January 13, 2011

John Fox Announced as Denver's New Head Coach

The Denver Broncos have very suddenly announced their new head coach, former Panthers coach, John Fox.

I'm really surprised they chose someone this quick and not conducting anymore interviews. Not really sure about the choice either. I was really becoming certain Dennison would be chosen. I guess I just didn't expect them to make a decision so quickly especially since Fox' interview was just yesterday.

But they have made their decision and so here we go with another wild offseason ahead of us. I need to have this choice sink in before I can really say anything of value. For now, I will say its a weird choice and in my opinion, too sudden but I'll trust the new front office and pray to God they made the right choice.

Here are the details & quotes straight from DB:

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- With an eye on bouncing back after a 4-12 season in 2010, the Broncos have turned to a coach with a track record of doing exactly that.

On Thursday, John Fox agreed to terms to become the 14th head coach in Denver Broncos history.

"I am very thankful to (Owner and CEO) Pat Bowlen and (Executive Vice President of Football Operations) John Elway for giving me the opportunity to coach a football team with such a proud tradition," Fox said. "The Broncos have a culture of winning, and I am excited to continue that legacy.

"I can't wait to get to work, pushing our players to be the best they can be and representing this community as head coach of the Denver Broncos."

The man who took over a 1-15 Carolina Panthers club in 2002 and two years later led the team to the Super Bowl has a chance at a similar turnaround in Denver.

"It was very similar, a second (overall) pick, much the same situation," Fox told reporters at Denver International Airport before heading to Dove Valley for his initial interview. "I think I have a blueprint that we executed in Carolina, and I don't see any reason why it can't work here in Denver."

Fox's first year in Carolina resulted in a six-win improvement, and the team's run to Super Bowl XXXVIII the following season put the head coach in select company -- he joined Vince Lombardi and Bill Parcells as the only coaches in NFL history to inherit a one-win team and lead it to the playoffs two years later.

In his first eight seasons in Carolina, the Panthers averaged nearly nine wins a season, including three years with 11 or more wins. By the end of his nine-year tenure, he was the winningest head coach in Panthers history and had led the team to three playoff appearances, one NFC Championship, two NFC South titles, two NFC Championship games and one Super Bowl. His ninth season ended with a 2-14 record and his overall mark as a head coach stands at 73-71.

The Panthers won five playoff games under Fox, including four consecutive on the road, which tied Tom Landry's record as coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Eleven Panthers made the Pro Bowl under Fox's tutelage.

"Coach Fox is a great fit for us not only with his coaching ability but also with his personality -- he's a dynamic and proven leader," Elway said via Twitter. "He's coached great defenses, turned teams around and been to Super Bowls. We couldn't be more excited to have him lead our football team."

Fox described himself as extremely competitive, passionate and enthusiastic, and said he hopes to be able to inject that attitude into Dove Valley alongside Elway.
"Much like I think as I watched John (Elway) and his dad in their careers, both in coaching and in playing, I have that same shared passion, and I think it's a good match," Fox said prior to his interview.

The Broncos' newest head coach said he is excited about the prospect of working with Elway and General Manager Brian Xanders to come to the best conclusions for the team.

"I had that relationship with (Panthers General Manager) Marty Hurney for nine years, and I think it's imperative that you do that," Fox said. "You've got to be arm-in-arm. You can't have egos involved -- who gets the credit, who gets the blame -- it's shared amongst the top and that's how you go about your business."

Prior to coaching in Carolina, Fox served as defensive coordinator for the New York Giants from 1997-2001. With Fox at the defensive helm, the Giants notched 230 sacks, which ranked third in the NFL during that stretch. In addition, New York amassed 153 takeaways, resulting in a plus-25 turnover differential that ranked third in the NFC and fourth in the NFL over the period. His defense helped pave the way to an appearance in Super Bowl XXXV against the Baltimore Ravens by shutting out an offensive-minded Minnesota Vikings team in the NFC Championship game.

His previous coaching experience includes 12 more positions in a 17-year span, which began in 1978 when he was a graduate assistant at San Diego State University and went on to include positions with four other NFL teams.

"I've been doing it," Fox told reporters of his coaching history. "I have a plan, whether it's a bye week schedule, a training camp schedule. It's not my first rodeo, so to speak. So, I think I do have a blueprint to do it. We've had success, some years more than others. But the full body of work I think holds a blueprint for success."

Next up for the Denver... get a new & more solid coaching staff and prepare for the 2011 NFL Draft.

Congrats to Fox for earning the job. Bring this team back to life, PLEASE!!!!!!!

Fox now will fill out his Broncos coaching staff, and former Seattle Seahawks and Atlanta Falcons coach Jim Mora is candidate to be defensive coordinator, a league source told NFL Network insider Jason La Canfora. Before becoming a head coach, Mora was the defensive coordinator for the San Francisco 49ers from 1999 to 2003. He's now an NFL Network analyst.

La Canfora reports, via a league source, that Washington Redskins special teams coach Danny Smith is a candidate to be the Broncos' special team coach.

Fox asked the Redskins for permission to interview Smith last year, when Fox was seeking a new special teams coordinator in Carolina at the time. The Redskins blocked the request, according to sources, but Smith declined to sign an extension with Washington and will be in essence a coaching free agent.

Fox also has strong ties to Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy, as McCoy worked for Fox in Carolina.

