January 19, 2011

Bronco News - 19th January

What up my Bronco loving brothers and sisters? I thought I would do a quick post to update the current Bronco related news around the league. First off lets start with Jim Mora Jr. After all the speculation about Jim Mora becoming the Broncos defensive coordinator today, it just might not happen. Jim Mora is expected to go to Philadelphia where he will interview for their defensive coordinator position.

This is not to say that a deal with Mora "will not happen". There's always the possibility that Mora will search out other options before he decides if Denver is the best fit, and signs a deal later on. But Mora did spend the better part of 24 hours in Denver meeting all the staff and touring Dove Valley.

The Philadelphia Eagles and Arizona Cardinals are both rumored to be interested in Mora. Mora is a DC that has an interesting or checked past in the league and many fans have said no to Mora, so it is yet to be seen what will happen as the options at DC are starting to get a bit lean.

In other news two of the Broncos former coaches have found jobs. First McD has accepted the OC job with the St Louis Rams and he hopes to shape Bradford into a good QB. The other coaching news is that
Former Broncos special teams coordinator Mike Priefer has agreed to terms with the Minnesota Vikings to run their special teams units.

Priefer, a respected special teams coach around the league, was with the Broncos for two seasons after three seasons in Kansas City. He has also been on the coaching staffs of the New York Giants and Jacksonville Jaguars during his time in the NFL.

The final piece of news I have is about Brandon Lloyd. Lloyd earned an escalator in his contract that upped his 2011 salary from $795,000 to $1.4 million.He got the pay increase for making the AFC's Pro Bowl roster. Lloyd is still vastly underpaid based on his 2010 numbers, so he may angle for a renegotiation of his contract this offseason. In his career season, Lloyd caught 77 balls for 1,448 yards, and 11 touchdowns. His previous highs were 48, 733, and six. Lloyd will turn 30 in July.

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  1. Wasnt mad about this one bit, not sold on the guy but then again options are limited. Leading choice now seems to be DLine coach for the packers (Mike Trgovac) who coached with fox for 7 years in which he did pretty darn well with defense or New Orleans Saints secondary coach Dennis Allen who seems to be an emerging name for both the broncos and eagles position. Dunno if Fox can afford to wait for Trgovac since i personally see them in the superbowl, but if he wants him enough, he will wait im sure.