October 12, 2009

5-0 Baby!

Yeah baby! 5-0 and it doesn't feel any better than this. Firstly I want to point out that Jamie Dukes is an idiot and Rod Smith is a freaking genius. Dukes said we would go 3-2 or 2-3 to start the season and Rod looked him in the eye and said straight away, 'I see 5-0'.

Jamie: The schedule is tough and out of the first 5 maybe 2-3 at best.
Rod: I see 5-0. Until you play the games nobody knows.

So a big shout out to Rod, remember you got to believe in the Rod. It is such a good feeling to be 5-0 and to beat the Pats is always the best. It is a great feeling.

Now we have the Bolts heading into the bye and it would be nice to get a win over them and head to the bye 6-0. I think we can beat everyone on our schedule but games against the Colts, Ravens, Giants and Eagles will be tough but I think we can win. Everything is coming together at the moment.

I was happy to see our team perform at top flight level and to get a victory in over time is very pleasing. I am so happy with the way the broncos played in all areas of the game. Great to see McD get a win over his old mentor and great to see the coach show how passionate he is about his team. Have to give a shout out to Jack Williams, he was playing on fire, 7 tackles that is not bad, has he beaten Phonz Smith out of his position? Also noticed Robert Ayers playing alot and not Mario Haggan? Over all a great game.

Some bad notes, Knowshon has a bit of the case of the Fumbles at the moment hopefully he can sort that out. And penalties on 4th down kill teams but lucky we held tight and got the win. And the uniforms, not a fan at all they look terrible, the way the socks and the lines on the side of the pants blends in and creates a pattern is an eye sore.

Other notes, if you haven't watched the interview with Brandon Marshall you should it is very good and I think he has really turned the corner. And the bit where he talks about being in the locker room crying at half time in week two and Brian Dawkins was there to help him out. That for me was really a powerful message and I really think that Marshall has turned over a new leaf. Question is when will we pay him? Have your say, I think it could be real soon, maybe bye week?

Anyway enough from me ~ Aussie Out!


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