January 12, 2011

Coaching Search - Fox

Hey everybody how is it going? The search for the new Head Coach in Denver I think is coming to a close. The Broncos interviewed their fifth and probably final head coach John Fox today. There is a video on DB.com with a little of an interview with him. With Fox interview today it probably marks the end of the head coaching search depending on if they still want to interview the OC from the Falcon Mike Mularkey or the DC Dom Capers of the Packers. Both of these guys teams face off on Sunday, and depending on which one the Broncos like they may wait to then (depending on who loses). But they may already have their guy so an announcement could come as soon as next Tuesday. Now though lets have a look at John Fox.

Coaching Search
John Fox is the former Head Coach of the Panthers, who this year finished with the worst record in the league, one below us. Fox as a person is a great leader, is well driven and knows how to run a football team. He is the most experienced head coach of all the candidates that have interviewed for the position. Andrew Mason at MaxDenver.com said that "John Fox made sure everyone got the details right.", for more check out the article.

John Fox has done well over the years with a poor team that has struggled to draft good talent year in and year out. Compared to a Broncos team that has a lot of potential. Fox knows how to motivate players and tries to get the best out of them.

The one problem and major issue I have with Fox is he lacks vision. He sticks to his plan of an aggressive defense and an offense that runs the ball and is conservative. His teams don't have flare and imagination on offense and I think that may clash with Tim Tebow. I think Fox can do well with the Broncos even a few playoffs but we will never be great under him until he learns more about offensive and learns to adapt. That is why I say no to John Fox (sorry).

Insight into Cox.
Thought this was a good read for information into the situation about the chargers Perrish Cox is facing.

Have a good one folks ~ Aussie.

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  1. Terrible Hirer.

    Also not even I picked it up. But the only interview Bowlen sat in on was the interview with Fox, check the pic.