December 30, 2011

Game 16: Broncos Vs Chiefs

It's that time of the year again when the Broncos play their final game of the regular season. The Broncos return home this week after their second straight lose. The Broncos are on the cusp of making the playoffs for the first time in years but they have one more task to complete. That is to beat the Chiefs to progress to the playoffs. This game has been made a bigger story by the fact that the Chiefs have come into a bit of form lately with their coaching change and that the Chiefs starting QB is Kyle "Fainting Goat" Orton who as you know was the starting QB for the first 5 games of our season. The Chiefs have gone Win, Loss, Win, Loss in their recent games, one win of course was against the Packers. Their last loss was to the Raiders last week in OT 16-13. The Chiefs are hoping to spoil our season by preventing us from getting to the playoffs. Let's not allow them to do that and get the win...onto the preview.

Why to watch
Broncos waive Kyle Orton; rival Chiefs claim him. If Orton beats the Broncos, he could keep Denver and Tebow Time out of the playoffs after a miracle surge for eight weeks.

Inside story
Tim Tebow has been a turnover machine during a two-game losing streak after protecting the ball incredibly well, and Denver's defense is slipping as well (Von Miller hasn't been right since his hand injury). The Chiefs are likely to attack in the run game. Tamba Hali is rushing the passer as well as anyone in the NFL in the second half of the season. We all know what Matt Prater can do kicking field goals in the altitude at Mile High. Both of these teams have seen their share of late-game field goal blocks and heroics.

Match Ups
Let's start with the defense. The front seven will need to stop the Chiefs running game. The Chiefs have had a good running game in recent years and do run the ball well so we will have to tackle well. No RBs running free for big games like Spiller did last week, I am looking at you Mays time to show us something....anything.

If we can stop the run that will force Orton to pass. Champ has to do an number on Bowe again and keep him limited all day long. That means it is on our other secondary guys to not let Orton pick us apart. To prevent this Von Doom need to get after Orton and knock him over. We know that if Orton is pressured and knocked over a few times he can be forced to cause turnovers. If we put Orton on the ground we can win this game.

For the Offense they need to go to work. Willis needs to get 20 carries in this game and over 100 yards. I would also like to see Johnson get 5-10 carries in this game. I don't think we will be able to run all over the Chiefs like we did last time. So that means our WR will need to get open, create some separation and get open for Tebow. Decker, Thomas, Royal and Ninja Willis get open and hook Tebow up!

The O-line will need to push the pile to create running lanes for the backs. But their main job will be to keep Tebow up right. Hali has been in top form in recent weeks and will need to be stone walled. They will need to do this as I think Tebow will be the one that has to win this game for us.

Tebow's arm I have a feeling will be the difference in this one. I just want to see some improvement from Tebow but also that he has learned from last week and has a better performance than he had against the Bills. It's time to go to work.

This game will be a lot close than it should be. Orton is going to give us a real fight I think and we will be pushed right to the end of the game. Maybe even over time. I am thinking a 20-17 score line with the Broncos winning it I hope....then PLAYOFFS!

Playoff Scenarios
Simple if the Broncos win they are in the playoffs. If we lose then the Chargers need to win against the Raiders for us to make it into the playoffs because we will win on the tiebreakers.

Injury Report
Brian Dawkins (S), Neck, DNP
Chris Harris (CB), Neck, Limited
David Bruton (S), Achilles, Limited
Quinton Carter (S), Hip, Full
Von Miller (LB), Thumb, Full

Jon McGraw (S), Ankle, DNP
Jackie Battle (RB), Foot, DNP, Doubtful
Jeremy Horne (WR), Illness, DNP

Denver safety Brian Dawkins is not practicing for the second straight day because of a neck injury. His chances of playing Sunday against Kansas City may be dwindling. Kansas City running back Jackie Battle did not practice for the second straight day because of a foot injury. He is doubtful to play against Denver.

Other News
No Matter What Happens On Sunday, The 2011 Denver Broncos Season Was A Success (MHR)

Apparently, many Americans would like to borrow cup of sugar from Tim Tebow.

According to the annual Zillow poll, the Denver Broncos’ second-year quarterback would be the most desirable celebrity neighbor. Tebow won 11 percent of the vote and beat several other celebrities including Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lopez.

Prior to Tebow, the two winners were Sandra Bullock and the Obama family. TebowMania rages on, despite a two-game losing skid.

On the other end of the spectrum, the cast of the "Jersey Shore" were votes as the least desirable celebrity neighbors.

Who would you rather share a fence with, Tebow or Snooky?

I was trying to think of Ladies from Kansas to put up here...than I thought of one :P but I settled on some KC cheerleaders.

