November 25, 2010

Week 12: Broncos vs. Rams Preview

I'll save us all more heartache by refraining to go over the details of Monday nights travesty too much by this very, very troubled Broncos team. I think something's in the air to where this team just cannot function on a consistent basis to save it's life. Its very disheartening and sad. Baffles me how they can just give up. Anyway, its time to move on (as hard it may be). We will now be facing the St. Louis Rams before at home before we have to endure 3... yeah 3 AWAY games in a row. At this point, I have no clue how they will pull it off. My brain has become mush thinking about it... just swimming this ideas and scenarios as to how they'll do anything productive. Would it kill them to at least try? By the way they've been playing, that seems to be the case. Here it goes.


As of now unless McD gets burst of smarts, Orton will be our quarterback on Sunday. After the way he played on MNF, I'm not so sure I want him to be. Yeah, yeah I'll be the first to say everyone has their bad days but that was beyond bad. The way we played it was a team collapse but Orton fell off the horse after our first drive of the game ending in a touchdown.

Our Oline was as solid as they come when we played the Chiefs but completely fell apart in San Diego. Again, my mind is just swimming over that. We LET the Chargers be a great team on Monday night. There is absolutely no reason why we couldn't or shouldn't have won that game.

San Diego's defense picked us apart stopping us on every chance we had to catch up. The fake punt did no help to our cause either. That was just brutal to watch... made me sick. Bleh.. What can I say? Our Oline has got to protect Orton with their lives - heck, IT'S THEIR JOB!!! Wish I could yell some sense into those players. Man, I would make them scared to miss a block or tackle. Let me have a word with them and I'll get them straightened out. Then again, I'd have Tebow behind center in no time. haha Anyhoo...... lol, just do your jobs men & all will be well.

For the Rams, they will have rookie Sam Bradford behind center. Bradford has been having an okay rookie season but at least he's been able to play games rather than warm the bench with his tooshie. We have several advantages over the Rams' offense but that never stopped another mediocre team from coming onto our field and upstaging us. If our defense lets their guard down then we'll be having another one of "those" games where everything goes downhill. St. Louis is 28th in offensive points, 27th in yards, 24th in passing yards and 18th in rush yards. Knowshon Moreno has been building momentum on his run game since the bye week and this is the best our running game has looked all season long. Sad but at least that part is going uphill. lol

Our defense is 31st in stopping the run... for once I'd like to see them actually do that. Their main target will be Steven Jackson with 203 rush attempts for 811 yards (avg. 4 yds a carry) and 3 touchdowns. The Rams also have Kenneth Darby & Keith Toston as RBs our defense needs to look out for. As previously mentioned, Moreno has been getting on track with his own run game after reaching his first 100-yard game against KC. He is basically our only option for running the ball - he needs better backups in case of more injuries.

Our receivers were covered very well in San Diego, hence why we had no passing game like what we've been used to having. We had dropped passes left and right, they stopped our run game causing us to have more 3 & outs then I think I've ever seen in one game. As an offense, we had no chance after our first drive of the game. I expect to see better performances from Lloyd, Royal & Gaffney on Sunday. I also hope to see Spencer Larsen get more receptions. He's a beast when he gets the ball. More power to him!! And since our top draft pick of this year is now injured, I'm hoping our other rookie, Eric Decker, will be given a fair shot with our offense. He has yet to catch a pass this season. What better time than now?

For St. Louis, Danny Amendola is their top go-to receiver with 60 reception for 493 yards (avg. 8.2) and 3 touchdowns. Our 20th ranked pass defense will have 6 more WRs to cover who all have reached 100 yards this season.
**Brandon Gibson (31-342 & 2 TDs)
**Steven Jackson (28-243)
**Mark Clayton (23-306 & 2 TDs)
**Daniel Fells (23-210 & 2 TDs)
**Laurent Robinson (19-154 & 1 TD)
**Michael Hoomanawanui (12-110 & 2 TDs)


Well, my score prediction for the SD game was way off but I did get one thing right... Champ got his 2nd INT of the season. See, my prediction talent isn't that bad. haha And what an awesome INT is was. Just too bad it wasn't turned into points. That interception and Justin Bannan's sack on Rivers were about the only 2 highlights from our defense on Monday night. Currently our defense is ranked 30th in points allowed, 26th in yards allowed, 20th pass defense and 31st in stopping the run. Not lookin' too hot.

