February 22, 2011

Champ Bailey Resigns - Four Year Contract

The Denver Broncos on Tuesday agreed to terms with cornerback Champ Bailey on a new four-year contract, it was announced.

According to Mike Klis of the Denver Post, the deal is worth $43 million with $15 million guaranteed. He will make a guaranteed $11 million this season, or $2 million less than the $13 million he made in 2010. 

Bailey also has $4 million of his 2012 money guaranteed for a total guarantee of $15 million.

"The talent and leadership that Champ Bailey brings to the Broncos made it very important for us to keep him with the organization," Head Coach John Fox said. "I have admired him for a long time and I really look forward to having him on our team."

John Elway, the Broncos' chief of football operations, announced the move in a series of tweets Tuesday afternoon.

"Champ is truly one of the NFL's elite players, a 10-time Pro Bowler who is playing at the absolute highest level," Elway wrote on Twitter. "The commitment and loyalty that Champ has shown to the Broncos, the city of Denver and this region is exemplary. We're fortunate to have Champ with the Broncos for a long time. This is a GREAT day for our entire organization and our fans."

Bailey, who turns 33 in June, just played in his 10th Pro Bowl, a record for cornerbacks passing Hall of Famer Mike Haynes. Bailey (6-foot-0, 192 pounds) completed his 12th NFL season in 2010 and his seventh with the Broncos.

"I'm happy Denver wants me. I like it here. The fans are great. I’m embedded in this community. All those things mean a lot to me," Bailey said on a conference call hours after Broncos executive vice president John Elway announced the agreement via Twitter.

The Broncos made the right choice here as Champ is still one of the very best and will help fix a defense that can use a HOF player like Champ.

The question now is, what happens with his house? ~ Aussie.


  1. Digger left a comment for you on the other post.

  2. Here is the answer to my question:

    There was some nervousness last week when Champ Bailey let it be known he was putting his Denver home on the market.

    He admitted Thursday it was all part of a bargaining strategy.

    “Everything you say publicly has something to do with negotiations,’’ Bailey said.

    Said Broncos front-office boss John Elway: “We wanted to make sure he had enough money so he could buy a new home. In Denver.’’

  3. Check out this for Champs thoughts.



    Now I can stop stressing over this. I won't be stress free till they come to terms with a new CBA agreement. Needless to say, the mere thought of no football would literally drive me crazy. Just a game, but a necessity to making life worth living. lol March 15th is creeping up fast. But I'll revel in this GREAT news. Glad to see Champ WANTED to stay and that they got this deal done so quickly. Impressed.

  5. Oh and congrats to you Aussie on getting your new jerseys. That Elway one is worth more than all the gold in the world to a true Bronco fan. Hopefully Tebow will get his shot at making his own legacy in the NFL. If our new HC has any sense he'll choose Tebow as our starter. He'll fight for that starting job more, he's got more passion & fire for the game, he's got the determination to be better and well, he's Tim Tebow... he IS our future. Let the man play when the time comes.

    I respect the decision to have the QBs compete & EARN that starting job, that's the way it should always be done. But anyone with a brain knows Tebow wants it more. Plus he's gotta get the experience at some point. He's gotta get thrown in the game that is the NFL at some point. Can't hold him back forever... not if you want progress & success to come back to Denver. If it ain't Tebow, I couldn't tell you who should be our new QB. Just makes sense.

    Boy that got off subject. LOL

  6. Was wondering when you were going to jump in Princess.

    Yes this is great news as we need Champ in a bad way.

    I love my new jerseys, very happy with them.

    As for the QB, I think they will let them compete. It would not surprise me if Tebow came in and blew Orton of the park. He said he has been putting in a lot of work and now is the time to show it.

  7. lol, yeah with news like this it was only a matter of a time before I put in my "woo hoo" about it. Just relieved that they came to an agreement for him to stay.

    I know they'll have the QBs compete but its a matter of seeing Tebow's hard work and choosing him. Everyone knows he's our future QB, so why not pick him? Like I said before, he's gonna have to get thrown in the game at some point... sooner or later (preferably sooner) Orton will have to take to the bench and take it like a man that Tebow is our guy. My point being is I have no doubt in Tebow's ability to run this team as our QB - he's got the whole package - it's more of the matter that will the coaches see that.

    Gonna sound weird but Orton & Tebow are actually a lot in common, the only thing that really separates Tebow from the pack is he's got that passion/fire for the game, something Orton has never really had. And that's why like you said, Tebow will blow Orton out of the park. He wants it more but Orton will fight for it.

