February 5, 2011

10 Trivia Questions for the Superbowl & Broncos News

10 Superbowl Trivia Questions:

1. What year were the Packers founded in?

2. What year were the Pittsburgh Steelers founded?

3. What was Green Bay's 2002 regular season home record?

4. What Pittsburgh Steeler was named MVP of Super Bowl X?

5. Who was the first free agent that Green Bay ever signed?

6. Who was the first head coach to lead the Pittsburgh Steelers to a winning record?

7. Who was the coach that led Green Bay to their first two Super Bowls in 1966 & 1967?

8. What was the original name of the Pittsburgh Steelers?

9. What is a "Packer"?

10. What year did Chuck Noll begin coaching the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Now time for the news. First up probably the best news I have heard in a while. The Broncos have been talking to the NFL about making the Orange Jerseys the Home jersey for the Broncos. This is great news, the only problem is that it won't happen until the 2012 season if it is allowed which is a bit of a bummer.

The other bit of news I have isn't that good, DenverPost has a story pointing to that Champ Bailey won't be coming back to the Broncos, but I don't think that is the case (hope it isn't). The article is located here. Well that is it from me, leave the answers to the Trivia questions below and enjoy the Superbowl. ~ Aussie.


  1. Interesting article to check out.


  2. haha, you missed the best news of all today!! naner naner naner! :D

  3. As for the trivia. My dad would be proud to know I know all the answers about the Packers. Will have to guess a little on the Steeler stuff.

    1 - Packers founded in 1919

    2 - Steelers founded in 1933

    3 - 12-4

    4 - don't know

    5 - Reggie White (grew up watching this guy play)

    6 - don't know again.

    7 - Vince Lombardi

    8 - Pittsburgh Pirates, I believe. Arrrrr, ahaha

    9 - Packer a.k.a. Meat Packer, back then the majority of players worked in local meat packing facilities. (my dad's 2 most favorite loves - cheese & meat). lol

    10 - have no clue

  4. Sharpe made it!!!Congrats to him.

    I actually agree with the move to not pay 10 mil/yr for a 33 yr old CB. Even if he is still one of the best, does have a few years left and is my favorite Bronco right now. Franchising him would be more like 14 mil/yr. For that there better be a guarantee included. LOL

    Now the fun. No cheating, just guesses.
    1) 1948
    2) 1960
    3) Still Favre, 9-0
    4) Lynn Swan
    5) Reggie White
    6) Chuck Noll
    7) Vince Lombardi
    8) Pitt Steel Workers
    9) cheese packager
    10) 1960

  5. So I suck! I got beat by a girl. Again. Don't ask. 1 Steeler ? right and 2(almost3) Packer ?s right.

  6. Here are the answers

    1. 1919
    2. 1933
    3. 8 - 0, A great home year, until the playoffs, when Atlanta defeated Green Bay at Lambeau Field, a feat no other team has ever done.
    4. Lynn Swan
    5. Reggie White
    6. Walt Kiesling, the Pittsburgh Steelers struggled through their first decade of existence. It wasn't until 1942, under the leadership of Walt Kiesling, that they finally posted a winning record, finishing the season 7-4.
    7. Vince Lombardi
    8. Pittsburgh Pirates
    9. Meat packer
    10. Noll was hired on January 27, 1969.

    Princess = 6/10
    Digger = 3ish or 4/10 haha, I gave you 3.

  7. Thanks Aussie. It was fun. Yeah, it's 3. I figured they won one playoff game at GB that year. Mine actually were all guesses though and then I looked them up. The part that threw me for a loop the most was I really had no idea football had been around that long. I figured the Steelers started when the AFL did and GB maybe 15-20 years before that. Oh well. I had fun looking them up.

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