November 5, 2010

Elvis Dumervil: The Sack Master

With the Broncos on their bye, it's going to be a quiet week so I've decided to post my long-overdue article on Doom. lol Wish so badly he could be out there for us in 2 weeks... this is the very reason why I've put this off for so long, I knew I'd finish it and miss him even more on our defense once I posted it. All I can say is I cannot wait to have this guy back on the field for us. Enjoy!

On July 22, 2010, a man that goes by the name “Doom” on the football field, agreed to a monster deal with the Denver Broncos – his home since 2006. With this 6-year, $61.5 million deal comes a very special player. A player that the Broncos are thrilled to have on the team but a player so many quarterbacks feared in 2009, as he was the NFL’s leading sack rusher with 17 sacks.

The Broncos and their fans were looking forward to seeing if he could surpass his sack total and were planning on having Dumervil back out on the field in 2010. However, all those dreams would be put aside for an entire season when on August 4, 2010 during the Broncos’ training camp Elvis left the building with a season-ending pectoral injury. How would the Broncos’ defense hold up with out his strong presence and fierce tactics on the field?

I’ll come back to that after I walk you through his life journey to the NFL.

Elvis was born on January 19, 1984 in Miami, Florida with part of his heritage coming from the Caribbean country of Haiti where his parents immigrated from. Despite watching his parents separate at age three, they still managed to raise 10 children (including Elvis).

Dumvervil spent his high school days at Miami-Jackson High School in Miami and spent 3 years there as a starter, recording 78 career sacks (a school record). He also managed to become a 2-time all-state selection. In his junior year, he earned the team’s MVP honors after recording 30 sacks and that year the team went on to the state semifinals.

His senior is probably his biggest highlight, as it should be for any football player looking to make it to a college team. In his senior year of high school he recorded 110 tackles, 30 sacks (again), 3 forced fumbles and recovered 4 fumbles, which led to him earning the team’s defensive MVP honors (yet again).

Bottom line: his high school career was only the beginning of a bright future for this budding defensive player who went on to play college ball at the University of Louisville in Kentucky.

Dumervil’s career at Louisville is one he should be very proud of and it was one that certainly made him stand out enough to land with a major NFL team in 2006.

His college career got off to a much slower start then where he left off in high school. In his first two years at Louisville he recorded just 28 tackles and 2 sacks, leading the coaching the staff to redshirting Dumervil but due to the injuries and mediocre performance by coach John L. Smith’s team, Dumervil was forced into rotation.

Elvis finally got into the spotlight that he was used to in high school in his junior year, recording 10 sacks and 11 tackles. This improving success led him to have one of the best senior years for a defensive end in both NCAA and Louisville school history. In a game against rival University of Kentucky, Elvis broke the NCAA record for most sacks recorded in a single game (6) and for most forced fumbles.

Growing up Elvis highly respected and looked up to now famed Indianapolis Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney and went on to break one of his records as well in his high profile senior year. Freeney used to have a record in the Big East Conference for sack totals but that faded away when Elvis Dumervil arrived on the scene.

In addition to Dumervil’s successful 2005 season, he also managed to earn several very prestigious college awards, which include the Bronko Nagurski Trophy (an award given to those who are deemed the best defensively by the FWAA; this trophy was also awarded to another beloved Bronco, Champ Bailey back in 1998).

Elvis’ other awards for his defensive contributions include the Ted Hendricks award (given to college football’s top defensive end), Big East player of the year and First Team All-American.

Dumervil was also known for his “strip-sack” maneuver in college where he would put his talent to good use by stripping the ball away from carriers and quarterbacks.

After all that being said, one would think this young man would be set to have a good day during the NFL’s draft of 2006. However, Elvis was chosen on the second day of the draft due to high concerns about his small size (5’11”, 258 lbs) as a defensive end and the fact that he didn’t record one sack in his last 3 collegiate games.

Despite the concerns that it may be due to fatigue or he wasn’t ready to play pro football, the Denver Broncos selected him in the fourth round of the ’06 draft anyway… and it was a unregrettable pick, if I do say so myself.