The Rams, however, look like they could take us down. We'll just have to wait and see. Orton & Co., will up against the Rams defense who's ranked 9th in points allowed, 15th in yards allowed, 19th pass defense & 10th in stopping the run. At least it will be an interesting game to see how we handle all this. On the other hand, our Oline has got to step up and protect their quarterback. End of freakin' story!! A few guys they will be pressured by include James Hall who has 7.5 sacks & 4.4 forced fumbles this season, Chris Long with 5.5 sacks & 2 FFs, James Laurinaitis & C.J. Ah You both with 3 sacks and Larry Grant with 2 sacks & 2 FFs.

I hope to see another good game from Mario Haggan like when we played KC. Pressure Bradford and we will have a much better game. It also helps to not miss tackles *cough* Dawkins *cough*. Not cool dude and totally uncharacteristic for him. I know Champ & Dawkins are up there in age but they need to at least finish this season on a good note - for everyone's sake! So far Haggan (3 sacks), D.J. Williams (3.5 sacks) & Jason Hunter (3 sacks) have multiple sacks on the season. It will also be a big difference maker when we get Ayers back on the field. Would be sweet if that would be on Sunday. We need so badly back out there. Get it done defense, no matter what!

Special Teams:

So much for San Diego not having very good ST this year. They killed the game for us starting with a fake punt. Drove me crazy watching that and nobody tried to bat down the pass. Decker was in the middle of it but was probably more confused than anything. From there, the game was over for us. I can't say it enough... LET SQUID TAKE RETURNS!!!! He's only been given 1 chance at a punt return and we're missing out on what he could do. At this point, we don't really have anything else to lose other than the integrity of this team. Let the rookies play!! C'mon McD, stop being an arrogant jacka** and let this team play football. Don't make me come out there!

For the Rams, Danny Amendola has been taking punt returns and is their top choice on kick returns with 23 returns for 454 yards. Mardy Gilyard is also a threat on kick returns for the Rams with 16 returns for 356 yards.


S Darcel McBath (quadricep) and rookie WR Demaryius Thomas (ankle) have both been ruled out for Sunday's game against St. Louis and CB Andre Goodman (hip) is still out and has not practiced much at all since he left the San Francisco game early in London. LB D.J. Williams (concussion) has been limited in practice and is questionable for the game. LB Robert Ayers (foot) has had full participation in practice since his injury in week 5 against Baltimore. He is listed as probable to play on Sunday.

WR Danario Alexander (knee) has been limited in practice all week and is questionable for Sunday's game. P Donnie Jones (left calf) has been limited in practice; WR Laurent Robinson (toe) and T Rodger Saffold (shoulder) fully participated in practice this week but all three are listed as probable.

So I don't know what else to say to this team to get them to do their jobs. What will it take for them to draw the line and say, "hey, we've had enough of losing. We want to win and we're gonna fight for it". When will they quit giving up on plays and games? There is just so much wrong with this picture, I honestly do not know where to begin. I just want to see them fight for the win and be consistent with that. I know for a fact that's not too much to ask of this team. Like Nike always says, "Just do it".

Broncos vs. Rams Preview

Trivia Time:

1) Who was the Broncos' leading receiver in their first Super Bowl winning season in 1997?

2) Name the 3 Broncos backs who rushed for touchdowns in a 42-17 rout of the Jaguars in the wild-card round of the 1997 playoffs.

3) What Broncos' player posted multiple-sack outings in back-to-back games against Oakland & Jacksonville in 2007?

Go get 'em boys!!! GO BRONCOS!!!!


