November 1, 2010

Is it Tebow Time?

Hey guys and gal I think it is time for a discussion about what this team needs to do to get better or what we want to see done. For me I think it is time for something different as Orton isn't getting it done. I would like to see Tebow get some time at QB. We can have Tebow throw 40 passes and complete 60% of them like Orton. I think Orton has turned the ball over (fumbles) to much and can't get us the win.

I give Orton credit for what he has done, he has shown some toughest and grit in games. But he hasn't been able to inspire the late come back and win the ball games. I think we need Tebow, need him to lead and inspire the troops. I think that Tebow has something that Orton doesn't, the IT factor, the X factor, the something that will make him great. Tebow has that and Orton doesn't, Orton will be a good number two quarterback but Tebow is the future. If McD starts Tebow and the Broncos win a few games and Tebow shows promise it may just save McD's job.

I also read this about Orton, which was on a mock draft website. It was talking about the Bills picking QB Luck at number 1.
"Fitzpatrick is not the answer. Sure, he's putting up great fantasy numbers, but he has a noodle arm and can't make all the throws. Someone like Fitzpatrick (along with Matt Cassel and Kyle Orton) has no chance of leading any team deep into the playoffs in this current quarterback-friendly league."

Also I don't mind this mock draft site, it has us picking defense in the first 3 rounds. Which would be awesome as we need better defense. Is it too early to talk about the Draft? What you guys think about Mark Herzlich?

Back to the Broncos, some other ideas to look at as things to do. I think at the end of the year we can trade Brandon Lloyd for like a 2nd round pick. That would be a good profit off him and means we can get Thomas (who is a beast) and Decker more involved.

As for now what else can we do? Play more 4-3? I don't know, these are just some random ideas, what do you guys think? ~ Aussie Out!


  1. Ahhhhhh, don't say that. Why should we trade Lloyd?? We may have a slacking starting QB who can't get seem to get passes to him anymore but Lloyd is too valuable to trade. I get what you're saying, we should pave way for Thomas & Decker but we have much bigger problems than our WRs. In fact I think that's the one area we shouldn't mess with. I love all our receivers, they all have strong points, it would be silly & stupid to trade any of them. Graham may be the only exception. Our focus for now should be on getting the injured players healthy with this extra week off and get a solid game plan going for KC. They will be a very tough game to start off our 2nd half of the season.

    I still have my faith in Orton but I think now (after the bye) is as good of a time as any to get Tebow started on getting used to the NFL life. He most certainly has something Orton doesn't, that's the reason why McD drafted him. He knows it, any Tebow fan knows it. I would like to see Tebow more involved than just a play here and a play there. He is a rock solid leader and he would most definitely get this team back on track. He's gonna have to get thrown into a game sooner or later to get the experience, so I say in 2 weeks when we come back, it would be a perfect opportunity to start him. Let him get the feel for it, comfortable with everything. He will lead this team someday, get him started now!

  2. Yeah I think it is time for some Tebow and like you I think to start him after the bye week would be good. Gives him 2 weeks to be ready to play.

    As for trading Lloyd I think it is a great idea. We have a lot of talent at WR. We have barely used Thomas or Decker for that matter this year. And both I think can be better than Lloyd. Plus if we get the 2nd rounder for him we can then solve the much bigger problems that you talk about. That would be 4 picks in the first 2 rounds. Which could really help this team.

    But I agree we need to get healthy and fast.

  3. I did read something on MHR which said that 'the young Qbs that succeed are the ones that are on a team that have a good run game and defense.' So on that note we can't do either of those things well so may be a bad idea to play Tebow. I am unsure of what we need to do, just to keep taking a licking and hope for more next year?

  4. Trade Lloyd? Bench Orton? That's the 2 things we shouldn't do. Those 2 players are the few bright spots on a down team. I think we need some safety help. Hill is old in the tooth and Dawkins can't stay healthy. But I do think we should play more 4-3 defense until we're healthier at the LB position

  5. I meant trade Lloyd at the end of the year, after the season. Because he is old, we have younger receivers and can probably get a decent pick for him.

    As for benching Orton I am still not sure on that. I think we need something to lift this team and maybe Tebow can do it, but Orton has been playing well.