Q: If you have a car containing a Chiefs wide receiver, a Chiefs linebacker, and a Chiefs defensive back, who is driving the car?
A: The cop.

Q: What does a Kansas City Chiefs fan and a bottle of beer have in common?
A: They’re both empty from the neck up.

Youtube Funny

Happy New Year
I also would like to wish everyone a happy new year.

 And that is all from me, Go Broncos an Playoffs baby! ~ Aussie.


  1. Question, what happens if the game is a draw?

  2. We still win the AFC West.
    Man, I wish it was Sunday!
    That cartoon of Tebow the Superhero is awesome.

    Now about the game. I am so fricking pumped. If you aren't yet, watch this;
    Tebow-Now Playing.
    We are going to pulverize the Chiefs. My prediction 33-16 and that's only because Orton gets some trash drives at the end that don't really mean much. I forgot about Orton and the fainting goats. To funny.

    Have a safe New Year's Eve everyone so you get to watch the butt whoopin' put on th Chiefs come Sunday.

  3. Paging Mr. Brown.
    80, are you out there?
    Congratulations on your fantasy championship.

  4. Congrats 80# but I don't know if he can come to this site or not.

  5. If we limp into the playoffs that in itself is a miracle.

    D played great, started off shaky and Miller couldn't set the edge but when they changed him with Haggan the Chiefs had nothing.

    As for the offense? The run game was good but our passing game is terrible. No one can get open ever. I would like to see us get creative in our passes and try some different routes, then just going deep.

    Was good to see Ayers get a sack....

    Not much good in this one, Coliqutt had a good game.

  6. Oh and Kuper's injury I think is bad. I have a feeling he dislocated his foot at the ankle, when they showed him on the ground his foot just looked wrong. I have a feeling he is done for the may be the Broncos knowing Rivers he will screw us anyway he can, pick six?

  7. Looks like the Chargers finally did us a solid which means....PLAYOFFS BABY! We limp in just, so who are we facing first the Steelers?

  8. My God, that was one of the ugliest games I've seen us play. These last 3 games are ones I will very quickly forget. Pisses me off we ended up 8-8 AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you freakin' kiddin' me????? When will it end??

    I believe next season will be a resurrection of the Denver team we all know & will win big next year. I've had it, I've had it, I've had it with 8-8 seasons. If I ever see us get another one again, I'm gonna drop kick its butt into outer space! Enough already......

    Our offense has come crashing down & with all the injuries, our D still remained solid holding KC to 7 pts all game. Big changes though for both sides of the ball for next year. Some players will leave (one in particular that will be tough to say goodbye too) & a whole different way of running this offense. I expect HUGE HUGE HUGE progress from Tebow. Boy better have his "A" game ON next season. No excuses...

    I'm happy we're AFC West Champs, feels damn good to say that & that we're going into the playoffs, no matter how brief it may be. Its progress for this organization that we've made it out of this 6 year slump. Now the next big challenge will be to stop ending our seasons at a complete dead end.

    I'm gonna enjoy this playoff run while it lasts but I'm also ready for the off season. Give these guys a break but then work 'em into the ground. So much needs to be done. Tebow especially, I'm still a hardcore believer, but now its "Tough Love Time".... time for you young man to become a real QB & complete your passes!!

  9. Needed to get all that off my mind, driving me crazy.

    I can't express enough how fed up I am with these 8-8 seasons... I'm DONE!! DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR DENVER BRONCOS?????? hmmmmm....

    Alright, time to enjoy the playoffs, for whatever it will be worth.

  10. We host the Steelers next weekend... Lord have mercy............

  11. But you have to say 8-8 is better than 4-12 :P but it is the beginning I hope of great things to come. Let's enjoy the playoffs this year and learn from it (because 99% of our team hasn't played in the playoffs). So learn from the experience and come back and dominate next season.

  12. I watched the Steelers game today at the same time as the Broncos and they really had nothing on Cleveland. Berger is hurt, they lost their running back and are struggling with other injuries. We may be able to sneak out a win but it will be on the Offense to get some points on a good Steelers D.

  13. 8-8 is better than 4-12 but I've seen us end up 8-8 for enough seasons in a row, we need a new change of pace. Can't take it anymore. 8-8 teams don't belong in the playoffs BUT like you said, this will be a good learning experience for this young team. I think we can sneak out a win but our offense has got to give our D a break. They are doing all the work, they're fighting all the time for us to get good field position & we continue to blow it while wearing our D out at the same time. That's not gonna fly in the playoffs.