  1. Yea! Trivia time!
    Guesses 1st again.
    1. I think Sharpe and Rod had over 1000 yards that year and I think Rod had more.
    2. Tell you the truth I don't know who was RB/FB other than Davis and Griffith. I will say Vaughn Hebron as the 3rd.
    3. Doom and ???? I know it's not Moss. In fact, I'll bet it isn't even a DL. I'm going to say Lynch.

  2. Very nice guesses but before I give away any answers #2 is the only one with multiple answers. There's only one answer for #1 & #3. So you gotta pick Sharpe or Rod. By your guess I take it you think its Rod.

    You are so close on #2 though. You'll have to go searching for the other answer on #2. Two of those guesses are right on.

    So for #1 - you guessed the right answer you just have to pick between Sharpe & Rod. Only one of them is right.

    #2 - You got 2 guesses right, but there is a third. I've never heard of this person but my Bronco calendar trivia is never wrong about these things. lol

    #3 - out of Doom & Lynch, one of them is the right answer. Pick your poison.

  3. Nice write up Princess,

    I will have guesses at 1 and 3 then using that info, I say Sharpe and Doom.

  4. Ditto to what G1 said. I will go with that on 1 and 3 also and nice write up. For 2 I don't know which are right and can't think of anybody else without looking it up and sopoiling the fun so I will stick with 2 out of 3 right and not know for sure which 2 are right until you reveal the answers.

    We are now being accused of cheating in England by spying on a practice which could involve a fine and being stripped of our 1st round draft choice. Nice McD.

  5. Alright,

    #1 - It was Shannon Sharpe with 72 catches in the '97 season alone. I'm sure Rod Smith wasn't far behind.

    #2 - Digger, your 2 guesses that were right are Davis & Vaughan Hebron. The third answer is Derek Loville. Like I said I have no clue who that last guy is but both Davis & Loville had 2 TDs each in the playoff game against the Jags. Maybe you'll remember him now that I've said his name?? lol

    #3 - Doom is, of course, the right answer. lol We need him back!!!

  6. Well, looks like we have Spygate II on our hands here. This is just sickening. They haven't said if McD actually took part in this whole thing, from what I've read when the assistant asked McD if he wanted a look at what he taped, McD said no. But I think he got fined anyway for not reporting it or saying anything. That would make sense. So for that, he deserves the $50K fine.

    We have enough troubles on our plate already... this season has just gone crazy. Very disturbed that people involved with this organization would do something so stupid. Ridiculous. I wrote this on the DB blogs but I said, the last I remember the Broncos being accused of cheating was back in the '90s when the players were being accused of having some kind of slippery substance or something on their jerseys so that when someone would go to tackle them - they weren't brought down right away or like they should have been. My dad gave me so much crap over that. Trying to rub it in saying my team is just a bunch of cheaters... haha, yeah, then we went on to win the SB against HIS favorite team. Who do u think was laughing then?? haha ME!!

  7. Way to go, sounds like this guy didn't get 'orders' from up top but you never know and a fine I think is enough.

    The Broncos really need to clean up. I don't think this is on McD as Ellis said he was a rogue employee.

    I think McD handled it well with what he said.

  8. Wow, looks like a close game, what a way to come back. Didn't see the game, had an exam for uni. So some one that saw it want to do a post game?

    Also since we have now lost 8, is it Tebow time?

  9. haha, it was Tebow Time a loooooong time ago... McD just never listens.

    I got to watch the game.. was an awesome comeback. Too bad it wasn't a comeback to win the game though. Had we got that 2 pt conversion and then the TD like we did with another 2 pt conversion, we would've won it. But of course they wait till the very last minutes to do anything, to get back in the game so it's on them. Was awesome seeing Royal in the last quarter... WOW... dude was on fire. I'll do the post game thing. I'll try to have it up tomorrow.

    I'm just glad we didn't let them win the game by 20+ points. We fought for the win at the end but too much went wrong. Orton drives me nuts holding on to that ball forever and gets sacked. Guess he didn't get my message.

  10. Oh and the US Women's soccer team made it to the World Cup for next year so maybe we'll see them play AUS after all. hahaha, can't wait for that one.

  11. Sweet, thanks Princess.

    Haha and can't wait for the Aussies to whip butt haha.