January 31, 2010

AFC 41 vs. NFC 34 - Pro Bowl 2010

The 2010 Pro Bowl was moved to Florida this year but the big highlight was the appearance of 5 Broncos players.

Ryan Clady, Brandon Marshall, Elvis Dumervil, Champ Bailey and the wild Brian Dawkins all were voted to the Pro Bowl this year and indeed showed why they earned the trip to sunny South Florida.

Clady finally made it to the All-Star game after getting snubbed last season ('09). The guy is awesome... nuff said. He will do great things... so long as he remains a Bronco! Marshall was voted to his 2nd consecutive Pro Bowl and made his presence known with a 23-yard TD in the first quarter to give the AFC a 14-3 lead.

Meanwhile on defense, the Broncos had some fun. Dumervil had somewhat of a quiet night but still managed to harrass the NFC QBs. Always a fun sight to watch. The other 2 Bronco defenders... well, let's just say they made everybody dizzy in the 3rd quarter.

Early on in the 3rd quarter our very own Weapon X, the former Eagle of the East, intercepted a pass from his former QB McNabb. As it appeared he was about to be tackled he lateraled the ball to his own Bronco teammate Champ Bailey who took off with it. Then just as Bailey was getting tackled he managed to lateral the ball off to AFC teammate Darrelle Revis (Jets) who was heading in the wrong direction. Revis no more than got the ball from Champ then went down and technically fumbled the ball which was then recovered the one who started the little circus... Dawkins. Was pretty funny to watch and was good to see our guys just having fun for once.

The game itself went to the AFC (41-34) in what was a constant battle between the two offenses.

Below are extra pictures of our boys at the Pro Bowl. And not to rain on everyone's parade but this may have been the last time we all see Marshall wearing anything Bronco Orange & Blue. Hope & pray the geniuses running this organization re-sign and ASAP!! We'd be complete fools & idiots to let him walk out the door.

Oh, but in other good news, Pro Bowlers Bailey & Dawkins were named to the All-Decade Team and were recently joined by fellow Bronco, Ty Law. Congrats boys!!

I've also posted a couple highlights from the game.

Gouldinator1's take:
Five Broncos plays took part in today's Pro Bowl game which was won by the AFC. The game was a fairly laid back contest and both teams scored freely and often. But here is a look at what the Broncos players did.

Brandon Marshall
He scored early on a 23 yard pass from Matt Schaub and then was interviewed afterwards and said this "I think we’re past that. I love the city of Denver. I started there and I’d like to finish there." Is this a good sign for Marshall to still be a Bronco? Also this was Marshall's first TD in the pro bowl as he dropped a pass in the end zone last year from Peyton Manning. He finished the game with stats of 1 rec, 23 yards, 1 TD.

Elvis Dumervil

Had a bit of a quite night, but on one play he dropped back into coverage and knocked down the intended pass. He did register a sack with Shaun Ellis, but he was credited with the sack, late in the fourth quarter. He finished with stats of 1 Tackle, 1 Sack.

Brian Dawkins
Was his all pro self in this game. He took a pick from former teammate McNabb intended for Jason Witten and made off with it, he looked as if he would be tackled, but he passed the ball to Bailey, who ran down the sideline. Just as Bailey was about to be tackled, he passed the ball to Darrelle Revis. Then when Revis fell to the ground, he tossed the ball over the back of his head, which is a fumble, and it was finally recovered by Dawkins. Dawkins also made a tackle on McNabb earlier in the game. He finished the game with stats of 3 Tackles, 1 Int.

Champ Bailey
Made a tackle early in the game and received the lateral pass from Dawkins to gain a few extra yards before he himself passed the ball to Revis. He did make a tackle for loss on Roddy White in the fourth quarter and the NFC had to settle for the field goal. He had stats of 2 Tackles, 1 Assist

Ryan Clady
And not much was said of Clady, which is a good thing as his unit did well allowing only 2 sacks and letting the QB have lots of time to release the ball. Clady had to play right tackle in this game because Joe Thomas played left tackle. He did scare Astute Samuel into going down at his feet after he had taken an intercept to start the fourth quarter.

Dawkins and Bailey, now they are badass, image from DenverBroncos.com

~Aussie and Princess out, haha


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  6. I agree Ashley. Signing him is the best answer. Many people are drooling over the draft picks we could get by trading him.