    I know we're better than what I saw today, whatever the hell that was... it wasn't Denver football, I know that much. As much as it pains me to say this, KC played good defense as our receivers couldn't get open to save their lives which makes Tebow look worse than he really is. While KC did their part, our WRs need to fight harder to get open long enough for Tebow to make a pass. Coaches are playing it safe with him & continued to call plays for him to run the ball. That's what this off season will be for though, get TT out of this "gun-shy" stage he's stuck in. Its become very clear to me, he's afraid to throw the ball... so he takes the sack instead.

  14. It looked like the Steelers struggled today. Losing their RB is big, I just heard on TV he won't be playing in this next game.

    Kuper's injury was a big blow to our line, not pretty at all. Our line has had their moments this season but for the most part were solid til that injury.

  15. I love that we made it into the playoffs but it just doesn't mean as much since we had to depend on SD to get us there & we couldn't even score a stupid TD... forget the touchdown, we couldn't even catch a pass

  16. If we beat Pittsburgh, I'll be more excited about us being in the playoffs & our AFC West title.

  17. I give credit to the Kansas secondary today, they were balling, there won't mean open receivers today.

  18. "Kuper suffered a dislocated left ankle"...looks like I was right, he is done for the year which is too bad, he had played great this year. But I will say Hose had a good game replacing him.

  19. You are a crazy woman. I enjoyed the rant. Good stuff. 8-8 is pretty good. -81 point difference is what kills me. We still suck, 8-8 was lucky. Backing into the playoffs. Cheering for the stupid Chargers so we can get in. Preparing for a butt whoopin' from the Steelers. All not fun. I'm still wondering about Tebow. The comebacks were cool, but that's old news. I'm depressed. I'll come back tomorrow.

  20. LOL, yes I'm crazy, what else is new?? haha

    8-8 is NOT good, its mediocre & we keep settling for it... EVERY FREAKIN' YEAR!!! I cannot accept 8-8, just can't do it. It is what it is but its unacceptable to end up in this spot year after year after year...... there's no excuse for it. I was so sure this was the year we would move up in the world & leave 8-8 behind, but nooooooooooo

    We blew not one, not two but 3 games to have it slapped in our faces by the stupid Chiefs... never gonna hear the end of it now. Not sure I want to leave the house tomorrow, KC fans gonna eat me alive lol... guess I could just slap AFC West Champs in their face but given how we got it, not even ours for the taking really

    Steelers are lookin pretty good for us right now considering IF we win, we would go face NE in NE... soooooo not watching that game again, there's your butt whoopin'

  21. I'll bet it is hard to face all the KC fans. You may have expected better than 8-8, I didn't. New coach, Orton's trade fell through so he was named the starter, no DT in the draft, home field advantage was AWOL, not near enough practice time. Opponents scored 81 more points than us. We deserved 6-10 this year at best. Besides since our last playoff appearence we were 9-7, 7-9, 8-8, 8-8 and 4-12. Now we're 8-8 and do get in. Justice.
    If we win and Cincy wins, we play @ Balt.

  22. We lose bad and everyone wants a new qb, I am seeing people every where saying we should trade for Manning, so he plays a few years and teaches Tebow??? Why seems counter productive to me.

    I look at it like Digger, we did well for what we begun with.

  23. G
    We're not good. We have turned the corner though. The new schedule is out, well opponents, and it looks tough. I hate to say it, but since we over achieved this year we may not see an improvement record wise next year. BP ought to love that. 8-8, maybe 9-7 next year again.
    Hey, the Steelers are beatable without Mendenhall and Ben hobbling.

  24. Yes I think the steelers are beatable, but it will be of McCoy and the receivers to get open so Tebow can pads them the ball.

    We do have some pieces in place and we ain't as bad as some people think but we definitely can get better. But that schedule is tough, hopefully some of those teams go backwards and we go forward.

    I will say this now if Dawkins plays we win, if not we lose.

  25. Looks like Ryan Harris resigned with us to take Kuper's spot, I think this is a great pick up....but can he play guard :P

  26. Maybe Franklin and him switch.

  27. I can see it happening all do they just use him as a back up and play hoch? That will be an interesting to see what they do there.

  28. Also what number is Harris going to wear sine Franklin has his 74?

  29. I sure love the we have a defensive HC now. Foxy nabbed two more LBs and got back a CB and DL he sees potential in. Cool. Lining up for next year already while getting ready for our 1st playoff game in 6 years. Our offense needs major help this off season T2 especially. I hope Elway gets in there somewhat for that.

  30. Same, I hope he still goes defense in the draft mostly, that will be interesting since we have FA before it this year.

    I love the pick up of iwuh?? He is a ST beast, sort of like Mays and Woodyatd and a below average starter. Plus I am happy we got rid of McCarthy, he was never any good.

    I think a vet receiver and some young backs we could be set for next year. As for this year I think we can beat the Steelers, but a lot has to go right and like I said if Dawkins plays we win.