October 11, 2010

Broncos - Ravens: Post Game Report

I wasn't able to watch the game, instead I got to sit back and laugh as the Chiefs lost their first game of the season. Saw that one coming. That alone made my day, other than the lone 2 touchdowns my beloved Broncos scored in their 31-17 loss to Baltimore.

It was a sunny day in Baltimore yesterday but not for the Denver Broncos as they were more than a struggling team against the #1 defense in the league (at least I think so).

Other than our many, many problems we need to fix quarterback Kyle Orton continues to make his critics eat their own words. Even against the league's #1 pass defense, Orton found his favorite weapon, WR Brandon Lloyd, in the end zone for 2 long-bomb touchdowns. Kyle was also good for 23 of 38 pass attempts for 314 yards, ZERO INTs and the two Lloyd TDs. In addition, Orton completed his fourth consecutive 300-yard passing game, including a 44-yard pass to Lloyd with 35 seconds left in the game. The highlights of this game stop here.

Things that went wrong, include but are not limited to (ahem)....

*Losing a fumble, that was probably turned into points for the Ravens. I didn't see the game so I don't know for sure, but still we had a turnover and in football, one turnover is one too many.

*We did ourselves in with 10 penalties for 90 yards... RIDICULOUS!!!!

*Still no running game at all. But if you want to think positive, you could take a look at last week's run game total yardage (19 yds I believe it was) and compare that to yesterday (a whopping 39 yards!! hip. hip. hooray.) I cannot wait to get Moreno back... this so-called running game of ours is nauseating.

*Defense got man-handled yesterday. In our first 4 games our defense has been VERY good about stopping the run... till yesterday. Ray Rice used us as a doormat and ran all over our D for 133 yards and not to mention 2 TDs. In combination with their other RB Willis McGahee who ran for a total of 67 yards and yet another TD. Together they racked up 200 rushing yards on our defense and I remind you again how bad our RBs are... together they put up 40 pointless yards.

*Injuries still keep coming our way. At least 3 Broncos went out of the game yesterday with injuries. The 2 big ones are FS Brian Dawkins who went out with a knee injury, at first it was said it shouldn't be too serious but now I've read on our rotoworld widget that he's already been ruled out of next week's game against the Jets. The other big injury is rookie WR Demaryius Thomas who (from what I've heard) got hit big time on a kick return and his injury has yet to be stated clearly although I've heard rumblings of a possible concussion. Whatever the deal is, he hasn't been ruled out yet for next week so we'll just have to wait and see. Also, OLB Robert Ayers left the game early and did not return due to an unknown injury and last but not least CB Andre Goodman left the game early due to aggravating his thigh injury. They've both been ruled out but we all know things can change in a week.

So while my head is now swimming with how these guys are going to face all this adversity and fight in each game from now on, they have their hands full.

If no one has seen it yet, I suggest you go on to DenverBroncos.com and read Coop's post about this game. He said it all and it didn't require him to write a book to make his point. lol

Here are the lone highlights of yesterday's game. Let's hope the Broncos can do MUCH better than just 2 TDs when they play the Jets at home and then show the Raiders how it's done in the Mile High City. They may have beaten SD yesterday and now all 3 of us are sitting at 2-3 but when they come to Denver in 2 weeks, it's game time baby!!! grrrrrrrr

Orton to Lloyd For Diving TD Catch

Orton to Lloyd Again for 2nd TD

That second TD to Lloyd at the end of the game was not only awesome but it tops the list this week in this video as the best catch of week 5.


  1. Orton to llyod is the only shining light in this offence. He picked up to power backs that have been nothing but a pair of soft silverbacks! Damn this running game, or should I say lack there of is really frustrating. The problem was compounded by the fact the Raven D was, well just as we expected it if not more.

    Last week to pick up any one decent..

  2. Question is, is there anyone left in the NFL good enough to be picked up?? Figuring McD is pretty close-minded, he figures he can probably get away with Maroney since we picked him up out of the blue and why, I have no clue. Moreno really needs to stay healthy and get a running game started for us. He is our only hope unless by some BIG miracle a very talented RB just falls out of the sky and lands in Denver. The odds of that are about the size of a grain of salt. I'm far from giving up on this team but McD's actions are always in question when they shouldn't be. Only time will tell what kind of team we have here.

    All of Broncos Country is very frustrated right now. We played a stellar team last Sunday, we have got to bounce back and not let it get to us (talking to the players & coaches here). They are the ones that need to execute and play like a team. The Jets are a good team but they can't win on talent alone. We have to have a much better strategy & game plan if we want any kind of chance. We've already lost a home game once this season, I don't want to see that crap again.