January 11, 2011

Coach Search continues and News

Well the coaching search continued today with Dennison and Koetter coming in for a interview for the head coaching position. John Fox is scheduled for tomorrow and Gregg Williams has turned down the job preferring to stay with the Saints. So I guess lets have a look at the two guys that interviewed today for the job. I am basing my opinion on the two videos of each candidate and a few other things that I have read.

Coaching Search
Rick "Rico" Dennison was the first to interview today, and I believe he probably is going to be the next head coach, he makes a lot of sense for the job. Dennison has been around and with the Broncos for a long time. And he said it best, he bleeds Orange and Blue. He only lacks head coaching experience. He comes across as a strong man who is professional and understands what he is walking into. Dennison is the prospect that interests me the most.

Dirk Koetter was the second candidate to interview today. Koetter is probably the least hyped of all the candidates. He was the head coach of Boise State and then Arizona state, therefore he has head coaching experience at the college level. But as the OC of the Jaguars they have done nothing overly impressive. Koetter may be a better HC then OC? But for Koetter to be selected as the new HC it would depend on the DC and OC he could bring to the Broncos. The complete package I kept talking about. But in the interview Koetter comes across as a strong leader and a complete professional. I would not be too disappointed if he was the new HC but he isn't my number one choice.

Coaching News
For the second time in as many days, former Carolina Panthers head coach John Fox had his flight to Denver cancelled because of weather issues in the Charlotte, N.C., area.

Fox will try again Wednesday morning and is now scheduled to meet with Broncos officials about the team’s vacant head coach position during the early-afternoon hours. Fox had his original flight cancelled Monday morning because of weather problems and had another flight cancelled Tuesday evening.

And as it says above Gregg Williams has turned down an interview for the head coach position of the Broncos.

The other news that involved the Broncos is that of Elivs 'Doom'ervil. Judge Johnny Barajas set a trial in Denver County Court after Dumervil pleaded not guilty to charges of assault and disturbing the peace. Denver Broncos star pass-rusher Elvis Dumervil will be tried April 5 on charges he allegedly assaulted a parking lot attendant at Invesco Field in October.

He has said he got into a minor altercation before the Broncos played the Oakland Raiders on Oct. 24 when the attendant didn't let him use the players' entrance because he wasn't carrying his proper credential.

That is all folks ~ Aussie.


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  2. lol, make it go away!

    Anyhoo, yeah the interviews are interesting. I think Elway is doing just fine. I think he's done better than what Bowlen would've done this second time around. So I found this link on my Yahoo page, thought it would be of interest to you guys. I think Elway is heading in the right direction.

    John Elway

  3. Also I think Dennison or maybe Fox has the best shot right now to be our new coach. More likely to be Dennison at this point. Just need someone willing to coach Tebow and not give up on him.

  4. Yeah I like Dennison way more than I do Fox. I think all these coaches would take Tebow.