October 14, 2009

Broncos Vs Chargers

What up gang? This week sees our beloved broncos taking on the hated Philip Rivers and his Chargers. This game is still very important in the bigger scheme of things and it would be good to head into the bye with an 6-0 lead. Though don't get me wrong the Chargers may be at 2-2 but are still a very hard team to beat. And the Broncos have lost 5 of there last 6 meetings with this team. So they seem to have our number in recent years. But again it will be another hard fought and tough game for us and the Chargers will be hard to beat. Hopefully after such a big game last week there isn't a let down from the players and they can still rinse to the occasion. Now to look around at what others are saying about this game:


Last meeting:
With the AFC West title on the line in Week 17 last season, the Chargers dismantled the Broncos, 52-21.

The Chargers have won five of the last six meetings, but trail the overall series, 53-44-1.

Last week:
Denver stormed back in the second half to beat New England, 20-17, in overtime. ... The Chargers were on a bye.

Keep your eye on ...

Brian Dawkins' veteran presence: On a defense that has far surpassed expectations, Dawkins has been the unit's inspirational leader. Determined to prove his career is far from over after the Eagles released him in the offseason, Dawkins has played with an enthusiasm and energy that has filtered down to the rest of his teammates. He will have to be at his best against San Diego, which loves to attack safeties down the field.

Brandon Marshall's emergence: An offseason filled with turmoil has been left in the past by Marshall. Over the last three weeks he has put up spectacular numbers (17 catches, 222 yards, four touchdowns) and has apparently made up with coach Josh McDaniels. Chargers CB Antonio Cromartie said in an offseason chat on NFL.com that Marshall is the toughest receiver in the league to cover and Marshall will get a chance to remind him why he said that this Monday night.

Shawne Merriman's impact: Merriman and San Diego general manager A.J. Smith were not on the same page over the bye week as Merriman did not take kindly to Smith's criticisms of the team. Merriman has plenty of reason to be frustrated -- he has only eight tackles and zero sacks this year. The Chargers need him to come out and get some pressure on Kyle Orton if they hope to shut down a surprisingly effective Broncos offense.

Did you know?

Broncos QB Kyle Orton is 26-12 as a starter. ... Denver RB Knowshon Moreno leads all rookies with 337 rushing yards. ... Chargers QB Philip Rivers is 4-0 on Monday Night Football with a 106.9 passer rating. ... San Diego's Antonio Gates leads NFL tight ends with 53 touchdown catches since 2003.

Denver running back Correll Buckhalter was practicing some Wednesday. He missed the New England game with a high ankle sprain. Buckhalter will likely be monitored throughout the week as Denver prepares to play at San Diego on Monday night.

Big Games
This week I expect big games from the Defense and Kyle Orton. These guys need to play well if we have any chance at winning. One person I really want to see get involved is Peyton Hillis, I believe he has been in the doghouse the last few weeks. I think he can really contribute to the team and he could be the answer to our 3rd and inches problem we have been having.

My Take
I think again this will be a close game, I don't believe our team is a point scoring machine. I think it is more the sort of team that grinds you into the ground. Also taking into account that the Chargers are a good team I think this one will be separated by a touchdown. 21 - 14 Broncos win, is my call.

Q. What do you call 47 millionaires sitting around a TV watching the Super Bowl?
A. The Chargers.

Q. What do the Chargers and a possum have in common?
A. Both play dead at home and get killed on the road!

That is all from me ~ Aussie Out!

Had to add this saw it on Broncos Zone, thanks Jon, thought it was way too funny, check it out.


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  2. Hey dude what is with the Air jordon links, maybe I do something called DELETE hahaha

  3. Haha the POWER! That is what you get for spaming!

  4. LOL, nice Aussie nice. Having the power is fun isn't it? haha

    Like you said, will be a very hard fought game for us... but we WILL pull off a win. Our D is too good this year, they will be harassing Flip til they're blue in the face. Monday Night will be 1 of 2 VERY long days this season, we meet again in our house in November. muwahahaha Doom will get some sacks, I just know it. Offense will have to be in their prime, no fooling around with penalties or anything. We need to get an early lead and hold on to it or if this is going to be like our last 2 games, come back very strong in the 2nd half.

    Oh and that picture of Flip up there is hysterical. Made my day!!!

  5. Flip? 1st I heard him called that. I like it.

    I agree. We are now a grind you into the ground kind of team under McD. The days of high scoring games are gone with Cutler, but luckily with a D like ours we don't have to. However, the offense has been getting iot together. I'm going to say 27-23 we win.

  6. Thanks for the comments guys, and yeah it will be a good game. Oh and that picture of Rivers I made myself, it very nice. I thought it would be so funny haha.

  7. Hey guys I am watching a Florida vs LSU game and Tim Tebow hasn't impressed me at all, then again he is playing LSU

  8. Hey NP, nice post, love those jokes, posted to twitter:

    I love love the "running his way to retirement! lol awesome!

  9. Hey AB nice write up.

    It doesn't matter how good we do, everytime we play the Chargers I worry. As much as I hate PR he is a dangerous QB and has a lethal second half game. I do feel more confident than I have in the last 4 years.

    Watching that video clip is halarious!! JC is the Montgomery Burns of the NFL. A blubbering old fool who consults the bones before writing or expressing his articles.

    Mark Schlereth has obviously had too many knocks to the head during his time on the field. How can the ESPN allow one of their so called analysts to make all these unfounded statements. Hahahaha I hope someone shows him this and he pulls his foot out of his mouth and stick it up his A$$. What a fool!!!

    Jamie Dukes - When your talking to one of the most respected and successful players with two Super Bowl rings, you shut you mouth and you agree. Mark, John and Jamie AKA the Three Stooges!!

    GO BRONCOS!! I think I might be sick on Tuesday lol