McCoy already has a year working with Tim Tebow, which is vital at this point, and it would be logical for Fox to keep some of the offensive staff in place after a productive offensive season and with Tebow's development so vital to the organization.

"Mora has head coaching experience and Fox has recently been in contact with him. Fox wanted to hire Smith last year and Skins blocked it. But Smith did not sign an extension with the Skins and would be a free agent. Would be the makings of a strong staff."

Fox's thoughts on Tebow:
"[Tebow] had a very, very good workout, He doesn't lack in the work ethic department, so whatever needs to be done, he'll do. I definitely saw some adjustment and I thought he executed very well." He said later that Tebow is "a guy that has a great work ethic ... that if there's something that needs to be fixed, he can fix it." Asked about his talent compared to his intangibles, Fox referenced another quarterback who was overlooked by some. "Did you ever watch Bernie Kosar play?" Fox said at a league meeting last year. "Bernie might not appreciate it, but I call it as I see it. He won a lot of games. So it's not all just how pretty they are [or] how big."

Fox said he wouldn't have a problem if the Broncos want to stick with the 3-4 defensive scheme they've employed since 2009 even though he mostly used a 4-3 look in Carolina.

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  1. Thanks for putting this up Princess, I hope you don't mind that I boot legged your post with all the updates a bit haha.

  2. lol, no problem, I'm used to you doing that. I had just come on here to check out what's new and saw the rotoworld widget saying Fox was named the new HC. My eyes bugged out and was like 'whoa, that was way too fast', but I figured I'd get the news up.

    I don't know why or maybe its because he has said he's a fan of Tebow and looks like things in that area will improve but I'm starting to like the decision. What do you think about him as the new coach? You haven't said.

  3. If you read my previous post you would know my view haha. But here it is:

    The one problem and major issue I have with Fox is he lacks vision. He sticks to his plan of an aggressive defense and an offense that runs the ball and is conservative. His teams don't have flare and imagination on offense and I think that may clash with Tim Tebow. I think Fox can do well with the Broncos even a few playoffs but we will never be great under him until he learns more about offensive and learns to adapt. That is why I say no to John Fox (sorry).

    That is what I said yesterday and I had a feeling this morning I was wrong. And yep I was. I think the experience, the will to run the ball and play good defense really sold the staff. So it doesn't surprise me.

    I do however think Fox can be a good head coach. If he does an Elway, knows his weaknesses and surrounds himself with good coaches (a good team) to help him with that problem. If he can learn and employs a good OC we will be fine. But not real sold on the choice. Is the conservative and safe option.

  4. ha, guess I had a spacey moment there. Forgot you had a post on Fox's interview. Anyway, I've seen a lot of mixed views about this choice. Pretty much everyone on DB is over the moon about Fox but some are not sure, some hate it, some are on the fence about it (like me) and then there's you who hate it. lol

    Only time will tell how great of a decision this was. I think with his experience he should get more than a year & barely a half to prove himself. Will just all depend on what he does and how well we progress & improve. I'm back to giving Fox a fair chance like I did with McD. Fox deserves that much but I certainly don't think he could do much worse than McD. Again, only time will tell.

    Bronco Country is going to have to have A LOT of patience. I think everyone looked at McD with uncertainty cuz he was a first time HC and we just happened to be his experiment gone REAL bad. He did some things that made sense but half the time he was a terrible HC that kept everyone out of reach. With Fox we get experience on our coaching staff, hopefully he'll bring in some other experienced & successful coaches in OC, DC, ST.... Just gotta give it time and give him a chance here. I'm not sold on this choice other, not 100%. But I do think we have a better shot at improvement with Fox than we ever had with McD.

  5. I hate it if he is unwilling to learn (from his mistakes) and change. But I still think he is good, and I would be much more pleased if he manages to bring in a good OC and DC.

    And yes I will give him a chance, he is the HC, lets see what he can do.

    As for the better shot thing, I will always wonder how McD would have fared if he came into the current situation that Fox is now in. Lets hope Fox can get us back to the winning ways. Go Broncos!

  6. I think he will be open to changing his system to fit Tebow and the players we have and will get from the draft & FA. To be a successful coach you have to be willing to change and adapt. Tebow will have to do that as well. Obviously a new system from a different coach but if the system is built mostly around him to be better, be more of a passing QB to balance out his own rushing attack... Elway even said it, he's a good QB but even the best of the best have to adapt to change. That's what makes them great and Tebow definitely has that "will" to do whatever it takes to be better. Same thing will go for the coach... he's got new players, certainly a new atmosphere so changing some thing is inevitable.

    So what to do you think now about McCoy being retained? I think its the right choice, he'll get more freedom to put his plans into motion for Tebow. Its hard to base anything off those last few games that Tebow started but that Houston game was a major factor in my opinion of McCoy. I think Tebow will only get better. Of course its makes a difference of impact on a player let alone a team when you stay consistent with a coaching staff and not changing the staff every few years but it also helps to get the right people too. Changing the people brings in and switches out different systems, thinking, etc. No wonder we've struggled for so long.

    I agree, now that you bring it up and got me thinking, lol, to see how different things would've been had McD been brought in NOW but we would never have been in this horrifying mess had it not been for him in the first place. He nearly massacred this team. I outta shoot him for that! Nobody messes with my team like that and walks away! lol (figuratively speaking)

  7. Not official yet, but I don't mind it, I think McCoy could be good here, more interested in who we get for defense.

    Haha Princess, I think with the team we have and organization I think we will be back to our winning ways soon.