October 13, 2009

Bronco Awards: Week 5

Well, another week and our beloved Broncos are making headlines yet again.

After the Broncos stole the thunder right from underneath the Patriots on Sunday in a 20-17 OT win, two of the offensive players are up for awards.

Kyle Orton, our very underestimated quarterback is beginning to shine like we've never seen him before. This week he is up for the Fed-Ex Air Player of the Week Award and after his performance against NE, I say he earned this, no questions asked. After having to play a few games with a glove on his hand, this game against New England was different. The glove was gone and his passes were on fire.

Who would've thought Kyle Orton, who used to be a back-up QB in Chicago, would outplay Tom Brady? Absolutely amazing.

On Sunday Orton completed 35/48 passes for 330 yards and 2 touchdowns vs. Brady's 19/33 completions for 215 yards and 2 TDs. I don't even know what to say to that, other than McDaniels sure has made Orton into a QB worth keeping.

In a very Elway-like move, he led the Broncos down the field in the 4th quarter for a TD to tie the game and another good drive in OT to put Denver in good field position and let kicker Matt Prater kick the game-winning field goal for the very dramatic win.

This guy is determined to make a statement as a QB in the NFL and he's doing a fine job in Denver. Here are some of his highlights from the win on Sunday. Kyle Orton Highlights

Next up, is rookie Knowshon Moreno. For the third straight week, he is again nominated for the Pepsi Rookie of the Week Award

In his first NFL career start, he showed some great talent. Rushing for 88 yards on 21 carries and catching 4 passes for 36 yards, he had a pretty good game. Plenty of highlights but plenty of mistakes on his part.

So not to rain on his parade but he needs to quit with the "butterfingers". He's got talent but on one too many occasions he fumbles the ball. That was the case on Sunday. Good news is, he has plenty of room for improvement and that will only make him better.

Here are some of his highlights as well. Knowshon Moreno Highlights

So, there you have it. Two more Broncos up for awards and they need our help to win. Make sure to vote, as these guys have earned these nominations.

And just for kicks I'm adding this video because it played a huge part in our victory over the Pats. Here is Sunday's Drive of the Week .

Enjoy our victory week from Sunday's big win as we prepare for a big Monday Night game. Broncos @ Chargers on MNF... ahaha, this will be good!

I know our team can come away with another win. They've beaten 2 very good teams and now its time to take revenge on one of our biggest rivals. A division rivalry that makes my blood boil... our defense cannot under any circumstances show the SD offense mercy. Doom is bound to have a wild game and get a few more sacks before our bye.

Our entire D will be on fire and our offense will have to put up some early points in order to stay in the game, but as always I have faith they can make it happen.

You ready for a Monday Night clash??

** Just read on DB that Orton will also receive the AFC Offensive Player of the Week Award for his stellar performance against the Patriots. Another congratulations to him for working so hard and becoming a QB we all can depend on to get the job done and come away with the win. This guy is becoming a very impressive football player. So proud of him!


  1. Hey Aussie, if/when you come on here, I know there's a big space next to Moreno's picture but I'm fine with it. Everything turned out perfect this time, only thing is I had meant for the pics to be more centered but its no big deal. Just didn't want you to try and fix anything. It decided to be nice to me today! ha

    Can't wait for next Monday. Gonna be a really good game.

  2. I wouldn't touch your post unless you wanted me too. Thanks for the update.

    Also big game this week, we need to keep rolling and get a win.

  3. where's Peyton Hillis? He needs to be more involved in the offense.

  4. Yeah Doc your right, there needs to be more Hillis in there, maybe more passes out of the back field, and maybe he can get those short yards to convert downs, we seem to have a problem with that at the moment. Not getting the 3rd and inches.

  5. The Denver Broncos announced Tuesday evening that Orton will be named the AFC offensive player of the week after his brilliant performance in Denver’s 20-17 overtime win over Brady and New England on Sunday.

    Orton completed 35 of 48 passes for 331 yards and two touchdown passes. He led a 98-yard touchdown drive late in regulation to tie the game. In the only drive of overtime, Orton led Denver on a drive that ended with a game-winning field goal.

    The game could be a turning point for Orton. While he was solid in his first four games as a Bronco, Orton (a throw in of Denver’s trade of Jay Cutler to Chicago) showed he can carry the team when it needed to be carried in the win over the Patriots.

  6. Cant wait till this Monday when the Broncos will destroy the Chargers! I hope Knoshon Moreno runs all over there Defense like Pittsburg did 2 weeks ago. There O-line man handled there Defense and they ran the ball down there throat,Mendenhall had like 162 yards. Moreno is better than Mendenhall and so is our o-line better than theres so i expect to run the ball alot and give knowshon a day to remember. If we can contain lil Darren Sproles they have nothing.

  7. Hey Jazzy, also if you are on here, i sent u a trade proposal in FF.