October 28, 2010

Broncos heading to London

Hey everyone, if you did not already know the Broncos are flying out to play against the 49ers in London. I also had enough of looking at the Raiders loss, so I think we should move forward and look forward to the 49ers game. I still believe we have talent on this team and can win games, but we need that motivation and some heart to win the games. And it will be an interesting game as the 49ers have not be playing well. This is a must win game for the Broncos because if we lose this one the season is pretty much over.

Well I thought it would be interesting to look at London as I doubt none of you guys have been there. So lets look into some interesting stuff about London.
  • London stands on the southeast of England and is the capital city of United Kingdom.
  • London is the most densely populated area in Britain and is the ninth largest city in the world.
  • London is formed by two ancient cities - City of London and City of Westminster, both cities forming the region of Greater London.
  • During the time of the Roman Invasion, London was known as Londinium. In Saxon times, it was known as Lundenwic and during the kingdom of Alfred the Great, its name was changed to Lundenburg.
  • Contrary to what many people believe, ‘Big Ben’in London is not the name of the clock or the tower, but a 13-ton bell inside the clock. The tower is known as St. Stephen’s Tower.
  • The best thing to come out of England is Ali G.
  • The city of London is home to four World Heritage Sites - the Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament), the Tower of London, Maritime Greenwich and Kew Botanical Gardens.
  • Thames River in London is the longest river in England. It begins life as a trickle in a Gloucestershire meadow and flows for more than 135 miles, before reaching London.
  • The London Eye or Millennium Wheel of the city is the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe.
  • There are five international airports in London, with the Heathrow airport being the busiest airport in the world.
  • The London Underground, built in 1863, and popularly called ‘Tube’, is the first metro of the world.
  • The Canary Wharf Tower is the tallest building in London.
  • London is one of the three command centers for the world economy, and has the sixth largest city economy in the world after Tokyo , New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Paris.
  • Buckingham Palace, The Queen’s official residence built in 1702, was earlier the site of an infamous brothel.
  • The Great Fire of London in 1666 created widespread devastation, causing major reconstruction work all across the city.
  • London is a multi-ethnic city and domiciles people speaking over 300 languages.
  • Windsor Castle of London is the largest and oldest castle of the world that is still in use.
  • According to rumors, ghosts of King Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I, Mad King George, and Charles I still haunt the Windsor Castle.
  • There are more than 100 theaters in London. Moreover, about sixteen percent of the country’s restaurants and food joints are located in London.
  • The women there are quite unattractive.

So a whole heap of useless crap you didn't need to know but now do, so the next time you have a trivia night on London you will be set. Haha ~ Aussie Out!


  1. hahaha, useless crap, that was funny. I think you got bored! lol A lot of that I did not know, but I have been to London. Was one of my favorite places we went on our 5-country tour in Europe my mom and I went on about 9 years ago.

    Also... the Windsor Castle is where the Queen spends most of her time, not the Buckingham Palace.

    And I'm sure none of you know my great-great-great grandma used to be a handmaiden for Queen Elizabeth I (daughter of Henry VIII & Anne Boleyn). She used to brush the Queen's hair, get her clothes, bring her food... nothing to really brag about but hey it's something. lol I even have a VERY VERY old picture of her with the queen... I'll have to dig it up and post it.

    I think despite the way the Broncos have played, they can get this win. I just hope we can catch SF on a really bad day and cream them like what happened to us last week.

  2. Off to watch the US Women's soccer team play their first match to qualify for the World Cup next year. This tournament going on is to see who qualifies. USA all the way baby!!!

  3. Yeah was a little bored.

    And that story about your great x 3 grandma I think you have told us that believe.

    As for the US soccer team, how about go Australia. The Aussie girls will beat the soft yanks in the world cup haha.

  4. Australia who?? lol The US is too good... granted the game they just played tonight was against a mediocre team (US creamed them 5-0 with 4 first half goals) but we are winless this year. We have lost less then 10 games with our current coach. The European teams will be more of a challenge but I do have to say it speaks for itself when I mention we are the reigning Olympic champs from 2008 and did the same in '04. I'd like to see AUS try to beat USA but there's no way they'd win.

    Now, if only the Broncos could play like this soccer team, I'd be in heaven sitting on cloud 9. lol Denver will get their act together this weekend, I have full confidence in them that they will. I'd like to see them show the UK what real football is all about and that the Broncos can measure up to any other team. If these overseas games are all about promoting the NFL in the UK and around the world, I'd love to see all of Bronco Country be respected by this team showing the world that they are a strong competitor in the NFL. This team did not just fly thousands of miles over nothing but water to get their butts kicked... clearly we can do that at home. whoops, I did not just say that. lol

  5. Haha Princess that wasn't great to say that. I think we can get the win, we need it.

    As for the soccer the Australia team will always be in the hunt because Australian teams or players always play with pride, heart and passion. Something the Broncos don't have at the moment.

  6. lol, I know. Almost can't believe I said that, just came out. I think we can get the win as well, I full confidence in this team. They get it done.

    I can't say the same for all American teams, but this women's soccer team does just that... they take it up to another level. I've never seen a team gel like they do. I can't even tell you the last time they lost a game but when they do lose, they take it like a real athlete and they get right back on their feet. It helps that 98% of this team has played together for years and there are unforgettable legends on the team. There are like 2 of them that are like a Brian Dawkins & the other a John Elway of the soccer team. Big motivators, big playmakers, respected by one and all, people you just don't forget, ever. Nothing ever gets to their head (ego) like what we see in the NFL. And their coach... well, that alone makes a HUGE difference. One of the best soccer coaches EVER. This US team is made of pride, heart & passion.