January 30, 2011

Pro Bowl, AFC 41 - NFC 55

For those that didn't know the Pro Bowl was played today in Hawaii and two Broncos players participated. The game though was a highlight reel of interceptions and defensive touchdowns as both teams went for high scores. In total 96 points were scored in this game. MVP DeAngelo Hall had one of his team's five interceptions and returned a fumble 34 yards for a touchdown to help the NFC match a Pro Bowl scoring record in a 55-41 victory over turnover-prone AFC in a game not nearly as interesting as the final score might suggest.

AFC quarterbacks Philip Rivers, Peyton Manning and Matt Cassel each threw first-half interceptions as the NFC blew open a 42-0 lead in a performance ugly even by the historically low standards of this game. This what we have come to expect from Rivers and Cassel, how did Cassel even get selected to the Pro Bowl?

Fittingly for this strange contest, center Alex Mack of Cleveland scored the final touchdown with 16 seconds to play on a 67-yard pass play that featured two laterals. I told you this game was all about highlights as there was no real intensity in this game at all. 

Carolina's Jon Beason returned the fifth interception thrown by the AFC, and second by Matt Cassel, 59 yards for the NFC's final touchdown to match the single-team scoring record set in the NFC's 55-52 victory in 2004.

The Broncos plays on the other hand didn't offer much. Champ Bailey played well but then again there was no real defense, bummer he didn't get a pick six, he finished with 4 tackles. Then there was Brandon Lloyd who started off strong but then faded dropping passes and missing catches. Could be because of the terrible QB play? Or the fact Lloyd didn't want to catch passes from Rivers and Cassel. Lloyd finished with 1 catch for 15 yards.

That is it in the news as the season starts to wind down and the Broncos news drys up. Not much will happen in the next week and stuff slows down after the Superbowl to the Combine. I will post stuff up if it is news worthy or interesting but if there isn't anything happening not many posts will come about. I guess I will see everyone after the Superbowl and the Combine. ~ Aussie.


  1. lol, yeah the game was much more laid back and more comical than the intensity football really brings. Understandable though as no one probably wanted to play rough enough to cause injuries. Gotta say that last TD by Alex Mack was probably the funniest TD I've ever seen. The whole thing was just comical from the OL & DL just standing still after the QB got the ball to the ending when Mack stiff-armed his defender right before he got in the endzone. Glad they were having fun, that's what its all about.

    As for the 2 Broncos, I'm glad we at least had someone go. Both Lloyd & Champ deserved it. When the whole game was as laid back as it was, can't expect too many highlights from one person. And Lloyd is clearly better than his numbers show from this game... Doesn't help on his behalf that he had 2 rival QBs throwing to him. Neither of which understand the concept of an awesome WR. ahahaha

    And how Cassel got the Pro Bowl is beyond me. Plan on seeing Tebow there instead next year. :D

  2. Hey yeah wasn't a great showing of their talents and that goes for the whole roster. But it is always good to have some of our players playing in the Pro Bowl, hopefully get our team some more recognition.

    Problem is Tebow can't play in the Pro Bowl next year...he will be playing in the superbowl! haha.

  3. haha, yeah I'll take Tebow in the SB over the Pro Bowl. But that's one reason why I don't like that they changed the scheduling of the Pro Bowl. Not fair to miss it cause of the SB. As long as they keep it in Hawaii, I guess I'll live.... lol

  4. Yeah Princess I prefer the Pro Bowl after the Super bowl, gives the players a time to relax. I think they may have moved it forward to make the game more competitive but we saw yesterday that wasn't the case.

  5. Well and it also gives those players who were actually nominated to play in the Pro Bowl. Like I had said, they get voted in and then cuz of the SB, they have to forfeit their spot, not very fair. I would say especially for the guys who make it to the SB and got voted in for the Pro Bowl deserve to go to Hawaii and take the spot that everyone voted them in for. NFL is getting weird.... lol

  6. Yeah I agree the way they do the pro bowl now is just random.

    Any way who do u think will win the superbowl? I say packers by 10

  7. I see the SB easily going either way. Real hard to make a prediction on this game. These are 2 very decorated & loved teams in the NFL. Truly an awesome Super Bowl match-up. I think the Packers will come out very hungry, will fight all game long and depending on if Pouncey plays, GB's defense could have a big advantage if he doesn't. Then again, nothing ever stopped the Steelers from getting 6 SB titles. That's just nuts! Denver would be tied with that # had we not lost the previous 4 before Elway finally got it done. Little buggers. lol

    Anyway, I want the Packers to win, definitely a favorite of mine. But I could also live with Pittsburgh winning. I'm not about to make a prediction on this. Could be real close, one team could easily take a big lead and hold on to it.. too many scenarios. All I know is I'm gonna enjoy the game this year.

  8. Yes would be Nuts if we had won all those titles. But I think losing them and then winning the two just added to the John Elway ledgend.

    And yes I agree with you this game will be so close, I could see a score line of 10 - 7. But I think there will be more points then people think as both teams have good offenses. I think the final score will be something like 31 - 21.

    I would prefer the Packers to win, I think the Steelers have been there and done it enough already someone elses turn.

    Also did you follow any of the Senior Bowl? Any prospects that you like?

  9. Hey people. Go Pack. Hown about some trivia.

  10. What would you like Digger?

    Some trivia on both the superbowl teams?