April 20, 2012

2012 Draft Competition

That’s right everyone the draft competition is back for yet another year. The Prize is the same as last year, the bragging rights for the coming year as the Broncos Blog Draft Guru (BBDG). Last year Digger and myself came away with the crown after everyone did a pretty terrible job. Will there be a new champion to take the crown? Like last time this competition will be made up of two parts. Part 1 is the complete mock of the first round of the draft. Part 2 is a complete draft for the Broncos. BUT, and this is a big but, there is a new scoring system for this year! Hopefully our totals will be much bigger and better. Below is more on the rules, scoring and examples of how to answer.

The Competition Submission

The first part is as follows, for each team in the 1st round you need to pick the player that you think that team will chose. Now we are not going to worry about what position that pick is. For example 25th Denver Broncos Gilmore, we are not worried about the 25th position but the player that is picked. So if you think the Broncos will pick Gilmore put down Denver Broncos Gilmore. Therefore you need to pick the player that will go to each team in the first round of the draft. For each correct pick you will get 5 points. There are a maximum of 160 points that can be gained from this section.

In the second part you will need to pick the 7 round draft of the Broncos. Now this can be a little hard and tricky. You can pick the draft as it is with the current picks available to the Broncos. The other option is you predict the trades you think the Broncos will make, for example trade down from 25#. If you chose the right player(s) with a pick that is from a trade this can be the difference between winning and losing. Scoring is as follows:

If you correctly pick a player that is selected by the Broncos that is 5 points. If you correctly pick the ROUND that player is picked in that will give you an extra 5 points. The correct pick of a player but in the wrong round will only result in 5 points. In this section creative is rewarded by the chance of getting more points from trades but it is a riskier option than picking with the current picks. Bonus points may be awarded for correctness of trades.

The blogger with the highest combined point total from both parts will win the title of Broncos Blog Draft Guru (BBDG)!

Rules and Notes:

Look out for the 2012 Draft Competition Submission post, this is where you submit your competition picks. It is a good idea to start working on it now as you will need it! You have up to the start of the draft that is 8:00 EST of draft day to submit. Any submission after that will not be accepted. Changes and updates will be allowed leading up to the draft. You can submit as much as you want in the comments but it will be your LAST submission that I take. Therefore there is only one entry per person. Also if you update multiple times can you delete the older comments, it will just make it easier for me thanks.

Each person's results will be able to be viewed after I have marked them. I will post them all up after I tally up the results which will be after the completion of the draft. I will post up the winner on here with an analysis of the points for each blogger that participated. Some digression will be taken when marking picks so as to be as fair as possible. As grandmaster of the competition I will get to make these decisions so try to be as clear as possible so I understand what you are doing. Again I will be as fair as possible.

If you are game enough you can predict a trade for a player or trade a player. For example the Broncos trade a 6th to a ‘Team’ for X player or Player to ‘Team’ for X. If you are game to do as such and you are right I will award this person 10 points for correctness of trade (the picks), 10 points for correct player and 10 points for correct team. The other option to make this easier I will award points on the player. If you think we will get X Player put him down. I will not take into account what pick is traded for him. Example ‘Trade for X Player’. If you guess the correct player 10 points, but you have to be game and it could change your mock draft completely. Good Luck.

Examples of Submissions:

I don't mind if your part 1 and part 2 don't line up. But if you get it right in one and wrong in the other you will have to live with that.

As long as I can understand what has happened then it shouldn't be a problem.

Part 1
Colts - Andrew Luck
Redskins - Robert Griffin 3
Vikings - Matt Kalil
Browns - Trent Richardson
Buccaneers - Morris Claiborne
Rams - Justin Blackmon
Jaguars - Melvin Ingram
Dolphins - Ryan Tannehill
Panthers - Dontari Poe
Bills - Riley Reiff
Chiefs - Luke Kuechly
Seahawks - Quinton Coples
Cardinals - Johnathan Martin
Cowboys - Mark Barron
Eagles - Fletcher Cox
Jets - Courtney Upshaw
Bengals - David Decastro
Chargers - Whitney Mercilus
Bears - Michael Floyd
Titans - Stephon Gilmore
Bengals - Dre Kirkpatrick
Browns - Kendall Wright
Lions - Mike Adams
Steelers - Cordy Glenn
Broncos - Devon Still
Texans - Stephen Hill
Patriots - Michael Brockers
Packers - Shea McClellin
Ravens - Peter Konz
49ers - Janoris Jenkins
Patriots - Harrison Smith
Giants - Dont'a Hightower

Part 2
1st. Stephen Gilmore
2nd. Brandon Thompson
3rd. Chandler Jones
4th. Tank Carder
4th. Cyrus Gray
5th. Coryell Judie
6th. Lavasier Tuinei

If you predict a trade can you outline the trade and make a comment about it. For example:

1st. Trent Richardson (Trade up with Browns for their 1st give up our 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th)

If anything is unclear just let me know and we will revise the rules. ~ Aussie.


  1. Let's do this! The submission post will be up monday my time.

    Digger if you want you could past this on to our Bronco brothers on Denver Broncos True Fans.