November 10, 2011

Game 9: Broncos Vs Chiefs

The Broncos returned home from the black hole victorious! Not many would have expected the Broncos to win but it did happen. The Broncos came out and played hard for most of the game, there was a bit of a let down in the second quarter but the second half was amazing and totally dominate. The Broncos played as a complete team and were competitive in all phases of the game. The Broncos players put it together and we saw what this team can really do. This week the Broncos hit the road again to take on the babies in red and white. Thats' right we are heading to Kansas to take on (As Haley would call them) the F***en Chiefs. (Be prepared this will be a Haley themed post haha). The quiefs (Yes I just did that) are coming off a loss like everyone else in our division. Their record stands at 4-4 compared to our 3-5. This game is a must win for each team in a hotly contested division. Let's dive in to the preview.

Why to watch
In the wacky AFC West, this counts as a big game. If Tim Tebow Time gets to 3-1, then all of a sudden the Broncos have passed the Chiefs and maybe the Raiders, too. And when the Chiefs lose, they do it with a depth and flair only the Colts could rival.

Inside story
The Broncos are going a little more read-option heavy every week, and after Denver rushed for 300 yards on the Raiders, you tend to think Tebow will be trying to rumble on the Chiefs as well. This could be one Sunday that feels more like a Saturday.

Match ups
The first match up to look at is Clady Vs Hali. Can Clady prevent the sacks and not get called for holding. Also the Chiefs may try to match up Hali on Franklin to get the better match up. Both men will need to be on top of their game.

Champ Bailey goes up against another very good receiver in Bowe. Champ has only been beaten once this year for a TD and that was by Megatron (Champ I think was playing with a tweaked hammy), so not really a surprise there. But for most of that game and against other top WRs Champ has been shutting them down. Last year Champ pretty much ended Bowe's streak of good games and broke his confidence. Hopefully Champ beats him down again.

Get Larsen the ball!

Von Doom have to get to Cassel early and often to put him off his game, Cassel struggles with pressure.

Can't do match ups without Tebow. He needs to improve on his passes and be more consistent. He needs to run that Zone-Read effectively and of course win the mutha-f'ing game.

Other news:
If you didn't see it Tebow was voted the most overrated player by 111 other players. Romo was a close second. If you have Romo in your fantasy team it may be time to drop him as he tries to reclaim his crown.

The media is talking this match up to the zone-read, whether we can run it or if the Chiefs can defend it. One of the main arguments is that NFL defenders are bigger, faster, stronger, quicker -- and hit harder then they do in college therefore you can't run the Zone-Read in the NFL. By that token wouldn't NFL offensive players be bigger, faster, stronger, quicker, more technically complete and hit harder too? The skill level goes up on both sides of the ball. So from my perspective I think that cancels each other out and that it will come down to who executes the best.

Injury Report
Rahim Moore (S), Concussion, Limited
Virgil Green (TE), Neck, Full
Cassius Vaughn (CB), Hamstring, Limited
Wesley Woodyard (LB), Knee, DNP
Brian Dawkins (S), Thigh, Full
Spencer Larsen (FB), Shoulder, Full
Willis McGahee (RB), Hand, Full

Jon McGraw (S), Shoulder, Full
Javier Arenas, Ankle, Limited
Demorrio Williams (LB), Groin, DNP

This is one I thought up and is now in memory of Champ's glorious beard which he has shaved.

The only thing with better coverage then Champ Bailey is his beard.

Also is it me or do Kyle Busch and Kyle Orton look a little similar? Give that man a neck beard.

That is it from me, enjoy the game, Go BRONCOS! ~ Aussie


  1. Ok I had this post ready to go and pictures ready to add but we have used up all our downloads for this month so I had to post this by phone. Hopefully at some point I am able to add the pictures.

  2. I think the media is going crazy over the read-option they've installed for Tebow for a couple reasons

    First... the reason that everyone keeps mentioning, that it can't be done in the NFL.

    That statement alone leads me to my 2nd point...

    Tebow is his own person, plays football like Tebow not anyone but he does remind me of Elway in many ways. One being, he's a player everyone just loves to hate. Elway never got much respect even after TWO Super Bowl wins & even now that he's a Hall of Famer. He's just one of those guys, one of those players people love to hate on.

    Tebow is the same way. He attracts the haters as much as he does the supporters. And with that comes these kind of statements about how Denver is working Tebow into a system not Tebow adjusting to the "normal" ways of the NFL. Just because the read-option hasn't been used like we'll see from Tebow doesn't mean it CAN'T work.

    Because Tebow is not a normal football player all the critics think he's doomed. Maybe he is.... all I'm saying is they close the door on him way too soon. We find a system that works with him & he does well, he succeeds & he still gets the critics breathing down his neck. They say he may not last as long because this system will bring more injuries... maybe so but they can't know that for sure. For all they know, as time goes on & he gets more NFL experience, just being in the league a few years he just might find a groove to become more of a passer.

