October 25, 2010

Broncos-Raiders Post Game

I don't even know what to say to yesterday's game. My mind is rolling with thoughts of anger, it's probably best I don't say much, so I won't. I don't know about the rest of Bronco Country, but after witnessing a massacre, yesterday's game was the worst game in Bronco history, in my opinion. Worst part is, it was against our arch nemesis, our biggest rival and we let it happen. I didn't think I'd live to see the day my beloved Broncos would do so little to fight for a win. I'm still in shock at how they "played". I wouldn't even know what to call it.

Since there was SO much that went wrong, for my own sanity I'll stick with pointing out the bright spots and leave it there.


Orton had 2 touchdowns to Moreno... which helped us not get shut out. I'll take the 14 over zero any day.


Denver had 2 sacks on Campbell and put a little more pressure on Boller late in the game.


We're not the only ones in the AFC West that are stuck at 2-5. We lost and we took the Chargerettes down with us. lol Gotta admit, that's pretty funny considering everyone had SD sitting on a pedestal and crowned AFC West champs before the season even started. I'm just thankful we aren't the only ones in the West that are holding a losing record.

And for my own sanity again, I can't hold on to a game like this... be so angry about it. What's done is done. This is definitely a game this team can't hold on to and let it interfere with the rest of their season. We got our butts handed to us in our own house by our biggest rival and that I will remain P'OD about but it's about freakin' time this team get over the losses and move on already. Learn from the mistakes (there's plenty of them) and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! Feeling sorry for themselves will only make things worse. And for the love of God, play like a TEAM.

From a very faithful fan, this season is not over yet. Can't wait to see the game from London against the ailing 49ers. They may be having a bad season, but learn from this game, don't ever underestimate ANY opponent. Crap will happen if you do.



  1. Yeah Princess not to many positives to take out of this game. All we can hope to do is get better and get some wins in the second half of the season.

  2. Thanks for leaving it that BP. Utterly disgusting performance. Not much for new injuries. Cox got a concussion and BayBay hurt his thumb.

  3. Worst then terrible. When Oakland had their second stringers in the game we still couldnt move the ball and still couldnt stop them. this was embarassing and pathetic. We've been 4-13 since that 6-0 start. Every player and coach is on the hot seat right now.

  4. I think we have some talent and talented players, just need some heart and motivation. Need some B Dawk!

    I think a win against the 49ers and the bye week after may be exactly what we need to kick off the second half of the season.

    If we lose to the 49ers we will call this season quits and start Tebow.

  5. I agree, this team needs a BIG helping of heart & motivation. It will be a huge motivator for the team if we get Dawkins back on the field this weekend. Like I said above, he looked so helpless just standing on the sideline during the game. It had to be absolutely excruciating to know there was nothing he could do to help out his defense other than give them words of wisdom... which clearly didn't work. We need his attitude and leadership on the field as well as the sidelines. I don't know what it is about that guy but when he's on the field his presence alone is a motivator. Its amazing how one person can make all the difference.

    But as much as I love that he brings heart to this team and the team responds to it, they have got to learn to deal with adversity better. Dawkins won't be with us forever. Someday he will retire and then what? The rest of the team never fights for a win again? Same thing with Champ. He's got a strong presence with the team as well, and he could be gone by next year for all we know. Then we'll really have a young team on our hands. I know this entire organization has struggled immensely since Elway retired and that was a reasonable statement for the first few years but now its just a lame excuse for why we can't get our act together. In 10 years since he left we've been to the playoffs once... if that's not pathetic I don't know what is.