May 19, 2011

Let Tebow Play!

I had this thought, idea the other day and I think it could be an interesting thing to explore further. First off I was thinking about Tebow and the harm this lockout is having on him. If the players ever needed a perfect example of harm caused to the players then Tebow would fit it.

The lockout has directly affected Tebows’ job security. Tebow needs to be working closely with coaches to better understand the playbook and NFL defenses. He needs coaching to correct his technique and tips to get better. He needs to be able to work out in front of the new front office to impress them with his skills as he fights for a position and possible promotion. Tebow needs these things to continue his growth and progression as a player. Without it he could completely miss his chance and the information he so sorely needs. This could cause him to bow out of the league without causing a ripple or living up to his potential.

So to that end I say Let Tebow Play!

The question is how do we go about this? What can we do to help get Tebow back on the field? Over at MHR (click here) they have shown a number of possibilities that we as Fans could try to help move this CBA along. Things like cancelling your season tickets, not buying any NFL merchandise or not attending games. But as the article points out there is no point to these as the league will never feel the effects. If you cancel your season tickets one of the number of others on the waiting list will be happy to take them.

If we don’t buy merchandise you aren’t effecting the NFL but the store that sells that product. Take as an example, they would buy stock from the NFL then place the standard markup on them. If you don’t buy the merchandise it isn’t the NFL that feels the effect but Eastbay who have paid for all this stock then can’t push it. It is the small time corner shops that will feel the effect of you not buying merchandise, it won’t be the NFL.

Then there is the question of not attending games. It would send a statement to the league but it would be after the fact and have no effect on the outcome of the CBA. There is no real point as people have already paid for their seats. Plus we are asking a select few to go out of their way to not attend after they have spent their hard earned cash on tickets. It just isn’t going to happen.

That leaves us fans pretty much empty handed. But there is one option we have not thought about (seems inconceivable). All of these suggestions and types of boycotts affect the league, the NFL. So why not go the other way and go after the Players? Can we as fans affect the players and their unity which forces them towards resolving this CBA issue? Well yes I think we bloody well can. But we have to be smart about it, first since we are Broncos fans let’s not go after Broncos players but other teams players. We have to get under the players’ skins, got to get them questioning themselves and their position in this issue. We have to go after the players that are very fan orientated and see themselves as super stars, say Chad Ochocinco as a prime expect. These are guys that have been idolized since they were young. Have the fans follow them and admire them, plus all the extra benefits that go with being a celeb. But if the fans turn on them can they deal with it? Some will but others I highly doubt it.

Therefore I am suggesting a revolt against these guys, the players, in a good old fashion divide and conquer tactic. Create discontent in the players and watch them cave and be willing to bargain for a new CBA.

This war on the players has to be a verbal war, go after them with words. Not physical, there should be NO lynching of players. I am saying get after them on twitter, emails, whenever you see them on the street, just tell them how they feel. Things like ‘I use to be a huge fan of ours but then you became greedy’, ‘I love watching you play but now after this, I prefer Soccer’, ‘You use to be cool, why did you change.’ You get the picture? Show them more and more that they are losing their fans and are becoming the enemy. We need to get our voice out there and in the media, if we can sway public opinion then marketing companies, the guys that sponsor the players, will start to drop off. This would cause the players to lose a few needed checks in the lockout. With the fan discontent and also affecting their back pockets we will really start to get to the players and I don’t think they can deal with it for long.

This would need to be a mass war of opinion, don’t get it wrong I think the fans have a major part to play in the CBA negotiations. The NFL thinks they are untouchable and they probably are but they know the players aren’t. That is why both factions are always in the media trying to paint the better picture. I think the players are afraid that we may turn on them, if that happens they very well may have to cave in and sign a deal.

‘But what about the players? They aren’t the bad guys. They aren’t the ones that want more money?’ This is true but they are the ones that chosen this path and the NFL has provided some nice deals and incentives in the past. It must be seen that the players may be losing some money now but that 10% in the long run isn’t that much. The current players are worried about themselves plain and simple. They are worried about how much they are losing, not the future of the game. To put this in perspective in 10 years time the salary cap could well be 250 million compared to the 130-150 now. The growth of the game will continue and will only get bigger and better and players will make more. The league won’t be making 10 billion anymore, it could be making 20 billion. When will the first 200 million contract get signed? The players of the future have nothing to worry about. The percentage that is lost now would not impact them much. They may not be able to get that 200 million contract for a few extra years but that 150 million contract still looks nice.