    But these critics, the media... they shouldn't be expecting "normal" things from Tebow. He's a one-of-a-kind player, he's his own person with special ways & abilities to win games... expecting "the norm" from him is silly.

    I'm a positive, optimistic person as you well know so I'm just looking at this criticism he's getting in a different light. The light everyone else should be looking through. Clearly there are those little bugs that will continue to hate on him just because... possibly because they also have a hunch he's going to take whatever team he is with to the high ground we call the Promise Land SOMEDAY and its like they dare him to do it. They don't think he can, just like they thought Elway would never get a SB win (let alone back to back wins).

    By NO means am I thinking that high in any near season, just throwing it out there. People casted all kinds of doubts on Elway & look where he ended up. He was an elite passer but by no means did he do things conventional or normal. Neither will Tebow

  3. Also after the game on Sunday, I'm working their charter so when they leave the stadium we screen them & check bags for anything they shouldn't be carrying with them. So at least I'll get to see all the players & everyone up close. Can't ask for autographs, nothin but as least I can say I got to take a peak inside their bags! ahaha Better than nothin I guess, probably gonna smell like feet lol

    But this means I'll miss the entire game unless the people I'm with know of a way to watch the game. We'll be hanging out at the stadium the entire time but aren't allowed in, which is retarded.

    Was really torn about what to do... stay home & watch game then wonder if I sholud've worked this charter so I could at least see all of them up close OR miss the entire game & go by what I hear inside the stadium and get this rare chance of seeing them & stuff. Gonna drive me nuts not watching the game. As long as I don't ask for anything, if any of the players want to give me something like say their jersey or a signed picture or ahem, their phone number (hint hint Tebow) LOL I can take it.

    Gonna be all nervous & distracted to work lol whoops..... ahaha

  4. Can you wear anything to let them know your a Bronco fan BP? I hope you get something.

  5. Yeah I can & I'm going all out, as much as I can. lol

    Gonna wear my Tebow jersey under my work shirt, my new Bronco earrings, a necklace, my new Bronco ring and the lanyard that I always wear that holds my ID badge, its orange with Broncos on it. Everyone pretty much knows where I stand but gotta let the players know somehow without really saying anything. I think its best I don't say anything at all cuz if I do I'm afraid I won't be able to shut up. LOL

    And I don't see how it will work for this time around but its been done before. A supervisor has to be there with us and they get to ride ON the bus with the players back to the airport. Very very very small chance any of us screeners will get to go with her since we're driving to the stadium but if she gets to take anyone with her, I'll get on my knees & beg!! lol

    That's a real longshot but its a possibility. I'm just excited to see the ENTIRE team up close like that. Not how I would want it to go but I suppose its better than nothing.... just hate that I'm gonna miss the game. Gonna drive me NUTS!

    I'll be lucky if they even notice me.

  6. Oh and by the way, ORANGE CRUSH THOSE CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My hatred for KC is almost as strong as it is for Chokeland. We need this win big time too. Go get 'em boys!!!

  7. Haha. You're such a jabberbox, you'd never stop talking if they got you started. They might all miss the game too, you'll still be talking. LOL

  8. Great win on the road by our boys, really become road warriors, now it is time to win at home.

    Also my Internet crapper out so I didn't get to see the game, but hopefully I will have this site updates this afternoon.

  9. So with a short week are you going to do the post game Princess?

  10. Yeah I plan on doing a post game tomorrow then you can put up the pre game for the Jets on Wednesday or early Thurs... whatever works for you.

    Big story from Sunday I'll put in my post. Was just way too tired to come on here last night & say anything so I'll get my post up tomorrow.

    lol @ Digger... I can be a jabberbox. I'll share my story later but was a fun day.

  11. Sounds like you had fun, ok will do that should be good.

  12. I'm gonna try to have the post up by tonight cuz I have to work tomorrow. Just be patient with me.

    Also looks like Tebow is caught in the middle of more controversy. Just read on Yahoo that some Denver fans have bought those custom jerseys you can get on nfl or other sport sites and instead of putting Tebow's name on the back, they have put Jesus above the #15.

    I love Tebow, love watching him play, he's a great guy but calling him Jesus is going way too far. Even he will say its not right that they do that. He's a model citizen & Christian for sure but this is just wrong. I'm not even that nuts over Tebow, not nuts enough to nickname him after Jesus.

    People are insane........

  13. That is cool, when ever u get it done.

    Also the original guy with that jersey had it before tebow had even got a start. He was doing it as a joke. The reason it is news bow is someone is mass selling them as Christmas gifts. Still funny but a bit over the top.

    Also pretty sure God doesn't like false idols, hence way American idol is a sin haha

  14. Just got it put up. Phew.... lol

    yep yep, its way over the top.