October 8, 2009

Broncos Vs Patriots

What up gang, it is time to look at this weeks up and coming game. This week it is the New England Patriots. I am going to be honest with you, I hate the Patriots, I have had enough of hearing about them winning all the time, always in the Superbowl. It is someones else time, I was one of those people going for the Giants when they broke up the perfect season. This weeks game will be a really big test for our team. The Pats are top flight competition and will test us out very much. They have alot of big name players in their team and alot of experienced players. The next four games will be hard for us, I am hoping we come out with at least a 2-2 record which will set us up nicely. I ain't no fool, I don't think we can go undefeated but I want us to do well and really stick it to these teams. Ok time for a look around the web:


Last meeting:
The Patriots completely dominated the Broncos in a lopsided 41-7 Week 7 victory last season.

The Broncos have won five of the past seven meetings and have a decisive 26-16 overall series advantage, including the playoffs.

Last week:
A late Brandon Marshall touchdown propelled the Broncos past the visiting Cowboys, 17-10. ... New England staved off a late Baltimore rally, to earn a 27-21 victory.

Keep your eye on ...

Randy Moss' downfield presence: With Wes Welker out in Weeks 2 and 3, Moss shifted from his normal role of working on a lot of deep routes and ran a lot of underneath patterns. The result was 14 receptions, but for only 140 yards (a 10-yard per catch average). Now with Welker back, Moss can go back to getting downfield and giving Tom Brady a home run threat.

The Patriots' blitz packages: With a still-developing, young defense, New England has turned to a much more aggressive scheme this season. The Patriots are blitzing more often and leaving their cornerbacks in a lot more man coverage.

Brandon Marshall's playmaking: The Broncos receiver appears to have mended fences with coach Josh McDaniels and he possesses the kind of athleticism that could burn the Patriots if they get caught blitzing and he gets single covered. If the ground game struggles against New England's 11th-ranked rushing defense, the Broncos may need Marshall to break a long touchdown the way he did last week against Dallas.

Did you know?

Since 2006, Brady is 10-0 in October. ... Moss ranks second in league history with 61 100-yard receiving games (Jerry Rice, 76). ... Broncos QB Kyle Orton is 25-12 as a starter. ... Denver RB Knowshon Moreno leads all rookies with 249 yards rushing.

It’s no surprise that running back Correll Buckhalter didn’t practice Wednesday. He has a high-ankle sprain and he may end up missing one to two weeks. Denver safety Brian Dawkins didn’t practice because of knee and shoulder injuries. It would be a surprise if he didn’t play against New England on Sunday.

Good surprise: It has to be Denver’s defensive effort, which has, in turn, created another surprise: Denver’s 4-0 start. Yet, the Broncos would not be one of five unbeaten teams in the NFL if it weren’t for the defense. The Broncos’ defense was terrible the past two years, but under new coach Josh McDaniels and defensive coordinator Mike Nolan, the new-look unit has thrived. Using the 3-4 defense, Denver has surrendered a league-low 26 points. The next closest in the league is 53 points, which is more than double what Denver has allowed. It’s been a shocking turnaround.

MVP: San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers is the best player in the AFC West and he has had an outstanding start to the season. But the Broncos have been the story of the division this quarter and the MVP has to come from the team with a two-game lead, so we’re going with Denver linebacker Elvis Dumervil. He is tied for the NFL lead in sacks with eight. He has made the transition from being an end in the 4-3 to a linebacker. He is becoming a bona fide star and he is a major reason for Denver’s resurgence on defense.

What to watch for in the next quarter: It starts with whether Denver can continue to play well against better competition. It had a good start against Dallas. Now, Denver plays New England, San Diego, Baltimore and Pittsburgh. If the Broncos can split these two games, they will be in good shape.



  • The Broncos, who are 4-0 for the first time in six seasons, will wear the uniform designs worn by the club in its 1960 inaugural season (brown helmet, mustard-colored jersey, brown pants and vertically striped socks).
  • Head Coach Josh McDaniels was part of three Super Bowl wins as an assistant with the Patriots from 2001-08. During his three years as offensive coordinator (2006-08), the Patriots scored an NFL-best 1,384 points.
  • The Broncos own the NFL’s top record against the Patriots since 2001 with a 5-2 mark and are a league-best 16-4 (.800) versus the club in the Pat Bowlen era (since 1984).


  • QB Kyle Orton is 17-2 (.895) at home as a starter for his NFL career for the best winning percentage by a QB since the 1970 merger (min. 15 starts). He is the only starting QB in the NFL to not throw an interception this year and owns five touchdown passes along with a 97.7 passer rating.
  • WR Brandon Marshall gained 33 yards after the catch on his 51-yard game-winning touchdown reception last week against Dallas. Since 2007, he ranks second among NFL WRs in yards after the catch (1,068).


  • Coached by long-time NFL defensive coordinator Mike Nolan, the Broncos have tied for the fifth-fewest points allowed (26) by an NFL team through its first four games of a season since the 1970 merger.Denver leads the league in several other defensive categories, including yards per play (4.0), touchdowns allowed (2) and fewest 10-yard plays (33).
  • OLB/DE Elvis Dumervil, who is tied for first in the NFL with eight sacks, has recorded multiple sacks in each of Denver’s last three games.


