March 18, 2012

Free Agency - Weekend Round Up

Well it is the weekend for me... Anyway it will be Sunday when you read this but hey I am in the future. As it is the weekend I have been pretty busy so here is the round up from the last two days worth of activity. Here we go...

Broncos News
Quarterback Brady Quinn has signed a deal with the Chiefs. I think he had enough of the Tebowmania and waiting for Manning.
Brodrick Bunkley has scheduled a Sunday visit with the Saints
TE Daniel Fells is scheduled to meet with the Patriots on Monday

None today.

The Rams have agreed to terms with ex-Dolphins DL Kendall Langford, according to a league source.
Patriots sign WR Anthony Gonzalez
Free-agent wide receiver Brandon Lloyd has agreed to terms with the New England Patriots, according to a league source. Lloyd’s deal is worth $12 million over three years, a league source told NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora.
Bengals sign former Panther guard Travelle Wharton.
DT Jason Jones signed a 1-year deal with the Seahawks
New England reached an agreement on a 1-yr. deal with former Raider DL Trevor Scott
RT Eric Winston signs with the Chiefs
Carolina signed Haruki Nakamura and released DeMario Pressley.
Giants sign punter Steve Weatherford to five-year, $12.75 million deal, per league source.
Cowboys snag Bengals G Nate Livings with a five-year, $19 million deal, with $6.2 million guaranteed
Washington signed CB Cedric Griffin.
The Jets have agreed to terms with QB Drew Stanton
Tom Zbikowski is joining Chuck Pagano with the Colts.
The Jets have agreed with ex-Raiders WR Chaz Schilens.
The Rams have agreed to terms with former Packers center Scott Wells
Oakland is adding former Rams CB Ronald Bartell and former Texans guard Mike Brisiel.
SD agreed on 2yr $2.5M to $4.5M deal for DB Atari Bigby.

The Lions have re-signed OT Jeff Backus to a two-year, $10 million contract
Eagles re-sign OG Evan Mathis to a 5-year, $25 million deal
Chargers re-sign TE Randy McMichael
Scratch John Abraham off the Broncos' list; the Falcons have re-signed him to a three-year deal, as per Adam Schefter.
Seattle re-signed FB Michael Robinson
The Ravens have re-signed Matt Birk.
Former Broncos center Chris Myers will be back with the Texans.

As has been long expected, the Raiders will release LB Kamerion Wimbley

Marcus McNeill will visit the Chiefs and Falcons.
Oakland met with CB Shawntae Spencer, recently of the Niners.

None that I could find.

Some interesting stuff happened in the last few days in the Manning department. That dark horse team that I thought might come out did. The 49ers, who haven't resigned Alex Smith, have been in contact with Manning and worked him out earlier in the week. How they managed to sneak this in with the amount of Media following the Manning situation is surprising, really. But since then the Broncos and Titans have had another meeting with Manning, worked him out and made him pass a physical. It is believed that Manning will make a decision on Monday or Tuesday. Therefore watch this space in the coming days. In my mind if all Manning cared about is winning he should pick the 49ers. They are the best team of the three and really only a QB away from winning a Superbowl.

Still a bit disappointed with the fact we only have one signing. If we could get LB Hayes, McClain and CB Trufant in the coming days I would be more pleased. One thing I am very worry about is our QB situation. With Brady Quinn going to the Chiefs that leaves the Broncos with only Tebow and Weber under contract. The problem being if the Broncos miss out on Manning there is not many quality QBs left. Personally I am now hoping that Manning goes to the Titans. The Titans then cut Hasselbeck and we sign him to be Tebow's back up. The other QB that I would be interested in is Caleb Hanie. Hanie isn't the greatest but he is young and athletic. He could fight with Weber for that 3rd spot. Hanie would probably win and Weber can go back on the practice squad. It would be interesting to see what the Broncos do here if/when they miss out on Manning.

That is it from me for now as we await the Manning decision ~ Aussie.


  1. So far FA has been a major disappointment to Bronco fans. They feel the chase after Manning has limited our buying of FAs. I personally think the whole thing could've been concocted up to distract Bronco fans from the fact that we were not going to go out and buy a bunch of the higher end FAs anyway. I think the money we rolled over will eventually be used to sign our own FAs that have not taken a better offer elsewhere, to give Prater a contract and to possibly reup Clady this year while we have the extra money. The Manning escapade is a game they are playing. An opportunity to go after a QB of his magnitude doesn't happen everyday. We will lose the bidding war on him. No way do we go higher than SF or Tenn and we really don't compete with quality of players set for a SB run either. Tenn. has even offered a job after football. His wife is from there. He went to college there. Easy choice. We lose a game we never planned on winning. TT is still the man, until Training Camp. LOL

  2. Well atleast you didn't see my comment on the last blog :P

    After I reviewed the FAs from last year I knew this would be the method. I except a few signings to happen towards the end of this week. And I agree no way Manning comes here over the other two.

    Hopefully we don't draft any QBs because there are no decent ones after the top two. I hope we sign guys like I suggested.

  3. Matt Flynn is going to the sea chickens

    Nooooooooo....we resigned joe mays....(faceplam)

  4. :) thought you would like. It will be interesting if Alex smith goes to the fins.

  5. Holy colt chips Batman, we won the bidding war!!!

    Peyton Manning is signing with the Broncos.

    I wonder if they will unretire the #18 for him too. :-D

  6. Well I was going to say I didn't post anything last night because I had a headache. But Manning to Denver! Holy crap, I guess we will see how this all plays out....

  7. Hey JC, I hope we don't unretire it for him, it is not a good practice.

    It is difficult to explain, I am excited for the future but disappointed for Tebow. He got a raw deal out of this.

  8. Hey digger I want to hear your thoughts bro? I believe you are a little disappointed like myself but oh well I guess we must move on.

  9. Well sir, I am a lot disappointed. I love Manning. He's a great add. I just don't think I can support EFX in a Tebow trade. I don't like liars and backstabbers. We'll see what happens next, but right now, I can't stand the thought of TT going to somewhere else.

  10. Agree a good add but was not really needed. Or me seems like the easy way out. I dont support a trade of Tebow, there is no value plus we still need a back up qb.

    I hate the lies and backstabbing, but we should expect that is this business. It would suck if Tebow ends up winning more superbowl a than manning with another team. Oh well.

    I know Princess is going to be pissed, also means I now need to change the title bar and we may need to change the honor wall too.

  11. Posting from a phone has the shittest autocorrect and completely leaves out words. Is so gay!

  12. Or I am a complete tard when doing so....