So this reflects back on current players. They are worried about the top dollar they can get. This doesn’t affect the lowest tier of players as the salary floor will not be changed. This affects the top dollar the star players can get. They all want their gold plated pools.

I will though preach patience. Don’t after reading this go to twitter and start blasting players. Wait a bit. Give it a month or two. The fans will need to be patient and see if a deal is done in June or July, this can be the fall back plan. But if it comes into August and September I would start to get worried. If they cancel the upcoming season then ‘Unleash Hell’ and everyone should get after it. Make them know how pissed we are. But until then be patient and do something else, like go on a holiday or actual do some real work for a change.

Let Tebow Play! ~Aussie.


  1. So what do you peeps think? Am I a little crazy.

    Also check back tomorrow or the next day for you guys, as I will have the Orlando Franklin post up.

  2. WOW!!! If you ask me, I'd tell you its a genius idea. Actually makes want to go sign up for Twitter and start losing my temper. haha

    Several drawbacks though (hate to point these out, I hope you know that).

    I'm sure you've thought about this, but in order to affect a good majority of the ego players out there we need to be able to reach all the other fans out there. How and where we go about that I'm not sure. NFL blogs/comment post?? Make comments to other fans on major & well-liked blogs/websites to get the message out. Ya know what I'm sayin?

    And second, now that you've put this idea in my head I'm not sure I can hold back for another couple of months. LOL If anything, these players need to get a revolt from the fans now before a real threat of no season is upon us. I have already to begin to fear the worst. I REALLY hate saying this but I feel like no season is gonna happen this year... like 80% sure. My gut is almost never wrong. I would be beyond relieved to be wrong this time around. If we could control the players like this and get in their heads about this NOW, we can avoid players (especially Tebow, ha) missing out on at least training camp. Although I see that opportunity getting blown out of the water as well.

    Also, it's practically useless cause not every NFL fan got their say on this but a lot of fans already have blamed the NFL, not the players for the lockout. I hate the lockout as much, if not more, than the next person but I blame this whole mess on the Players union. Its the UNION that's being greedy along with the players. The bigger cut the players get, the more the snotty lawyers get. Anyhoo, my point is this idea is still worth the shot, just saying will be hard convincing fans to revolt against players they admire, want to see play, etc when they see the NFL at fault instead.

    Just some stuff to consider with this plan. Again, I remind you, I'm all for it. I'll go get a Twitter just to tell off the likes of Mr. Ocho-can't-figure-out-what-my-last-name-should-be or Romo or any of the players who idiocally think they have no part in this lockout. You know me, Hurricane Ashley will be unleashed and probably not contained very well. haha But with every plan, there's a setback of some kind.

  3. Also just for mention...

    This thing I read on nfl really has be disturbed about this whole mess. I guess the NFL is waiting in early June for the ruling on something to do with the lockout and now I can't remember the full story. But some part of what I read said that the next set of talks or something critical could take up to 30-45 days. Well shoot, that takes us right to training camp time. Driving me crazy that I can't remember what it was all about and now I can't find the article on nfl either. It just came out this week and had me all worked up when I read it.

  4. Oh and yes I concur...

    LET TEBOW PLAY!!!! LET TEBOW PLAY!!! Damn unions... arrrrrrr... they screw everything up.

  5. Glad you like Princess, I thought it was an interesting idea that you guys may find interesting. But onto the points.

    Point one, I ain't worried about reaching people. Think about the bringing back the Orange jerseys. We can spread the word easily by posting around the blogs. That is not an issue and with the public getting behind it, it would spread much faster. So not worried about word of mouth.

    Point two, I am unsure the reason why I said to wait, just in two minds. I don't want fans to alienate players if they get a deal done with in the month, that would just piss them off which could be bad for the fan image. Just in two minds about when this should be done. And I hope there is a season this year.

    Point three, as this fight drags on, and I am seeing it now, public opinion will start to sway towards the players. With that then this revolt could be possible. But it will be hard for fans to turn on players. But it doesn't have to be a full revolt just look like one. Plus if it does happen it really would effect the players as like you said they would never expect anything like this happening.

    Princess the story you are talking about is that the next meeting for talks is june 7th which is after the lockout injunction appeal on june the 3rd. So the soonest a deal could be done is like middle June.

    And yes Let Tebow Play!.