October 6, 2009

Bronco Awards: Week 4

Knowshon Moreno has been nominated for Diet Pepsi's Rookie of the Week Award for his stellar peformance against Dallas on Sunday.

In another great game for the Broncos, Moreno put up some impressive stats. He had 14 carries for 65 yards along with 2 receptions for 11 yards, one of them being his first NFL career touchdown.

Make sure you vote for him as he as earned it!!

And in other exciting Bronco news, Champ Bailey will be named AFC Defensive Player of the Week. No doubt he earned that.

In the 4th quarter of Denver's 17-10 victory over the Cowboys, wide receiver Brandon Marshall made a spectacular play that put the Broncos in the lead for the first time in the game. Despite his incredible catch and even more incredible run to the endzone getting past 5 defenders, Dallas still had time to tie the game and force OT.
Not on Champ Bailey's watch!

In my opinion, Dallas made some bad play-calling on their part but in actuality it doesn't bother me one bit. The more opponents test #24, the better the game gets.

Dallas made their way into Denver's red zone and it looked like it was going to be a close game. But that's how most people would think. Champ, on the other hand, wasn't going to stand for it. On their last 4 plays to try and match the lead Denver had gotten, somebody on Dallas' sideline went a little crazy with the play-calling.Tony Romo is however the one person that will never live the end of that game down. His last two passes for a touchdown try were aimed in Champ's corner. hahaha, you're kidding me right??

All of Bronco Nation had the last laugh on Sunday when Bailey forced two incompletions on Romo's part and that was the end of the game. Denver's spectacular defense never gave up and showed Dallas who's territory they were on. I would usually offer advice to opposing offenses in the future to stay out of Champ's corner if you want to win or score points, but that's definitely not what I want for Denver. That is why Champ Bailey is the best corner in the league. He makes those game saving plays and you never forget them.

So a huge congratulations is in order to both Knowshon Moreno and Champ Bailey on their honors this week. Next victims coming to town are the New England Patriots in what will be a very interesting matchup. A few years ago, I vividly remember (and I'm sure alot of you do too) Mr. Bailey picking off Tom Brady in the endzone and taking it back for a 99-yard run to the Patriot's 1 yard line. I got a good feeling he will have a similar situation come up in next Sunday's game.

This upcoming game will be exciting in many ways. Denver now has quite a few former NE players including rookie head coach, Josh McDaniels. His insight into how New England runs their offense will be a major advantage to the Broncos, especially for our defense. I'm guessing Doom will have 2 or 3 sacks on Brady, although I'll certainly welcome more than that! If Denver's D can get to Romo 5 times, I have no doubt the same can be done to Brady. The game will also be 1 of 2 AFL Legacy games this season for the Broncos in which the AFC celebrates 50 years of history. Yes, that even means those crazy uniforms from the Broncos' first year will be worn by the players, including those infamous vertical-striped socks. Can hardly wait!!


  1. Alright, this thing is a pain. The last part under champ's picture won't let me space in between paragraphs... somebody fix it!! That means you Aussie!! please?!

  2. YES!!!! just got tickets to the 49ers and Falcons game on Sunday!!! I know it isn't as great as a Broncos game but this is my first ever NFL game!!!

  3. Have fun at the game even though I can't figure out why you'd want to go to any other game that isn't the Broncos. That will be your real NFL game experience. I've been there, done that... AWESOME!! Nothing like seeing the Broncos play in person. Gives you chills!

  4. All better now? I fixed it up good? haha, no probs, also I heard it could be snowing for this weeks game?

  5. If Buchalter is injured for any length of time then Moreno is sure to get more carries. That could mean it is time for him to really break out and become a top back. Not sure of status on Buchalter but he has been good for us so not really wanting him to miss any time.

  6. I believe bucky has a high ankle sprain, so that is 1-2 weeks without him.

  7. Good read, good news (now let's get Elvis the D-player of year award! =D

  8. If he keeps his pace he will shatter the sacks in a single season record and would be a lock for defensive player of the year.

  9. I believe he can do it Dr Chris....He does have some competition by the name of Odom tho but competition only fosters greatness right? lol...Congrats to Roland and a premature congratulations to Moreno...Im sure he will get it, I know my self alone has voted at least 50 times. We failed him last week. not this week. Deuces, Bronco Nation