In his rookie season, he got little playing time but in that little time he played in 13 games, recorded 14 tackles, 3 assists, 8.5 sacks and 1 forced fumble. For a rookie, that ain’t too shabby.

From there, Dumervil would only rise to defy his critics and prove them all wrong. In his case, size didn’t stop him from doing what he was meant to do… terrorize offenses, especially quarterbacks.

His 2nd pro year was his most productive. He started and played in all 16 games in 2007 and in those sixteen games, he doubled his stats and then some. 34 tackles, 5 assists, 12.5 sacks, 1 INT for 27 yards and 4 forced fumbles.

In 2008 his status in games declined when he only accumulated 17 tackles, 7 assists, 5 sacks and 1 FF. But I guess you could say he was just warming up for what he was about to do in his 4th NFL season (2009).

The official 50th year of the Denver Broncos was celebrated during the 2009 season along with several other former AFL teams and Dumervil took it upon himself to celebrate in his own way.

He started 14 of the 16 games and made his mark not only in Bronco history but the NFL that year. Elvis recorded a career high 42 tackles, 7 assists, 4 forced fumbles and the icing on the cake – 17 sacks. The Denver Broncos were faced with many challenges and problems during the ’09 season - the addition of a new head coach which brought new coaches/staff and players, a different atmosphere and new system but Dumervil managed to give Bronco fans 17 reasons to be excited (although the excitement didn’t last very long).

His ’09 season led him to earn his first Pro Bowl selection and became the first Bronco in team history to lead the NFL in sacks.

So now I’m back to Elvis’ injury, one that so far has hurt this Denver defense immensely by having to deal without our very own “Sack Master”.

I will say the season has been a constant struggle for Denver and their survival. Coming into the bye week they are 2-6 but shockingly enough, even with our current record, we can still be in the hunt in our division. They'd have to pull off a miracle but I can't stress enough, anything is possible. We don't have the best defense by far in this league but they can get their act together if they wanted to. It's been pretty obvious though that they have struggled without the strong presence Dumervil brought to the field. One person CAN make that big of a difference.

The season will go on as it already has. Denver is now on its much needed bye week and then will be preparing for an intense division match-up against KC at Invesco Field. Although this will be a tough season for any Bronco fan to swallow for many reasons and we’ll always wonder how better off we could’ve been if Dumervil hadn’t gotten injured. But with his new contract extension we can look forward to him being 110% healthy at this season’s end and what he can give to this team next year.

With that said, the following is just a small piece of what is to come from this talented defensive end in the future.

Since Dumervil arrived in Denver in 2006, he’s posted the third most sack total (43) in the NFL and the second-most 2+ sack games (13) in the league. He owns 14 multiple sack games, which ties for the 4th highest total by a player in his first four seasons in NFL history and set a Bronco single-game record of 4 sacks in a game against Cleveland (September, 20, 2009).

As fans, we have no choice but to just wait and see what is in store for the Sack Master’s future. There is plenty in store for him and what he can give to this struggling organization.

Here’s to a calming resolution between the NFL and the Player’s Association for next year, so that we may be able to witness Elvis Dumervil come back alive on the field.

Highlights of Dumervil's NFL career:

The Sack Master 

Record game for Doom 

2007 highlights


  1. Yes been waiting for this, is a good read, throughly enjoyed. Only wish he was out there for us playing now.

  2. Also Princess there are some nicer photos of Doom if you would like to use those? I could get a list of some if you want to have a look at them?

  3. Also if you haven't seen it then check it out:

  4. lol, yeah I FINALLY got this one posted. I wish he was out there playing for us too... reason why it took me awhile to put it together. We'd have a whole new defense if he was. I really think he'd make a huge impact on our struggling D.

    I'm fine with the pictures I have in the article now but you can send me an email with any others you have. The more Bronco pics the better. haha

    Watching the semi final game for the USA vs. Mexico. If USA wins we instantly win a berth to the World Cup next year. Toughest game we've played all year. For once we're down 2-1. Got a whole new half yet to play though. I don't think I've ever been so nervous. I want them to win SO bad. They have to make it to the WC, they just have to. Did I mention I'm nervous?? I mean REAL nervous. lol

  5. Did you watch the highlights? Great videos. Makes me want to fast forward to next season to see what Doom will do on the field for this team.

