the starters last year if it wasn't for the injuries. So Vick, warren and Thomas is a solid group. Thrown in 2 draft picks and your set.

    Hanie is about the same height as Tebow was. He is talented, has all the arm strength but lacks the mental stuff. He went from I drafted to Culters back up. He has some talent. Plus his stats are crap but you look at the team he played on, no oline no wrs, anyone would struggle in that team. I think he will be serviceable, maybe not right away but in time.

    He was probably smaller because he wasn't working out and eating heaps everyday.

  9. I'm not taking sides with either one of your opinions but I do agree more with what Digger said on the last post... and not just he agreed with me. lol But.......

    AMEN AMEN AMEN to what Digger said. I feel torn too about all this. I will forever be a Bronco fan above being a fan of Tebow but the decision to let him go elsewhere tore me in two. I wish him all the best and will hate having to watch a future Broncos-Jets game. I want my Broncos to win but at the same time I want Tebow to succeed SO badly... I just wanted his success to be with Denver. He was supposed to be Orange & Blue for life. Isn't right that he's a greenie now. lol :( Another one bites the East Coast dust, so sad........

    Elway CHOSE not to put up with another circus like we would've had with Manning & TT. Drama would've followed us the whole season like it did last and frankly, Elway just didn't want to go through it, again. He could have kept Tebow but chose not to. His disliking for him is beyond my comprehension. I'll never understand this whole fiasco that went down.

    As for the Hanie pick up and Aussie saying "he needs a lot of work". Might as well kept Tebow... what's the difference other than Tebow has more of a fan impact than Hanie who is really a nobody to football fans. Both TT & Hanie need lots of work & improvment to be efficient in this league... why trade one for another "work in progress"??? And I thought I couldn't make sense of why they got rid of my boy (which I still can't). This is just sheer madness.

  10. Hey princess, yep it is difficult to explain those emotions but we all want to see Tebow succeed and stick it to the man. I just fear that with the Jets he may just fade away and never be heard from again. Or he will take over the jets, who knows?

    Elway made the right choice in trading away Tebow. He did it for both the Broncos and Tebow himself. It was not just the circus. Tebow wanted out an to start some where. I think he got a bit of a news flash when the Jets were the only team that wanted him and only as a wildcat QB. He will have to push himself even harder.

    The reason we got Hanie and traded Tebow is the one above. Hanie will sit quietly on the bench for a few years, Tebow wouldn't.

    The broncos have been sheer madness for the past decade! At least it keeps the team new and exciting lol

  11. TT is going to get 20 snaps a game as wildcat QB Rex Ryan said. Sanchez ought to be thrilled with that news. Tebow will succeed. No doubt in my mind. That is if the team is willing to let him excel at what it is he does best, which is wildcat type plays. One quick look to pass and if not open, run. Sounds like the Jets are going to do just that. They have Sporano, or whatever his name is, from the Dolphins there now. He like invented the wildcat. I will be watching and rooting for him any chance I get. I understand entirely why Elway and lots of other football people don't think he will ever be more than what he was last year for us, I just don't understand why he needed to be. Without his escalators going into effect his contract was not that much more than what we will pay the new #2, whoever that will be. I think Weber will beat out Hanie.

  12. I will say this now and you can hate me for it but it is the truth. Tebow could not succeed if he continued to do what he did last year. He had poor completion percentage, poor third down conversions, poor everything. We were lucky, everyone needs a bit of luck but we got it at the exact right times. Call it divine intervention what ever, but the ball bounced our way nearly every time. Be it injuries mistakes turnovers whatever. When we played good teams, take the patriots twice, we were dominated our offense was poor and our defense can only do so much. A lot of that comes back to Tebow.

    The question is can he develop, maybe.

    Can he succeed, maybe.

    Can he do this or that? Maybe. There is just no sure thing and to much risk.

    Do I think he can do it? Sure. This year? I doubt it, next? Maybe.

    Got a bit off track, but with out that improvement he will never take a team to the superbowl or be anything but a gimmick QB.

    He was real cheap this year but he wouldn't stay and was too much of a hassle to keep. This is best for both sides.

    I do want to see some improvement from Weber. I really like him.

    The jets will find a use for him. But they will struggle until their pick a true no.1

  13. Sorry just a lot of random thoughts.

  14. I was hoping to get some good results from my poll, but I think someone may have been tempering with it...

  15. Why? What's up with it? I voted for all of them. I think in FA and the draft we will address all of them. If we are talking just our 7 draft picks then I say 1 QB, 1 RB, 1 OL, 2 DT, 1 DE, 1 CB.

