January 16, 2011

News and Coaching Staff Update

Hey everybody, how is Bronco Country? Been getting through the week OK? Well I thought it was time to do an update on the Broncos situation. As it stands now John Fox is still putting together his staff for the coming season. There are a lot of names floating around at the moment and a number of current guys will be retained. But we should know the full staff in a few days. As the staff wants to be ready and at the Senior Bowl in a little over a week, I believe Bowlen is sending everyone to the Senior Bowl at great expense. Below though is the information that I have gathered and what looks to be close to what the staff will be.

Fox’s long-time right-hand man, Jim Skipper, could be on the way to Denver. The veteran running backs coach told The Charlotte Observer said he didn’t know what his exact role would be, but that “It looks like I’m going to get (to Denver) in some capacity.” The story also indicated that five members of Fox’s final staff in Carolina could be headed for the Broncos.

The same report from the Observer indicated that Denver defensive line coach Wayne Nunnely could be heading to the Panthers to work under new head coach Ron Rivera. Nunnely and Rivera worked together on the Chargers’ staff in 2007 and 2008. Also there are reports that Nunnely may stay and work under Fox, coach Wayne Nunnely has spoken with Fox about staying on the staff, but this is still up in the air.

Fox has spoken with offensive coordinator Mike McCoy. It isn't official but it looks like McCoy may be staying in Denver. McCoy reportedly interviewed with the Cleveland Browns and has been speculated to be a candidate with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Among the coaches in line to be on Fox’s staff other than Mike McCoy (offensive coordinator) will be Eric Studesville (running backs), and likely Adam Gase, who would move from wide receivers to quarterbacks (Bye Ben McDaniels).

Fox is expected to bring several of his assistants from Carolina as well, a list that is expected to include his assistant head coach Jim Skipper, as stated above(he coached running backs in Carolina but role in Denver is not yet defined), special teams coordinator Jeff Rodgers, wide receivers coach Tyke Tolbert, offensive line coach David Magazu and DBs coach Mike Gilhammer are also possibilities.

The most important hire though would be that of the new Defensive Coordinator. There has been speculation that Jim Mora Jr will be the next DC, but he is also looking at the same position with the Eagles. Which was recently emptied when Sean McDermott was fired, McDermott is now the front runner to become the next DC for the Broncos. Here is a link with a bit of information on McDermott. This is also interesting about McDermott.

Danny Smith from the Redskins is a possibility as Special Teams coach.

That is it on the Coaches front. The only piece of news or information that I have is this article I came across, it is an interesting read. John Elway and the Front Office.

Other than that who do you want to see in the Superbowl? For me Packers-Pittsburgh ~ Aussie.


  1. Hey G
    Nice rundown. The dust should all be settled soon. With all the swapping going on, I tend to wonder how much of the switches are about money and how much are about getting the right personalities together to able able to work side by side without conflicts. Hoping for a DC with 3-4 background yet, but it doesn't seem like that's going to be the case.
    The Elway article was OK. I can understand how most have reservations about Elway succeeding. He started at the top. Unheard of by most. I know part of it is PR for the Broncos, but feel he will do a fine job. I personally love the open, honest feeling the organization is portraying. Xanders was not able to tell McD(arrogant, dictating, asshole) what he thought should be done and that's why together they failed. I feel good about him staying as long as his ideas are actually is respected and some accepted. Fox seems to like the thought of working with both of them, so that's all that matters to me.

  2. Well good news, McCoy was officially confirmed as the Broncos OC today and Studesville will be staying as our RB coach. And then the widget says Oline coach Dave Magazu & receivers coach Tyke Tolbert both from Carolina are coming to Denver. If that's 100% true, I think things in Denver are going to drastically change for the better. We are getting guys that are of value to our coaching staff which tells me they will be much better to us come draft time. I like where we are headed. Will be interesting to see who we grab for DC. Till we get someone that can turn this sad defense around, I'll be nervous about it. lol

    Haven't had a chance to read the Elway article but I will. As for the X-man... if McD is as arrogant as we all think he is, I think the problem was that Xanders did what he could to get his points across but arrogant & dictating McD was foolish enough to NOT listen. It was very clear that McD thought he could run the whole show single-handedly and boy did he ever... single-handedly screwed this team up. He's REAL lucky I'll never see him face to face cuz if I did, I'd chew him up and spit him out like a 100 year old piece of gum. He'd get an earful for sure. His arrogance got in the way of working WITH his superiors which will cause major problems for any team.

  3. Also, on DB Fox has named 8 assistants... starting with McCoy being retained as OC.

    Clancy Barone (TE coach); 3rd year in Denver

    Brian Callahan (Offensive Quality Control); 2nd season w/ Denver

    Dave Magazu from Carolina (Oline); 1st year with Denver

    Wayne Nunnely (Dline); 3rd season w/ Denver

    Jay Rodgers (Defensive Quality Control); 2011 will be his 3rd season w/ Denver

    Eric Studesville (RB coach); 2nd season w/ Denver

    Tyke Tolbert from Carolina (WR coach); 1st year w/ Denver

  4. oh and I definitely want to see the Steelers & Packers in the SB. I think if anyone can go into Soldier Field and win a game, its Aaron Rogers and the Packers right now. Da Bears made the Seahawks look real bad yesterday but Green Bay is on a roll. And the Jets were awesome against NE, I couldn't stop laughing... Brady was harrassed all game long. Too funny. But the Jets are gonna have to really bring it in Pittsburgh. Catch the Steelers on a good day and it will be tough to win especially on their turf.

