October 4, 2010

Titans Vs Broncos - Post Game and More

The Broncos today went on the road to face the Titans in Nashville, Tennessee. The players wore pink gear to raise breast cancer awareness. This was a physical game and was played with a bit of nastiest. QB Kyle Orton went as far to say that the Titans defense was 'cheap', taking a few cheap shots at the Broncos players. But this was a close game and went right down to the wire where the Broncos were able to come away with the win. And it was a big win away from home and it has set the Broncos up with a nice 2-2 record.

123 4OTFinal
Den0 10610 -26

I didn't get to watch the game but have been over all the highlights and read a number of different peoples opinions and I will be relying on those for my review. 

Probably the best player for the Broncos right now is Orton. Orton followed up his career game last year with another very solid game. He finished by going 35 of 50 for 341 yards, 2 TD's, and 1 INT. He also (sadly) led Denver's rushing with 3 carries for 11 yards. Orton has now thrown 6 TD's, but he has also thrown 3 INT. He did spread the ball around well overall, but there are periods of time when he stares down one receiver. Question now is Orton a franchise QB? And does he deserve big money?

Because of Orton's big games recently the receivers have been getting a lot of ball. And today was no exception as most of the first string receivers turned in big days.After having just an 8 catch season last year, Lloyd has exploded onto the scene for the Broncos. On Sunday he caught 11 passes for 115 yards. He now has 25 catches for 454 yards and 1 TD on the season. These are his best stats since 2005 when he caught a career high 48 passes for 733 yards and 5 TD's for the 49ers. At this rate, Lloyd will have acquired those stats by the bye week. Another receiver Eddie Royal had a fantastic game on Sunday. He finished with 8 catches for 113 yards and 1 TD. He now has 25 catches for 299 yards and 2 TD's on the year. Last season, Eddie had season totals of 37 catches for 345 yards and 0 TD's. He will easily match these numbers within the next couple of games.

The Broncos run game today was pretty much...terrible. Any time Captian Slow of the Slowest Orton leads the team in rushing you had a really bad day on the run. Buckhalter could not move the ball at all, but he made up for it with some receptions. Maroney on the other hand didn't provide anything to the team. Hopefully we can get Moreno back soon so we can have a more balanced attack then passing the ball all the time.

The Offensive Line wasn't great today and Orton was sacked 6 times and hit a number of other times. But when you can't run the ball they will pass rush more. Also don't understand why Daniels is still at LG, I would prefer Beadles to be in there. That would be our starting O-line of the future so might as well make a solid start on getting these guys some chemistry together.

The run defense really stepped it up today and sealed up the run game of the Titans. They didn't get burned by CJ at all, his longest run of the day was 8 yards. The run D only got beat for one long play and that was to the back up running back. I think this could be put down to 4 players. Robert Ayers, DJ Williams, Jamal Williams and Kevin Vickerson had big days in the run defense. Jamal collapsed the pocket and forced Young outside, Vickerson set the edge well and was a beast in getting to the ball carrier. Ayers was solid and is a great tackler and DJ was good in the run game getting team high tackles though he struggled a little in coverage on the TEs.

The defense as a whole was pretty good. They covered well and held the Titans offense to one touchdown. Dawkins was all over the field making plays and the pass coverage was good. Cox had an up and down game but he has played well so far. And Bailey is awesome as always.

The pass rush of the Broncos wasn't great, their got two sacks but Young did make some plays when the play broke down with his feet. This will need to improve for the Broncos to win more games.

Matt Prater was really good for us today, he accounted for 14 of the Broncos 26 points. His kick on the late kickoff that was recovered for a fumble was great and was placed in the perfect spot for the recovery.

Special Teams was good expect for the kickoff which was returned for a TD. There was a good block on Mays that broke that play loose but the special teams needs to play better. Also one bright spot on special teams was that Thomas was kick returner. He had a good game returning and was averaging 36 yards a return and he had one long run of 65 yards. McD had this to say about Thomas “When he catches it and gets going, that’s a big man to be running that fast and to have to try and tackle him on the kickoff team,” McDaniels said “We had a little bit of hesitation when we went out there in the beginning, but he caught them well in pre-game and he certainly made enough of an impact today that I think he will be back there again.”

Check out the highlights here, Broncos Vs Titans

Next week the Broncos face the Ravens in Baltimore before returning home against the Jets. There are a few areas for improvements, like the run game, which the Broncos will need to address but a win against the Ravens would be big for the Broncos. And I believe they can do it.

Now onto the most important news of the lot. Aussie is going on holidays! Yes that is right, I am going to Fiji for a while and will not be able to post or comment on anything. So I am looking at you guys to post some stuff up while I am gone. And I mean you guys like 80#, Doc, Jazzy, Digger because I don't want to leave Princess with all the work. I really need you guys to step up and help out while I am not here, thanks in advance for helping out.

Well guys that is it from me, I will catch you when I get back ~ Aussie Out and Go Broncos!


  1. Our run game is worse then people think. Knowshon coming off injury won't help either. Hell, if Adrian Peterson ran the ball for us we'd still suck. McDaniels running scheme blows dick and every player in the Broncos organization knows that. It was a huge mistake to get rid of our O-line and RB coach. McDaniels is attempting to copy the running scheme that New Englans uses, but we can't succeed with it because McDaniels preaches the lineman to just power ahead instead of opening a lane like New England does. Also McDaniels will try to pull over guards and tackles from the opposite side of the line but he doesn't understand when it is okay to do that. We need a running game. Orton can't throw the ball 50 times a game, his arm isn't strong enough.

  2. I agree Doc. I did like Hochstein in the backfield at the end to try to help run the clock out. The only gut I think could run behind our line right now is Barry Sanders in his prime. The holes they're opening aren't very big and don't stay open long. Did you see McD's interview? I think the question was about the penalty that set us back from 1st and goal from the 1 to 1st and goal from the 6. He said something like, "We didn't think we could get it in from the 1 anyway. We probably would've just run it up the middle." He was joking, but not very damn funny.

  3. lol, McD may have been joking when he said that but he knows its true. They would've just ran it up the middle... that's all they ever try to do. I don't get it, they know you're not going to get anywhere going up the middle, hello... the whole pile is there in the middle. I do however remember seeing Maroney in the Tennessee game try to run up the middle but A HA, he figured out he had a brain for about half a second and went to the outside, gained a few yards but not much. Moreno is the best RB we have right now, and healthy or getting better, we need him. I just hope he's well enough for Baltimore. Orton does have a strong enough arm though... just worried that if he has to keep throwing as much as he has been for the rest of the season, his arm is going to give in sooner or later.

    So Aussie's going to Fiji, eh??? So not fair. Hope you have a good time though... judging by that picture, how could you not? lol When are you leaving exactly? And don't worry about the workload for the site... most likely I'll be posting stuff and be talking to myself... 80 hasn't been on here forever and hardly anyone comments on half the stuff we post anyway. I'll be fine. Pretty funny though that you're worried about it. awwww, LOL

  4. Haha I leave tomorrow morning and am gone for a week and a half, and I would like to see the others get involved. And yeah that photo is from the place we are staying at.