January 7, 2011

Who Wants to Be A Denver Bronco Head Coach?

Come on down!!! lol Just a little 'Price Is Right' humor. Oke doke......

Here's an update on who the Broncos are looking to interview for their new head coach.

First off, John Elway's guy Jim Harbaugh is definitely out of the picture after he inked a deal with the 49ers. Can't blame the guy for wanting to stay close to home.

Meanwhile, the newest contestants on who wants to be an HC for Denver are Jacksonville's OC Dirk Koetter and the Texans OC Rick Dennison. On Sunday, Denver will be interviewing interim head coach/RB coach Eric Studesville (I think he'll be retained as a RB coach, I'm leaning towards Denver should be looking at more defensive minded coaches but what the hay...). Also on Sunday, the Giants' DC Perry Fewell will get his interview.

Right now, we have just four contestants. Personally, I think we need a bit bigger list. Give ourselves some options here. This was the problem last time we had to do this... Bowlen only interviewed so many people before making too quick of a snap judgment with what's his face. Won't kill anyone to get more interviews and at least say "we tried".

I think its far-fetched but wouldn't hurt to put a bug in Cowher's ear and at least ATTEMPT to get an interview. I haven't heard his name thrown in the pool at all. I don't think he'd go for it nor do I think Bowlen would be willing to pay him what he probably wants but you won't know until you try. Give it a whirl Elway... c'mon man! My word if our very own Aussie can come up with the biggest list of names for HC that I've ever seen then by George I think Mr. Elway can add a few more names to the list or at least consider more than just four.

Alright, maybe I'm being harsh or getting ahead of myself. I can't imagine Elway wouldn't attempt to call more people to ask for interviews, etc but I'm seeing little effort for what is a BIG task for this team.

The search continues and I guess I'm getting impatient & anxious, ha.... Alright, alright, I'll go chill. lol

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  1. WHATS UP! Been missing in action, computer still being gay, and went away for the week, but am back now just catching up on news.