  8. What's up gouldy, princess? Man I am stoked too, gotta love the news. I signed up to get those texts from cbs4. I usually will get the texts before nfl.com gets the info, so staying in tune. I have been pretty busy myself. A month ago today, my wife had our baby, so he is keeping us busy. We went with the name Liam Elijah Martinez. He was born at our house at 8 Lbs, 12 Oz. 21". Already got him some pretty good broncos gear, just need to seal the deal with a little tebow jersey. And I got my Journeyman's electricians license last month too, and will be done with school in June. So I guess I have been too busy to blog. But I thought I would stop in to say "Boo-Yeah!"

  9. CONGRATS!!! Almost forgot you guys were having a baby, lol. I like the name too. And yeah, better work on getting him that Tebow jersey. Gonna be a keeper someday! Also, congrats on your electricians license. Glad things are going well for you and your family. Always good to hear happy news.

    I got nothin' though other than we've gotten a new roof & new patio doors within the last 6 months. Patio doors just got put in a few days ago. So... yipee! lol

  10. haha, guess I should've said "Boo-Yeah" like frizzle frizz so nicely put it. wahaha

  11. Congrats Jazzy that is great news, so he will be the next QB for the Broncos? haha

    And that is really good that you got your sparky license. And it is great to see you pop in.

    Nice news Princess, did I tell everyone that I had finished my IT degree and graduated?

  12. Noticed this on DP.com:

    The Broncos have had contract extension negotiations with defensive linemen Marcus Thomas and Kevin Vickerson, who can become unrestricted free agents with a new collective bargaining agreement.

  13. Heck yes he is a future broncos QB, kid is extremely strong for a 1 month old baby. I will change my profile picture if you all wanna see him. And thanks.

    Gouldy too funny, my sparky license. Usually other trades like plummers or iron workers call us sparkys. Now I have a techy calling me sparky. Boo-diggity dang yeah!!!! Yipee indeed.

    Funny thing is I check out the site daily just to see if there is a new article or to look at the roto widget, but haven't had the time to stop in for a visit. But I am now starting a 3 day weekend. Interesting about thomas and Vickerson. I remember whn thomas woo'd everyone in practice with his stationary back flip. I guess we are gonna need more linemen in a 4-3 than the 3-4.

    All I know is that Denver needs to do whatever necessary to get a d-line that can bring constant pressure. Doom coming back will help indeed, but he shouldn't have to do it alone like he did in 09. Roto says coach didn't sound very enthusiastic about Jamal Williams. Hmmmm, I hope coach can find some good linemen in the draft. Cause with the exception of Doom, we have kinda sucked at drafting linemen, although pryce was good. If we can bring some pressure, than champ can show everyone that he was worth the money.

  14. Who is out there for us to pick up on D from free agency?

  15. Such a cutie.

    Haha is common laugh for us, chippy, bricky just to name a few. I think it is good news for us to keep Vickerson and Thomas they are good players, not amazing but get the jump done.

    I really like Ayers at DE and Bannan is solid at DT so we really have only one spot of D-line to fill. But an upgrade at each position can always be had.

    There is a lot of guys to be had in FA, but the CBA is screwing everything up. The FS OJ Atogwe is an interesting option, is a bit old (29) but is a good player and would be an upgrade over Hill.

    As for Williams, is good as gone. Old, slow and expensive.

  16. Good stuff on Rotoworld today.

  17. Hey everyone, since the combine is getting close to finishing I have started putting together my big board. So every week I will have an article. One on DTs, then DEs, then LBs, then DBs, and then OTs, RBs and TEs. So look out for those 5 soon.

  18. I will G. Thanks. Are you sick of all the arguing on MHR too? First the Orton and Tebow crap. Now, how stupid it is to draft so and so. Everyone on there feels if they say it enough times everybody else will just magically believe their perspective. As far as I'm concerned, if our #2 is used on defense (and I can't see how it wouldn't be) everything will be fine. Bottom line is none of us know a damn thing about who Fox will want. If there has been anything consistent so far since the changes is that we have been an open book. That said, how can you not think that what we are hearing about the team being very interested in Bowers is true. How he fits the new scheme with Fox also saying Doom and Ayers will be every down DEs is beyond me.

  19. I will say this about Bowers, I don't like the comparisons to White or Peppers he isn't the same build or type of player. To me he reminds me more of Robert Ayers who already happens to be on our team. Plus Bowers has some really bad tape.

    As for the fighting on MHR yeah people all think they know what is best and want people to believe that they are right. But like you I don't really care as long as it is defense. I am worried about Solder though, I can see us moving down and picking him for RT (I hope not).

