February 3, 2011

Broncos News - 4th Feburary

Hey everyone how is it going? I thought I would do an update with some of the lastest Bronco News. Lets jump right in then and start with some really good news. Cornell Green, a 25-year scout for the Broncos, was named the AFC Scout of the Year by the Fritz Pollard Alliance.

Green is currently responsible for scouting the Southwest area, but has also served as a scouting consultant for the team and evaluated the South, East and Midwest regions earlier in his career.

"Cornell is a vital part of our scouting department, and I'm thrilled that the Fritz Pollard Alliance is honoring him with this prestigious award," General Manager Brian Xanders said. "He is a winner who brings vast experience and wisdom to our scouting process. Cornell's track record of success as both a player and talent evaluator in the NFL is a unique combination, and we're fortunate to have him with the Denver Broncos."

The 2011 season marks Green's 32nd evaluating talent in the NFL, as he began his scouting career with the Dallas Cowboys in 1970 while still an active player. He went to five Pro Bowls as a defensive back for the Cowboys, never missing a game during his 13 seasons with the team.

This is a great award for Cornell and the Broncos. It shows that the Broncos do have good talent evaluators and a good setup. The problem for guys like Cornell is that there may not be a new CBA, in which case they could be living on minimum salaries. It would be sad to lose guys like Cornell because they can't make enough money to support themselves in this time of no CBA.

Congrats to Cornell Green on the award.

Next in the news is the comments that Elway has been saying about Orton, Tebow and the starting QB. Here is some of what Elway had to say:

"If we had to play today, Kyle Orton would be our starting quarterback."

Elway went on to discuss the possibility of trading Orton. His answer, once again, was pretty obvious:

"People think it is a forgone conclusion that we are going to trade Kyle, but it's not. They are going to compete for the job. A lot of people think it is a forgone conclusion but it's not."

This has sparked a lot of debate as pretty much every Broncos fan wants to see Tebow as the starting QB. A lot of people are upset about what Elway said, but I think it is probably the only thing Elway could say. Check out this article by Andrew Mason over at MaxDenver, he knows what is going on. Anyway I am interested to hear what you have to say? What is your opinion?

And finally I would like to finish on a funnier note. Check out this Superbowl commerical below. ~ Aussie.


  1. ahaha, funny commercial. His reaction at the end was priceless.

    Congrats to Cornell. Finally something the Broncos have done is getting some respected recognition. It will get better!

    As for the Elway-Orton-Tebow drama. I don't think Orton should be our starter but having them compete for it, is only fair. I'm pretty sure we all knew at the beginning of last season that Orton would be our starter but they had all the QBs compete for that right. They should earn their job instead of it being just handed to them.

    I do think it was going a little far for Elway to just flat say Orton would be our starter and then say they will compete for it?? Which is it?? Orton IS the starter OR they will compete for that right? He contradicted himself there. I think Tebow will outshine Orton by a landslide when it comes to competing for the starting job but keep in mind that trading Orton might not be the brightest idea. God forbid Tebow get hurt and we need a back-up, who do we have right now that could do that effectively? Nobody, but Orton. Quinn is no longer a thought in my mind when it comes to being a QB for Denver. Unless Foxy has a magic wand we don't know about, I see Quinn being gone before the summer.

    And another thing, no need in getting my dander up about whether or not Tebow will be our starter when we don't even know if we'll have a season, let alone we are a good 5-6 months away from the start of the season. I do, however, have no doubt that Tebow will earn the job. He's more of a fighter than Orton, and all the QBs will be back to learning a knew system. Tebow is our future, no question about that, he'll fight for that starting job with his life. Orton just doesn't have that passion & fire. I wouldn't be opposed to him being a backup though. If we keep him, we'll need at least one more when Quinn is let go. I don't see him staying in Denver.

    There's my 2 cents. haha

  2. Princess did you read the article I linked to MaxDenver, if not please do because it is really good and will put your mind at ease. Because what Elway said was pretty much all he could say.

    I also think neither Quinn or Orton will be back (unless they really like Quinn). Orton is going to be traded and only won't be if we don't get any value for him. Quinn will be cut.

    Fox likes to carry 2 QBs in the season, so Tebow is one and the other one will be a vet that Fox brings in. Unless they like Orton to be a back up, but Orton said he wanted to be traded if he isn't the starter. So a vet will be brought in to compete with Tebow. Who will that be I do not know.

  3. Oh and I love the commerical, shows a cool father-son relationship.

  4. Good morning.
    Where's my trivia?! JK
    Now I'll have to answer your questions.
    1st congrats to Green. He's been at it a long time. He must be really good to last through coaching changes and all the other crap that has gone down in Dove Valley lately. Interesting side note on this is, I'm glad to hear Alonzo Highsmith is doing well. He is the other recipient to the award. After being drafted fairly high he blew out his knee or something like that and was done. He tried boxing and failed. I guess he's a scout now. And a pretty good one.

    I agree G, Elway was just doing the normal coachspeak. It's really kind of stupid though because he's not the coach and I hope Elway doesn't have the power to order Fox who to play. The big hoopla on the blogs is fu**ing funny. People are sticking up for Orton as if he was quite something last year. The dude sucks. He's a backup QB. I would love for him to be ours, but it won't happen. Thing is I don't think it's even about Orton. Some just hate Tebow and want him to fail. Much like they did for McD. Personally, I don't understand this concept of wanting your team(kid)to fail so they can be better in your opinion. Anyway, I've come to the conclusion that the blogs, the TT haters, Elway in the FO and Florida Bronco(Gators)fans have changed our normal DB into a circus. Granted Cutler got us jump started, but the circus is now in full swing. I am not a Tebow hater. I didn't really want him and am not sure his willpower is going to be enough to overcome the flaws in his game. My hope is he wins us a couple SBs. Bring the coton candy.LOL

  5. My problem with what Elway said is that he contradicts himself. I mentioned this before too. He has continually said that Orton would be our starter if the season started today but then goes on to say that the QBs will compete for that spot. Well, which is it? Compete or just name your starter now?? I get he's sticking up for Orton cause he has the experience Tebow doesn't but Tebow will be more groomed in this system that whatever it was McD was trying to do.

    I will read that article, I must have skimmed right over it yesterday. I'm not angry about what Elway said, it just makes no sense. If he wants the QBs to compete & earn that starting job then why come out and say Orton will be our starter?? Can't have both. Gotta pick one.

    The thing that is making me angry is all the Tebow haters. They will not give this guy a chance. Ticks me off. Yet here then yap on and on about how much of a football genius Orton is and he hasn't gotten us anywhere in the 2 years he's been here. People need to get a grip!

  6. What up Digger, I will have some Trivia for you soon.

    As for Tebow like you wasn't that interested in him, needed some defense, but I want him to do well for this team and make the Broncos better. And I know, there are a lot of people that comment now online. But must are uneducated and say things that are totally stupid, like Orton is great look at his stats!

    And Princess people want guys like Tebow to fail all the time, blame that stupid side of human nature. Us on the other hand want to give him a chance as we should. Like you said People need to get a grip!

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