February 5, 2011

SHANNON SHARPE TO THE HALL OF FAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm beyond thrilled but more shocked. I honestly did not think they'd elect him. Its only taken them 8 years (3 past his required 5 years to wait). This is beyond cool!!

Congrats to Shannon Sharpe, you ARE the man!!

I'll be doing a little story on his life & career now that I know he's going to Canton. He joins 6 others including another icky Cowgirl, Deion Sanders (haha, my dad hated this guy) and Marshall Faulk (a former Indy Colt).

Congrats to all who got elected, but now I really can't wait till August to see Sharpe get in the HOF. This made my day.

Love you man! GO BRONCOS!!!!


  1. Wow this is awesome news! Sharpe to the Hall!

  2. Trivia answers and results have been posted on the previous post.

  3. So close, predicted a 31-21 game and was 31-25. Glad the Packers won.

  4. I'm glad they won too. They deserved it!

    Now I just hope the owners & NFLPA can come to a mutual agreement so we can have a season this year. I just can't picture there being no football at all come July (starting with training camp).

    Also, the widget has reported that Eddie Royal had hip surgery. If we do have a season, we might get to see more of Thomas.

  5. Yeah I saw that about Eddie too. Hope it isn't an injury like B.Marshalls was. But yes will we see a lot more of Thomas. I see next year, Lloyd and Thomas on the outside with Decker and Royal playing slot, and throw in Willis as a deep threat in the 5 wide. That means Gaffney is gone, which I believe will happen.

    Glad the Packers won.

    And I have read that the NFLPA and owners have had some bargaining seasons and plan about 2 a week and will build up as they get closer to the dead line. Would not surprise me if there is a deal a week or two after the dead line.

  6. IDK about you guys (and gal) but did it seem to you like the longest football game ever. The game was good and maybe I have just changed somewhat in how I watch football. When it's not the Broncos playing my interest level is down and I didn't like how drawn out all the SB hoopla has become.

  7. Most likely Gaffney will be traded, but I think we should keep him and let Willis go. When I was at a couple of TC practices, Willis was very mediocre. I would take Gaffney over him any day. Not sure that it will matter anyway seeing as how our new HC is more likely to lean towards fixing this run game (which we all know is a MUST) but there we go again with a lopsided offense. We need balance. I will give him the benefit of the doubt now since he hasn't been able to do anything since its offseason but I can only hope we get a balanced team going instead of the lopsided stuff we've had for years. Clearly it don't work! Balance & consistency seem to be the death of this team.

    Wouldn't surprise me either about the CBA agreement going on, if they wait till the last seconds to come to a compromise. But I would rather have them take their time and sort things out fairly & rationally then rush into anything stupid that could backfire. Just making me anxious not knowing what will happen. I can't fathom the idea of no football. I'd lose my mind. lol

    As for the SB, I actually thought it went by real fast. I was actually excited to watch this SB for once. I hear ya when you say if its not the Broncos it seems like the game just drags on but not last night's game. Its like I blinked and it was over. I had a real strong gut feeling the Packers would win but in my mind, on paper, the Steelers had it. It all came down to turnovers. Love 'em but hate 'em. haha

  8. Yeah I like Willis because he is younger and has more potential and Gaff has more trade value. But yes, need a run game.

    No football this year would suck, big time. But I have hope the CBA gets done.

    Depends if you were into it or not. It took its time but was enteraining. I thought the Packers would win but we know the Steelers and they never give up and went close. But congrats to the Packers.