    Steelers vs. Packers in Super Bowl XLV. Sounds good to me. Got a soft spot for GB, was my dad's favorite team. How I became a Bronco fan, I have no clue. You think he would've raised me to be a Packer fan?? But I know he liked the competition. I won that one in our first SB win. HA! I'd be fine with either team winning it all... just don't let Cutler get that far!! lol

  5. I would prefer to see the Packers win over the Steelers. Would be sad if Cutler won it.

    Really happy we got to keep a few of the old guys. Also really happy we got Wayne Nunnely to stay, he is real good coach, also a 3-4 coach, does that mean 3-4?

    Also on the widget:
    Denver coach John Fox is also believed to be interested in Packers DL Mike Trgovac as a possibility at defensive coordinator. Also knows a lot about the 3-4.

  6. Also Danny Smith turned us down for the ST job.

  7. Now Sean McDermott has gone to the Panthers.

  8. More news:

    The Broncos have reached agreements with former Fox staffers Tyke Tolbert (receivers) and Dave Magazu (offensive line). Tolbert and Studesville shared offensive meetings for six years with the Buffalo Bills before both left after the 2009 season.

    Tolbert helped bring along Anquan Boldin in Arizona and Lee Evans in Buffalo at a time when both were rookies.

    With Tolbert taking charge of the Broncos' strong receiving position, Adam Gase has a chance to become Tebow's quarterbacks coach.

    There's also a chance that former Broncos defensive backs coach Ed Donatell will be replaced by Mike Gillhamer, who held the same position in Carolina.

    Donatell became the new secondary coach for Jim Harbaugh's San Francisco 49ers.

  9. Hey guys, i need to frequent this blog more. I like the new signings, mostly because we are going back to zone blocking. I am a lil worried that now our defense however will be good but our offense will lack creativity. Not a fan of all these ex-panthers coming. Things were stale in NC thats why the panthers fell off, no need to bring all that here, but im glad we got magazu. Next best person to employ the zone blocking besides dennison. So much for McDermott as a DC. Plus not a fan of Mora. I think alot of coaches want money we dont have to offer. If thats the case, Keep Wink. Im sure he will get better with time and we will finally have some consistency on that side of the ball. Besides John Fox will be more involved with the Defense so im not worried. Wink could learn a thing or 2. Besides, last year was just his rookie season as a DC...we really need consistency I think. TRB

  10. TRB where have I seen you from?? Haha.

    Yes I would like to keep Wink maybe as LB coach. I like the guy from the Packers to be our DC. He runs the D-line, can't remember his name. But we would have to wait until after the superbowl for him I think.

  11. TRB... Who dat?? lol You're darn right you need to come on here more often.

    Looks like Jim Mora might be our new DC... or so says our little widget. Usually its pretty accurate. Thing is it says he's more of a 4-3 guy, I liked what we had when we had a 3-4. I think Doom was more successful in that scheme. Gonna be nice to have him back, that's for sure.

    Yeah, I'm glad too that Nunnely stayed. We have some of the same coaches but it makes a difference when you have a non-arrogant HC running the team. We'll have more leadership and possibly we'll get more of that consistency stuff going on. lol Consistency is the death of this team or at least that's the way its been for too long. Things are getting set in motion... I think we're in for a real good offseason. All I ask is that our players for the love of football STAY HEALTHY!! Kapeesh??

  12. Too bad it wasn't to the Chargers or Raiders... was hoping he'd help implode a rival team. LOL Either way, I hope he isn't able to help another team cuz then that just makes us look even more pathetic for hiring him in the first place. But to heck with that walking disaster - we have one hell of a team going on here or at least we're heading that way.

    Also saw that Brandon Lloyd got an upgrade on his salary for this year - he's well worth more than $1.4 mill but hey at least they acknowledge our lone bright spot through the whole season.

  13. Good for Lloyd, he deserved it.

    And I am happy McD isn't in the AFC west, for all his faults the dude knew offense and QBs.

    And another good thing is that each team has lost someone key to them

    Chiefs = Weis
    Raiders = Cable
    Chargers = Rivera

    Should be a good year for Broncos.

  14. I'm glad too he won't be in our division but you have to admit it would be funny to see him destroy a rival team. I'd be laughing. haha But the only thing I can really give him credit for was drafting Tebow. He made some other potentially great draft picks like Demaryius Thomas, Decker, Moreno just to name a few.

    I just don't think he was ready to be HC of any team, which is why it makes sense he went back to straight offense for the Rams. Had we hired him to be our OC and not calling ALL the shots regarding the team, I think we would've been better off. I don't think at any time down the road is he ready to be HC material.

    First rule of being a head coach, you can't shut out the fans and not expect retaliation. DUH!

  15. Oh and yes, will be a BETTER year for us. The new Raiders coach seems to be out on a mission to "make a bully" out of his team. Psh, we'll see about that. They are basically on the same page as us... new HC, new system, new way of doing things. Catch is they have the "Al Davis curse". hahaha