April 22, 2011

Some more Fun with Pictures

Hey Broncos fans, I had these pictures laying around so thought I would post them up for your enjoyment. The first is a picture of Dawson doing his thang.

The next picture is of Mel Kiper and if you know anything about Kiper you will love this picture.

And finally my favourite one...

That is it for today, check back tomorrow for the Draft Competition Submission post. ~ Aussie.


  1. Re-post from previous post for Princess:

    The way I remember it, it was Ellis that interviewed McD and recommended him to Bowlen who then hired him. It was Ellis's influence that got McD hired.

    Princess you got to watch the vid. Nothing bad or wrong in it. Just women laying some pretty big tackles on one either. These women are nuts! I don't think Hurricane Ashley could stand up to them.


  2. Also guys and gal if you ever come across funny pictures or have ideas for funny captions let me know and I will hook you up.

  3. The last pic is definitely my favorite!!! Absolutely priceless. AHAHA, just had a funny idea for a pic... put Tebow's head on that body of the baby and then say, "RAIDER HATER" Now that would be funny. LOL

    Well, either way I knew Bowlen had something to do with McD getting hired. He was more involved and when McD got canned, he backed off. Left the job up to Elway, Xanders & Ellis.

    The Hurricane Ashley thing about that vid was a bit of a joke. The way you were talking about it, I figured I wouldn't stand a chance against them. They are nuts!

  4. Yes some crazy women. The last one is so funny, and I think I could get a Tebow in there but it would be weird on his body, but I like the idea. I will see what I come up with.

    Bowlen had something to do with the hire but he was pushed into it. But he made the right choice to get rid of him.