December 1, 2009

Bronco Awards: Week 12

Rookie running back Knowshon Moreno has made headlines again after his performance on Thanksgiving Day when the Broncos took the reigns in a 26-6 victory over the New York Giants.

Moreno rushed for 88 yards on 19 carries and 1 touchdown making him a nominee for the Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Week Award.

The first-round draft pick out of Georgia received this very honor two weeks in a row (week 4 & 5) as part of the Broncos' 6-0 stellar start to the 2009 season.

In his first 11 games as an NFL RB, Knowshon leads all rookies in rushing attempts (161) and rushing yards (688). Despite having lost 4 games in a row with the Broncos, Moreno has still made quite the impression.

Over the last three weeks, he has rushed for at least 80 yards in each game. Also in that three-week span he leads all NFL rookies and ranks sixth in the NFL with 265 rushing yards and is third in the league in yards per rush with 5.6. Moreno also leads all NFL rookies and is third in the league for his 15 rushing first downs in that three-game stretch.

Pretty impressive young man and football player.

In addition, kicker Matt Prater will be named AFC Special Teams Player of the Week, after the Broncos stunned the Giants at Invesco Field on Thanksgiving.

He successfully made all four of his field goals that night (26, 32, 47, 24) and set a career-high 5 touchbacks, when all seven of his kickoffs went flying into the endzone giving the Giants no real chance to run it out.

The 3-year kicker was responsible (in a good way) for 14 of the 26 points Denver put up last Thursday, setting another career-best record.

Back in September, Prater recieved this honor as well for connecting on 7-of-9 field goal attempts in the whole month, being named AFC Special Teams Player of the Month.

Congrats to both players, honors are well-deserved after this big win.

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  2. These awards are well deserved go out and vote. And Princess can't wait for the final article.

  3. Princess, looking forward to reading it. these honors are well deserved.

    For all interested, the ESPN power rankings rank us #10

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