  6. Hell yeah I watched the Highlights. And the USA girls should make it to the WC.

    And I can't wait for Doom next year.

    And these are the pics I was thinking of.

  7. I'm stunned, absolutely stunned. USA lost 2-1. Only good news is we have another chance to make it to the WC. We have to play Costa Rica again for 3rd place in this tournament, we have to win... whoever wins goes on to play Italy twice in late November, whoever wins those games, gets into the WC.

    The Broncos are having a tough & frustrating season.
    The USA (#1 ranked team) lost to Mexico of all teams.
    I'm speechless and frustrated beyond belief. I need a punching bag to take out my anger.

    I'll check out those pics, thanks.

  8. Love the pics, #2 is kinda weird. Maybe its just me being all upset over this loss. I'm beside myself. Late in the game though, USA's main striker went up to head the ball and collided head to head with a defender and both of them drew major blood. Can't tell you the last time I watched a US game and saw that. They were fighting for their lives out there. Sick to my stomach over here.

  9. Haha damn Princess it must be tough and I know how you feel. Yesterday my football team lost on a last minute TD in the semi-finals. If we had won we would have been in the Grand Final. So brutal loss.

    As for the pics I thought there might have been some in there you like. You can always add or change the ones you have?

  10. It is tough but tonight the USA has one last chance to keep going for a berth in the WC. Gotta beat Costa Rica (again) tonight and then Italy twice to get it. Have mercy! lol Sucks losing... I hate it. Sorry to hear about your team's loss... just gotta keep movin' on and get better. Speaking of which, the people on DB just don't get that picture. Haven't been on there all week just cuz talking some sense into them is like talking to a brick wall. I can't wait till the Broncos start doing better not only for their own sake and for the sake of this season but to shut these people up. Our own fans have become this team's worst enemy & best critic. Getting on my last nerve! I'm not usually one to rub stuff in people's faces or say "I told you so" whenever I'm right but this time, I just might. lol

  11. Yeah I am hoping for much improvement of the Broncos this second half of the year. They need to play much better. I don't know the final result but I still think we can do well. But need a lot of improvement and need to put it altogether on the day.

  12. hahaha, USA is one step closer to the WC. Beat Costa Rica 3-0. Now they gotta beat Italy twice. Almost there...... lol

    I agree Aussie, we're on the same page. I seem to have struck a few nerves on the new blog, lol. What else is new? ha Those bloggers seriously need to get over our losses and move on. But I've gotten through to a few of them. I still got it!! lol

  13. USA better make it to the world cup just so Australia can whoop their butts haha.

    And yes there is no reason to worry about the past, learn from it, get better and win some games down the stretch.

  14. Damn been so busy with uni, when I get the chance I will make a few updates to this site.

  15. Guess you and me are thinking alike today. Posted at the exact same time on DB and now we both decide to check on this site today too. Weird!!! lol I'll be putting up a preview for the game Sunday, sometime tonight or tomorrow.

    What updates are you thinking of?? This place is like a ghost town. Sup with that?? lol

  16. I think it is because of bye week, will pick up when games and stuff start happening.

    I think Jazzy will pop in soon as my fantasy team is versing his.

    As for updates just the usual, the score table and stuff like that. Maybe change a few pics or something. But been destroyed by uni at the moment. And I think I may try and make a funny pic of the chiefs that I will add to the end of your preview for the game. Oh and this weeks game is on free to air TV for me, so no internet streams for Aussie!

  17. lol, ya I just might be able to watch this game on TV considering we play the team that usually causes me to miss the Bronco games.

    Be my guest and make a funny pic of the chefs... but keep it clean would ya??

    I think its more than the bye week. 80 hasn't been on here all season long. Maybe his big bro found out about this site and blocked him from coming on here. lol Poor kid.

  18. Yeah 80# hasn't, maybe he is sad as we play his dude McCluster. But I think the injuries, school and football have kept him busy.

