November 12, 2012

Broncos Memes

Though you have all probably seen them, here is a few of the funnier Broncos memes floating around at the moment. Enjoy ~ Aussie.


  1. The last one would be my favourite.

  2. Sweet pics.

    Just the two of us anymore. Glad your schedule freed up now. Mine should in about a month.

    KC is pathetic.

  3. I know, I think Jazzy is always in the back somewhere and Princess has been busy with the new job. I wish they would comment more.

    It is pretty cool that on Denver Broncos True Fans that you get the regulars. It would be sweet if we had a site where we had Bronco Blog content with the comments and game threads from DBTF, a combination of the two.

    KC is pathetic, but the Steelers were just as bad. I can't wait until we play them. Von and Doom on Cassel or Quinn....mmmmmm.

  4. Had to remove the twitter widgets since they don't seem to be working. And rearranged the news widgets.

  5. Cool and really funny Memes I enjoy looking at them. Dude you are really awesome. I like the last meme.