October 16, 2009

Bronco Awards Update

Denver Bronco fans have done it again. For the 2nd consecutive week, rooke RB Knowshon Moreno has been voted Rookie of the Week for week 5. In the game against the Patriots, Moreno showed more reasons why Head Coach Josh McDaniels drafted him back in April. He's good, really good.

The Broncos have a tough game coming up against a huge divisional rival in San Diego, on Monday Night Football. Will be a good game, no doubt about that and Moreno (as well as his QB Kyle Orton) are bound to have stellar performances yet again. Defense needs to remain fierce (humble but hungry, like Dawkins says) and offense needs to be strong throughout the whole game. I see it as our offense has 2 choices: get ahead early and keep adding on to that or if they happen to fall behind throughout most of the first half, come back fighting like mad in the 2nd half. They've done the latter in our past 2 games extremely well, if that is the case on Monday... Orton and Co., can come away with another exciting finish.

Who's ready for a Monday Night clash??


  1. Thanks for the update Princess, great to see Knowshon pick up another award. He has been playing really well. Can't wait for tuesday(monday for you guys) so I can watch the game! Is going to be awesome!

  2. No problem Aussie. I'm seeing this team getting a bunch of recognition after this game against SD (as long as they continue to dominate like they have been). The direction this team is going is very exciting. I don't know how I'll survive the bye week... gonna go insane without my Broncos.

    Found this article on ESPN and it is a must read!! As if we didn't know already, our D is and has been incredible. Enjoy! Broncos are Awesome

  3. You're right Ashley, good read. I did know most of it already, but it has some excellent quotes from players and McD. I love that stat of only allowing 7 2nd half points. I used that at work earlier this week and astounded some non-Bronco fans. I don't think Bill Williamsen qualifies as one of the haters, but sounds like he is convinced we are here to stay, "This team doesn’t look like a fluke, thanks to its timely play, excellent second-half adjustments and balanced performance on both sides of the ball."

  4. What we need to accomplish is to get the haters to admit we are for real and are here to stay. A win over the disChargers will go a long way, but still not enough I don't think. It will keep them from writing "I told you so" during the bye, but I think after 8-0 they may be convinced.

  5. Game day baby, can not wait for this game. And with peoples votes it looks like the broncos win. Should be a good game.

    YIIIIIIIIIPITY DO DA DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    6 AND FREAKIN ZERO BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU FEEL IT????!!!!!
    JAY CUTLER WHO?????????????????????????

    Alright, just lost my voice cause I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY we won this game. This was a HUGE win!! Eddie Royal... what can I say about his 2 TDs on kick and punt returns?? Hands down, the most awesome thing I've seen from this team so far this season. I can't even remember the last time we were able to get a TD off a kick or punt return and then BOOM we get 1 of each in one night!!! Are you kidding me!!!!? Too awesome for words. And I completely lost track of how many sacks we had on Flipper (2 from DOOM, I know that much) but we handed that loss to them. Very hard fought win and the best team won... surprise surprise, it was us. Enjoy this win my friends, cuz once the bye is over we have our work cut out for us. What a game, what... a... game!

  7. Oh and how about my guy Stokley with that ridiculous TD!!! That was a very close call but I will take it. Man we were on fire!! I don't think I'll be able to sleep at all... this is almost too much to handle!! lol

  8. That was a nuts game. Was so good to watch, happy to see Doom get another two sacks to take his total to 10. Man this team is on fire. Got the bye week coming up so I am going to take a break and catch back with you guys in a week or so.