November 30, 2011

Week 12: Broncos - Chargettes Post Game

What a game & ending to the second rival match-up between the Broncos & the wimpy Chargettes who have blown out their own fire.

Neither team was strong on offense as the scores stayed below 20 points, but it was fun to watch Denver's defense steamroll Rivers & the Chargers. So freakin' funny......


Since its been a few days since the game, kind of rusty on what I remember. But I do know the first half is not Denver's forte, they continue to struggle to get anything going in the first half but its like after halftime the lights come on & they are ready to play like an actual football team; ready to put up a fight against anyone.

Tebow, I believe, is very slowly progressing in his passing skills. Early on when he got his starts he barely threw the ball (thanks to playcalling holding him back) or he wouldn't even be able to complete nearly half of his thrown passes.

Against the Charger for his 3rd time, he completed exactly half of his attempts going 9 for 18 for 143 yards and 1 touchdown. Remember the games he never even got close to 50 pass yards??

And as usual, Tebow put himself on the rushing yard stats, this time with 22 rushes for 67 yards.

In front of him was McGahee, with his 4th or 5th (??) 100-plus rushing yard game, running the ball for us 23 times for 117 yards.

Decker continues to be Tebow's favorite & most reliable target to throw to (whenever he does) but only catching 3 for 65 yards and Denver's lone TD.

Offense continues to really struggle on third-downs, converting only 5 of the 16 they had against SD. Sooner or later, something has got to give. Bottom line is they need to fix that issue.

But I see our Oline has gotten a spark in better protection for Tebow as his number of sacks has gone down drastically, which is a very good sign. When he falls back to try & pass, he's got all freakin' day to throw that thing, you'd think someone would get open & he accurately get it to them.

I think Tebow's problem is he's trying too hard to be a more accurate passer. He wants to be that all-around QB that can do a little of everything and is putting too much pressure on himself, to some degree. I still believe with time, he'll get there. We just have to patient.

This is the calm before the big storm.

The offense continues to be slow but in the end they have #15 leading them down the field for a game-winning drive.


They are the foundation of this very young team. I can't say enough how underestimated our defense is and how little respect they are getting, regardless of many times they are the real heroes of our wins.

They continue to impress me week after week, constantly & consistently putting up a fight no matter who the opponent is.

Rivers became their victim and no Bronco fan can't say that isn't funny, getting sacked 3 times by the deadly duo, Von-Doom. The rookie got the world's biggest butt once, making his total for the season so far 10.5 and Doom came into San Diego real hungry as he went back home to Denver with 2 sacks, bringng his total for the season so far up to 5.5. I think the rookie is vying for that 'Sack Master' title, lol......

DJ Williams was the defense's winner in tackles with 10 solo & 2 assists;
Von Miller came in second with 8 tackles & 2 assists adding to his sack

Denver's defense really shined through for us and gave our offense another shot at redemption in OT.

Special Teams:

Denver's Matt Prater kept us alive in the game with FGs from the 41 in the 3rd quarter;
the 24 in the 4th and then the big whopper, 37 yarder to win it over time

**And according to a reliable source, the San Diego kicker was caught peeing on himself on the sidelines, probably after missing one of his 3 missed FGs in the game that could've won it for the babies on California.

Injury Update:

Rookie Von Miller reportedly hurt his thumb in the game and is having surgery on it, putting his status for the game in Minnesota in doubt. Our defense can't afford to lose this kid to a thumb. Rub some dirt on it kid and get back out there!!

Eddie Royal apparently suffered an ankle injury and Denver's big rushing leader, McGahee didn't practice due to illness, not an ankle injury. Take some Nyquil, that'll knock you out & make you feel better, lol... come on men, tough it out.....
Video Highlights:

All-aboard the Tebow Train: Relive Tebow’s highlights from the past 6 weeks

McGahee gets big 24-yard run

Tebow to Decker for big 39-yard catch

Tebow to Decker for 18-yard TD

Dumervil 13-yard sack

Dumervil big 10-yard sack on Rivers

Von-Doom Sack on Rivers

Prater’s 41-yard FG in 3rd qtr

Prater’s 24-yard FG in 4th qtr

Prater’s game-winning 37-yard FG

Cuz its funny: Novak misses 53-yard FG

Cuz its funny: Novak misses 48-yard FG

Let's keep this win streak goin' boys, I'm lovin' it!!!! However you get it done, just get 'r done!! ;)


  1. Haha thanks princess, another great read.

  2. Nice BP.
    FYI I wasn't concerned you couldn't hold your own with Jimmy, I know you can.

    Here's the peeing video;

  3. What digger said, it isn't that you can't handle yourself it is that your doing in jimmy's heart haha, then again he is probably just happy to have a friend.

    And digger that video is pretty fun, he is trying to do it all sneaky like and the camera is like gotcha haha, plus he was pee-bowing too funny.

  4. I know you guys know I can handle my own. I completely understand what you guys are trying to say and I know that's how Jimmy feels. He's told me, he doesn't hold back anything. He is just happy to have me as a friend but I know he also wants more. Thing is I have to keep reminding him we're just friends & that's all we're ever going to be. He gets that but he thinks at some point I'm going to give in... if I was I would have done so already.

    And don't feel like either one of you butted in, I really do appreciate the advice.

    Anyway, I was doing the videos for the post & came across the one of Novak peeing. I remember watching the game at Jimmy's and all the sudden that shot came on TV and we couldn't figure out what he was doing. Guess I had to see the video again to remember I saw that during the game. Way too funny. Men..... lol

  5. Yeah princess that is the angle we are coming from, he is holding on to the hope you will give it, like one of those tragic girly movies haha. And in future we will be happy to butt in with advice haha. What I would find interesting is what does your mother think about all this?

    It is a pretty funny moment, why not run up the tunnel to the toilet? Also I have seen a funny moment, in a rugby league game the ref was giving a penalty. In the background is a player peeing on the field. Remember in league they wear short shorts, so he poked it out the bottom. Plus he acted like nothing was going on, if I find the video I will post the link.

  6. G
    Type in the name of the team. That might help.
    He couldn't go to the can, they were in FG range.
    I think that would be a guy kind of movie where the girl gives in, not a tragic girly movie.
    I tell my daughter, "If you got it, flaunt it."

    Set him up with a friend. Maybe he'd get the point then. Unless he's an ugo and you couldn't pay anyone enough to go out with him. He is a Raider fan, that's one huge strike against him.

    McGahee will play. Von and Royal may not.
    I think Oak will lose to Miami, so if we can win we'll be tied.
    I decided not to go. I wish, but yeah. Oh well, it's on TV here.

  7. Maybe, I will have more of a look later. I was thinking the type of movie where the girl has lots of boy troubles and never realizes what she has in her best friend till it's to late then they get together, that sort of thing. But I don't see princess having boy troubles haha

    I like diggers idea, set him up with a nice friend.

    I think royal may play at a pinch. As for Von not to sure, I could see him used in a limited pass rush only role for this game, at most.

    Plus I hope Oakland loses! FTR

    Man I would love to have to make that choice.