  • The Broncos lead the AFC and rank second in the NFL in average opponent drive start after kickoffs (21.0-yard line).
  • K Matt Prater was named AFC Special Teams Player of the Month for September, becoming the first Denver kicker to win the award since 2001.
Big Games:
I am looking for big games from a few players and one Coach. I want to see McD have a big game and show us and the rest of the world why he is our coach. I want to see big games out of Brandon Marshall and Knowshon Moreno. If we want to win this week these two will need to play well. Also I want to see 'Doom'ervil have another big game. He is on pace for a 32 sack season, another 2 sacks out of him would be nice.

My take:
I think this game will be hard fought and very close, I think a field goal will be the difference. Not sure which team it will be though, head says Pats heart says Broncos. The main thing I want to see, like I said before is to give it to the Pats in all areas of the game, show we are contenders. 23-20 or 20-17 scoreline. On a side note wouldn't it be good to go 5-0, remember Rod Smith was the first to call it, when he gave it to Jamie Dukes on NFL Network. It would be good to stick it in Dumbass Dukes face.
Four football fans; a Broncos fan, a Cowboys fan, a Chargers
fan, and a Patriots fan are climbing a mountain and arguing about who loves his team more.

The Dallas fan insists he is the most loyal. 'This is
for the Cowboys!' he yells, and jumps off the side of the mountain.

Not to be outdone, the San Diego fan shouts, 'This is for the
Chargers!' and throws himself off the mountain.

The Denver fan is next to profess his love for his team.
He yells, 'This is for everyone!' and pushes the Patriot fan off the

That is it from me ~ Aussie out


  1. LOL, that joke is too funny! Although it would've made more sense had it been a Bronco fan that pushed the Pats fan off the mountain. Nevertheless, I laughed!

    Really good matchup and while I can easily agree with you about saying in my head the Pats could take the game but in my heart it's saying the Broncos... its a very realistic possibility we can outplay the cheaters. Hopefully, Dawkins will play on Sunday and get the team fired up but either way our D is incredible. They will have to cover Moss (Champ can do it!) but their running game will be stopped, no problem. And this may sound funny, but our uniforms could very well be a distraction... talking about the socks of course. Stripes have a way of causing confusion to people and its very likely those socks will be to our advantage. Still baffles me though that they are actually going to remake the socks after they made a bonfire just to burn them so they'd never be worn again. Hilarious!

    Will be a very interesting game, for sure.

  2. Some quick updates:

    McD had the guys train in the snowy conidtions to prepare for sunday.

    RB Fred Taylor is execpted to miss this weeks game as he needs ankle surgery.

    Denver running back Correll Buckhalter didn’t practice for the second straight day. He looks to be a long shot to play Sunday against New England.

    Buckhalter has a high-ankle sprain and could miss one to two games. He would be replaced by rookie Knowshon Moreno. Safety Brian Dawkins didn’t practice because of knee and shoulder issues for the second straight day. But it is believed he has a better chance of playing than Buckhalter does.

    NFL network looks at the top 10 match ups

    Michael Irvin and Brandon Marshall interview

    NFL Network check out Dumervil's Defense

  3. That interview with Marshall looks good, talks alot about his mentor, is that Rod Smith?

  4. I made the joke better for you princess

  5. HAHAHAHAHA.....those pics in the posts had me rolling man....made my day right there lol. Also thx for the links. And if my boy Marshall keeps up the good behavior I hope to see his pic on the side eventually lol.

  6. ahaha, thanks Aussie... much better! And those pics were hilarious and they couldn't be more true. Going 18-1 doesn't mean anything if you can't win the "big" game. So true, yet so funny.

    And I think I'm gonna have to agree with TRB... as long as BMarsh can keep us this new and improved person he's become, I'd say he's earned the right to have his picture put back on here. The TD he had against Dallas pretty much put him back in my good graces. I've said this before... if he still had issues with the team there's no way he would have fought that hard to get the touchdown. So proud of him. That's the Marshall I want playing for this team his entire career.

  7. oh and I updated the broncos blog wall of honour, haha

  8. haha, nice aussie....was gonna say if you need a Bmarsh pic I got a few in my denver broncos picture folder lol. Never seen so many "Manly" men wearing pink in one place before....kinda worked with the orange lol

  9. Nice pics and joke Aussie
    5-0 sure sounds nice, combined with the joy of beating the Patriots. We can do it. It will take another smart game from Orton though. Hopefully 5 games in a row without a pick. The offense must produce better this week also. Marshall and Moreno have to have their A game. Prediction 24-20, us. No, I did not steal that from DD. I had it first.

    I see you play Jazzy this week. What was it you said in smacktalk last week when I said I just got done taking Jazzy down a notch and will do the same to you? Oh yeah, something about he sucks and isn't a problem. Now you face him and we'll see.

  10. .......................uhhhhhhh........uhhhhhhhh, no im without Forte this week and Jones has a really bad matchup so my RBs really suck this week. Im starting Jerome Harrison and Sammy Morris, yeah them! I still think i can take him down though, it'll be close. Oh and also Cotchery just got hurt in practice so im without him, this week sucks for me! Hopefully ill pull out the win.

  11. oh and Broncos over Pats. 28-20

  12. Kinda funny how all of the posts here are talking of the Pats cheating when the BRONCOS hired the very guy who was busted doing it... AND THEN got caught themselves while he was there with you!! HAHAHA Whats sad? Id you STILL couldnt win... Broncos... YOU SUCK. Give us Josh back so we can show you AGAIN what its like to have your asses handed to you!!! LOL LOSERS!!!

  13. Yet you lose the Superbowl to the Giants again.....