January 24, 2011

Superbowl XLV Preview

Well everybody the teams have been decided for Superbowl XLV. Both the teams that made it through were the teams that I expected to make it through. The Steelers and Packers won their respective games today and will play in a few weeks to decide who is the champ for the 2010-2011 season.

The Steelers did it pretty easy against the Jets today 24-19, even though they had a bit of a late collapse against the Jets in the second. The play of the Steelers' defense to get turnovers that ended up in points really helped them. Plus a strong game from QB Roethlisberger got them over the top against a Jets team I dislike and believe is overrated. The Steelers didn't get out of the game unscathed though. Center Pouncey suffered a ankle injury early in the game.

Pouncey had to be helped off the field after Jets linebacker Bryan Thomas got pushed back into him. He rolled over the back of Pouncey's leg on a 7-yard pass from quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to Hines Ward to the New York 1. Pouncey put no weight on the ankle as he hopped off the field with the aid of two trainers. He was later carted to the locker room where CBS cameras showed Pouncey walking with the aid of crutches

If the Steelers are forced to play without Pouncey it would be the latest blow to a patchwork offensive line. Jonathan Scott has started at left tackle since mid November for regular starter Max Starks, who was placed on injured reserve. Right guard Willie Colon, the team's starter since 2007, was placed on injured reserve before the season began. Second-year player Ramon Foster and veteran Trai Essex have combined to fill in. Through it all, the Steelers allowed 32 sacks on quarterback Roethlisberger in the regular season.

This is where the Packers step in. The Packers took on a Bears outfit that didn't show up with any offense, Cutler was dismal, Collins was dismal, Hanie was OK and lead a late charge but was no star. And the Packers got the win 21-14, after also jumping out to a two score lead. The Bears defense played well though and I feel for guys like Briggs and Urlacher who play their hearts out. The Packers out matched the Bears greatly and I believe are the better of the two teams heading into the Superbowl.

The Packers were also helped in this game by the fact Cutler suffered a knee injury, which has since brought his toughest into question. But the Packers advance with a very good defense that evenly matches with the Steelers and both were good at getting points from turnovers.

The only down side from the Packers winning is that it means the Broncos will have to wait until after the Superbowl to interview DL Coach Trgovac for the DC job here at the Broncos. I personally think Trgovac is the best available DC left unless we go for a 3-4 guy like Mangini.

The injuries to the Steelers O-Line could be an concern with the Packers having one of the better defensive fronts, Clay Matthews anyone. So it will be a long day for Roethlisberger in the pocket at the Superbowl. This match will be evenly matched and there isn't much of a weakness on either team, but I think it is time Rodgers stepped out of Favre's shadow and create his own legend.

Packers by 10 ~ Aussie.


  1. Writing this I wanted to laugh my head off everytime about Cutler. To sad for him haha.

  2. Yeah, the media is really giving him crap for not going back into the game, as well as other NFL players. It does look like he quit, but we don't know the full TRUE story, if it hurts bad enough he couldn't play, no sense in aggravating it even more. Lets say they had made it to the SB & he was hurt, they'd probably hate him even more then for going back in but then couldn't play in the biggest game of his life. For him, its a no win situation.

    Anyhoo, I'll be fine with either GB or Pittsburgh taking the win. I would like to see the Packers to win cause it would've made my dad REAL happy & because it would be nice to see another team besides the Steelers take the win as it seems every couple of years they get one. They are the most winningest team in the SB. If I'm not mistaken, everyone they've been to they've won. But I'd rather see them win out of the AFC then some other teams I can think of. Will be a great game to watch no matter what.

  3. Oh and I guess we have a new DC - Dennis Allen from the Saints. Looks like we might be going back to a 4-3 formation. Not sure about that. I knew they wouldn't wait for Trgovac (whatever his name is) but settling for a 4-3 coach when we could've looked more in depth for a 3-4? We'll have to wait and see. Doom excelled in the 3-4... we'll see how smoothly the whole D transitions back to a 4-3.