  16. Well I thought at least one area would be rated higher than te others. Not all of them equal.

    I am feeling rb, ol, DT and cb, maybes on de and WR. I am doubting Qb as there isn't anyone to really jump for outside the top two guys.

    Plus how does safety get so many votes! I say tempering :P

  17. I thought this was a great article and worth a read.


  18. We did address safty. Mike Adams.

  19. Can't you tell who voted for what? Then you could determine who tampered with it.

  20. I know we addressed safety, that is what I am saying! Why did it get so many votes if it was already answered.

    I think SOMEONE was voting multiple times to even out the results.

    I can't see who voted for what unfortunately. What you see is what I see.

    I do have a sneaking suspicion of the culprit though...

  21. Isn't it obvious? Princess! That crafty evil lady is tempering with my polls...

    I can see her now just thinking about it...'I will vote numerous times to ruin all Aussie's polls Wahahaha!'


  22. LOL guess I came on here just in time to defend myself... lol haven't even touched that poll.

    Figures you blame the girl but now you've put the idea into my head. Never know what I'll come up with next. muwahahahaha rofl ;)


  23. Bahahaha your timing could not be better princess. Of course I was just joking around :P

    How you been? Still slaving away at the airport?

  24. That was pretty good timing, wasn't it?? lol ;) I know you're joking. Funny thing is I had a sneaky feeling you were gonna bring my name up at some point... just didn't think you'd actually do it!!!!! haha

    Its all good, I can take it AND dish it! ;)

    Yep, its like one big circle... 5 days of work, 2 days off = zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz lol

    REALLY looking forward to my time off. Will be gone 10 days but will have 13 off. We come back on a Sunday, so I took that Monday off and then I have my normal days off, Tues & Wed. haha Feel like I live at the airport, need a break. Mom definitely needs a break, she's getting SO stressed. Not good

  25. Haha am I too predictable, I was going to say differ but thought using you was funnier.

    At least with that much work you must be making some decent moneys?

    Me too I have a 5 day weekend around Easter, it will be a good time to relax. It will allow me to do a bit more research on prospects for the draft.

  26. Making pretty good money. Just need to start looking for something new. So bored with my job. Getting on my nerves

  27. Digger not differ, stupid autocorrect

  28. Are you going to try and find something with interior design or are you still thinking about that security role?

  29. Haha digger, I was just playing. But I thought it was just odd the way the results of the poll came out.

    Anyway looks like we resigned DE Hunter. Solid depth.

  30. My Mock Draft;
    Trade #25 and #108 to Phil. for #46 and #51.
    #46 Peter Konz C/G Wisconsin 6-5 314
    #51 Jared Crick DE Nebraska 6-4 279
    #57 Mike Martin DT Michigan 6-1 306
    #87 Robert Turbin RB Utah State 5-10 222
    #120 Ryan Lindley QB San Diego State 6-4 229
    #137 Coty Sensabaugh CB Clemson 5-11 189
    #188 Mike Daniels DT Iowa 6-0 291

  31. Oooooww I was just thinking about the broncos blog draft comp. let's go digger! Haha

    Let's break it down. Not a fan of the trade with Phil for the simple fact I don't see the point in it. What will the eagles do with that? They really ain't that sort of team I thought.

    Anyway the prospects. I like Konz so far but he could be too big for center or guard. When your that big it is hard to have good bend and explosion. That is the same problem with Big O. Plus I am more of a fan of getting these guys late and developing. Aka Tom Nalen, Chris kuper.

    Jared Crick, I liked last year. But he was a bit exposed without JJ watt this year. Solid prospect but not the biggest fan or need. I think he needs to be an UT more than a DE because he is a limited athlete.

    Mike Martin is a solid prospect at NT for us. Good move.

    I have only heard good things about Turbin. He seems like a complete back but I still need to do more research into him.

    Ryan Lindley or maybe Nick Foles could be taken here. Personally I say wait till next year. Neither of these are really worth taken. Focus on other areas of need.

    Never heard of this corner but will have to look into him more. I have a feeling this is a little low for corner. With porters contract I say we take one quite high. If we don't get the NT we want in the first we will go either corner or WR there.

    Another guy to add to my growing list. So existing :)

  32. Existing Bahaha stupid phone, I meant exciting

  33. The rotoworld isn't working, I believe rotoworld changed there links so they broke the widgets. I will update it in a day or too if it is not fixed.

  34. Rotoworld is working again. I hope it stays that way.