    As for the pic, I will keep it clean, when have I not kept it clean ;) haha

  19. yeah, we all should be bummed about going up against McCluster. We should've gone for another RB or someone who can run the dang ball instead of mostly defense in the draft. For an offensive coach, he sure drafts a lot of D guys. I think I've become 50/50 on McD. Half the time I can sort of understand some of what he does and maybe agree on some things and then the other half, I'm just flat confused. One thing that really irritates me is he'll throw in a trick play, I mean it just comes out of nowhere but it works perfectly and then we NEVER see it again. I know you can't base your system on trick plays but just throwing it out there once is like he's being a big tease. I want to see Tebow in on those trick plays or better yet, put the kid in on Wild Horses and then we'll see some real Bronco football. Guess that might be a longshot with this coach. lol, so did not mean to go venting like this. Naturally bad habit. haha

    I'm sure 80 has been busy but seriously pop in here at least once a month. lol Maybe if we talk about him not being here enough, he might show up. That would be weird.

    Oh, my bad, I seem to remember you ALWAYS have put up clean pics. Who am I kidding?? lol I think you know by now if you do something real crazy, I'm outta here for good. I had to say it though.

  20. Haha Princess your first few sentences don't make any sense, how many D guys did McD draft this year?

    I can't believe I am saying it, but we really miss LenDale White.

    As for the clean stuff I know what you mean, I won't post up nudity pics or anything like that, is always football.

  21. Since I figured you went to bed Princess I thought I would explain my point so you would better understand.

    In 2009 we Drafted:
    RB Knowshon Moreno (1st Round, 12th)
    LB Robert Ayers (1st Round, 18th)
    CB Alphonso Smith (2nd Round, 37th)
    DB Darcel McBath (2nd Round, 48th)
    TE Richard Quinn (2nd Round, 64th)
    DB David Bruton (4th Round, 114th)
    G Seth Olsen (4th Round, 132rd)
    WR Kenny McKinley (5th Round, 141st)
    QB Tom Brandstater (6th Round, 174th)
    C Blake Schlueter (7th Round, 225th)

    In 2010 we Drafted:
    WR Demaryius Thomas (1st Round, 22nd overall)
    QB Tim Tebow (1st Round, 25th overall)
    OL Zane Beadles – (2nd Round, 45th overall)
    C J.D. Walton – (3rd Round, 80th overall)
    WR Eric Decker – (3rd Round, 87th overall) (from Philadelphia)
    CB Perrish Cox – (5th Round, 137th overall) (from Philadelphia via Cleveland)
    C Eric Olsen – (6th Round, 183rd overall)
    CB Syd’quan Thompson - (7th, 225th overall)
    DE/OLB Jammie Kirlew – (7th, 232rd overall)

    So out of 19 picks McD and X-man picked 12 Offensive Players and 7 defensive players.

    Of the 7 defensive players picked 5 have been in the secondary and only one pick has been used to address the front 7, as Kirlew was released.

    Of the picks made in the first 3 rounds there have been 10 picks and only 3 Defenders were chosen, 2 being in the secondary.

    So the defense has been left wondering and the front 7 needs help. If McD and X-man don't go defense in the first 3 rounds next year I may have to slap them.

    I think we should go after a DE in the first. A NT and OLB in the Second. And a ILB in the 3rd. Then a Safety in the latter rounds. I would be OK with a back that has some size and serious speed in the 2nd or 3rd round. But we need Defensive help in a bad way.

    Also is it me or do we have a slow team?

  22. The more I think about the less I like another OLB, just focus on getting a good ILB.

  23. Wahaha thought this was funny:

    Vickerson was traded to the Seattle Seahawks with Lendale White a fourth (111) and fifth (185) round pick in the 2010 NFL Draft for a fourth (104) and fifth (176) round pick in the 2010 NFL Draft. Vickerson was then cut on Sunday 5th September 2010.

    That trade ended up being super awesome for us, as White was playing well. And Vickerson has been very good for us lately.

  24. My bad, guess I didn't realize how many (or little) D guys we drafted since McD has been here. And I didn't go to sleep, yet... just finished up the preview. Took me awhile. lol

    And yeah, I think us acquiring Vickerson was a good trade. I hope he can play for us on Sunday. We need all the help on defense we can get. And its too bad we had to lose White to a PRE SEASON game. We could've had something on offense when it comes to running the ball.