    Also unlucky for us, Peterson ran a 4.34, if it was under 4.3 we would have picked him he could have gone number one. But now I think it is fair game between Fairley, Dareus and Peterson. Personally I would pick Peterson. My reasoning is that an super talented CB doesn't come around every year. Where as 'elite' DTs seem to come out every year, Suh-McCoy, Fairley-Dareus. To me Peterson is the most talented defensive player. AJ Green would be offensive player.

  20. This I find interesting:

    During the NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis, the Broncos made it clear they value the cornerback position. I asked John Elway, the team's executive vice president of football operations, whether he agreed with the usual sentiment that quarterback, left tackle and edge pass rusher are the foundation positions for an NFL team.

    "I would agree with that," Elway said, "but I would put corner in there, tied with pass rusher. You can create a pass rush with pressure up front or you can create it by having the corners to be able to blitz and do some things to get into the rush."

  21. G
    Others looked comparable to PP today and that could hurt his chances to becoming a Bronco. Amukamara, Smith and Harris all looked good. Dareus is still my preference. I don't even want a CB unless the Cox doesn't look good when he goes to court. Some things we have to wait 'til next year for.

  22. I think comparable is the wrong word, I think the other CBs did well in rising higher to his level. Amukamara I am not really a fan of, struggles a little against big WR, is slower than PP, we need speed on D (other than champ who is fast?) Smith I like, is big and strong but plays with poor techique and is a project. Harris has good hips and agility but at 5'9 I will pass. We have Squid and we had Smith. And I have gone down on Cox, he would need to show a big improvement in year two, plus he will probably be suspended for apart of next year. Plus these guys will not be in a position to be drafted unless we move.

    PP I think is the best defensive player. His size and speed is elite. He showed great hands and showed good movement in drills. I was really impressed with him.

    As for Dareus and Fairley, I like Dareus but he reminds me of McCoy in the sense of a player, he will be good and solid for us but won't blow up and be awesome. He I think is a solid pro for the next 10 years. Honestly I think Fairley will struggle in the Pros, his wing span may hinder him against good guards and he won't be able to out muscle everyone.

    And I think you made my point with your last sentence. 'Some things we have to wait 'til next year for. ' CBs like PP don't come around often, where as DTs do. I would take a possible HOF CB anyday.

    My perfect draft would be PP, Paea, Wilson, Sands, Herzlich and Speedy RB.

    That being said I would be happy with any of the top 10 prospects as long as it isn't a QB.

  23. To make more sense of my reasoning for PP, I look at the Patriots a bit. I believe you build a team in the second round. In the first you take the most talented player available on the side of the ball with the biggest needs. Then you fill the needs and get talented players with 1st round grades that drop into the second. I believe you need as many 2nd rounders as you can to build a strong team and fill your needs.

    Probably why I hope we get a CBA and trade Orton for a 2nd.

  24. Dude, they just let Daniel Graham go. Interesting move........

  25. And who the heck is PP... you are driving me crazy with that?? Who is it? Not gonna read all the comments to find out. I just scrolled down the page and I'm seeing this guy PP, whoever he is, being mentioned and a name isn't coming to me. lol

  26. PP = Patrick Peterson.

    As for Graham not surprised. Didn't play well last year, is on the down and was due a bonus and some money.

    Though this means TE is now more of a need, unless they like Gronk and Quinn.

  27. AJ Hawk just cut, we need to sign him.

    Broncos extended restricted free agent tenders to OLB Wesley Woodyard, RT Ryan Harris, DTs Marcus Thomas and Kevin Vickerson, and K Matt Prater. Which tells me they want these guys back.

  28. Interesting read at NFP, and it is what I think.


    That being said the pick will be Peterson or Dareus.

  29. Ahh, gotcha. A potential newbie. lol Don't care who we draft (being a little sarcastic) as long as its defense. Clearly that's why you're hoping for either Peterson or Dareus.

    The release of Graham doesn't shock me just didn't expect to see it I guess. With that move though, I see Quinn getting more play time and that also leaves room for Decker to get to step up. Decker kinda got the shaft last season except on ST. But I'm real glad they are looking to keep those 5 RFAs. I think they are all ones we definitely need to keep, especially Prater. I've taken a liking to him. He's a good replacement for what we had in Elam.

  30. Same as long is it is defense. I may like some prospects better than others like Peterson and Dareus but don't mind as long as it is defense. Had enough of offensive players getting picked.

    I hope Quinn steps up. As for Decker I think he is in for a big season.

    And Prater is one of the better kickers in the league, we have to kept him.