November 28, 2010

Week 12: Broncos-Rams Post Game

Well, I got plenty to say but if I do I will be writing one of my famous novels... this time its not a good thing.

The Broncos got off to a great start turning their first drive into an immediate touchdown and then getting 3 more points later on. From there, it was like deja vu to the Monday night game they played in San Diego. Rookie Sam Bradford and the Rams took over giving our defense no break for at least 2 1/2 straight quarters. Then of course, Denver decides last minute to try and do something productive.

Their attempt at a fourth quarter comeback, which was almost had, was pretty sweet to watch. They were really fighting to at least tie the game and go into OT. Knowshon Moreno had some good runs that got us downfield and we were looking like we could tie it. But too much had already gone wrong in this game and it doesn't help that you wait till the 4th quarter to try and make up for lost time.

It's looking very likely that we could end up worse than 8-8 this season... hey, at least we'd break the dead end streak we've had going for a few years now. This season has just been nothing but chaos and turmoil for this team ever since Elvis Dumervil got his season-ending injury in training camp. I'll be glad to have this season over and will look ahead to having Doom back on track for next season (if there is one, God willing).

It's been more bad & ugly, than good the entire season. Head coach McDaniels hasn't done much at all to make improvements from last year to now and its very, very tiresome. He has definitely lost his job security and depending on how we end this season, we could see him out the door which right now is looking like the best option for this team. We need someone who is going to ready our future QB Tim Tebow and not let him warm up the bench. He's got too much talent and potential to be sitting on the sidelines. The man wants to play football, so get it through your egotistical head McD... LET THE MAN PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's been Tebow Time for weeks now. Orton had a good season last year, he's had his shining moments this year but stop grooming him to be something he's not - our future!! You're eggin' him on and wasting precious time not letting Tebow play and its driving me nuts.

I'm beginning to wonder why McD even drafted Tebow if he won't get him out on the field to do make something of this horrific season. Week after week, we've seen little to no improvement and its time to make changes. Our inconsistency started years ago, I believe, and its only gotten worse. 5 different defensive coaches in 5 years... no wonder our defense is and has been so shaky. The front office & HC, whoever he is, can't make up their freakin' minds. Its common sense that we've been off the rails on defense because we keep getting new D coaches with new systems, new way of doing things and new ways to make THEIR system work with OUR variety of players.

Its complete insanity. Honestly, it didn't hit me how crazy all this is till our commentators (one of them being John Lynch, boy do we need him out there now) said something about our defensive situation. Cut the crap already and get this team back on track - talkin' to you big man, Mr. Bowlen. Beginning to think he's another old fart that needs to go, he is the one that brought McD into the picture to begin with. Take the blame for a mistake Mr. B and do something about it.


Now back to today's game. Very few shining moments for the team and that's about all I'll cover cause I'm about ready to blow a gasket with as heated as I am right now.

Orton is fading fast but he still managed to complete 24 passes out of 41 for 347 yards and 3 touchdowns. His game is going to hell, and fast. We all know he's isn't going to be in Denver forever but McDaniels isn't showing any sign of letting him go either.

McD makes his biggest mistake ever trading Peyton Hillis for no good QB Brady Quinn earlier in the year and then spends his 2nd 1st round draft pick wisely on Tim Tebow but he has done very little to groom the rookie for a starting role, let alone getting him more involved in this season. Its time to set Orton aside and let Bronco Country get a taste of the main dish.

Tebow has the makings to be a real prize but it ain't gonna happen with him on the sidelines. We have nothing much to lose on this season, its PAST time to get Tebow in the games. The rookie is hungry to play, hungry to get this team on track, hungry to revive this team and all McDaniels is doing is depriving him of those chances. It is without a doubt, long overdue... TEBOW TIME!!!!! Helloooooo??? Anybody listening???

Mystery person: "Knock, knock"
McDaniels: "Who's there?"
Mystery person: "Tim Tebow"
McDaniels: "Tim Tebow who??"
Mystery person (Tebow), "The rookie you drafted in April 2010. I'm sick of warming up your bench... screw you, I'm going in the game anyway and I'm gonna play and I'm gonna win. By the way, I duct taped your boy Orton to a chair in the locker room. You won't miss him once I'm done on the field."

Knowshon Moreno had one of his best games this season with 12 carries for 56 yards and 1 touchdown. He looked pretty good out there. Brandon Lloyd had 4 receptions for 76 yards and 2 touchdowns. He had a great catch-turned-TD in the 4th quarter... holy cow!!! That was awesome.

But even though it was real quiet for Denver, the man of the game for me was Eddie Royal. Something put a spark in him and BAM... he was back on the map with 3 consecutive catches which led to another TD late in the game during our attempt for a comeback. He was on fire in the 4th quarter and certainly made up for losing the ball earlier in the first half on a kick return. Way to go your Royal Highness!! haha

Royal had 6 receptions for 74 yards and late touchdown. I'd like to see more of him, among others on a long list.

That's as exciting as it gets for Denver. Things are just not happening, more like falling apart whenever it can. I don't know what its gonna take to get this mess cleaned up but something's gotta give sooner or later. I prefer sooner. Like a few hours ago when we almost tied the stupid game!!! grrrr Can you tell I'm mad?

I better shut up before I seriously write a book here but I needed to vent.

Message to "McDoh!" - Take a que from these guys below... his name is Tim Tebow, I'll spell that out for you. T-I-M. T-E-B-O-W. #15. Let. Him. Play.

Amen to that boys.... A MEN!!!


  1. Nice princess love it, thanks for doing that.

    As for Tebow, I think it is time!

    Also I remember reading something last week that said that before the game the ESPN cameras caught McD and Tebow having an 'animated' conversion. The tape was never shown, but I wonder what it was about? Maybe how much of a loser Rivers is.

  2. Also read somewhere yesterday that the Broncos will play Tebow this year so they know what they have in Tebow, because we don't want to pass up a QB in the coming draft as we will be picking so high.

  3. No problem, was kinda fun ranting on like that even though it was basically saying every bad thing a person could about this team.

    They better play Tebow sooner or later, at the rate McD is keeping him off the field, we may never see him again. We could've won that game yesterday and we should have, no questions. That comeback was on track to a win and they blew... again. In those desperate times is when we should get Tebow in there and see how he does under pressure like that. Orton did well in that comeback but we need fresh legs out there, fresh eyes as to what's going on. I've never seen anyone as stubborn as McD is being.

  4. Oh and I'll be going out of town this weekend, so probably won't be able to come on here to do pre game stuff, etc. Go figure, the week the Broncos come to KC, I leave for Denver. haha I wouldn't want to be at Arrowhead stadium anyway, I hate that place. Been to more than enough games there to know, its like a death trap but I'll be watching from CO. I'll be gone for about a week and a few days. Right now I'll be leaving the 3rd (this friday) and coming back on the 14th. Just FYI.

  5. Nice rant BP. I think you were actually to nice though. Doom or no Doom, that has not been the major issue. Sure we need someone who can actually get to the opposing QB instead of just hurries, but for the most part Hunter, Hagen Ayers and even Moss when he was in there have been doing alright. Goodman out has hurt bad. Even Champ has struggled at times this year. When the season started we all thought the DBs were one of our strongpoints. However they have showed their age. Then with injuries, inexperienced rookies have had to fill in. Not good man(get it). It is Tebow time, but be careful what you wish for. Unless he can be be the assertive leader we need who can put the team on his shoulders and carry them, he will fair no better than Orton.

  6. Yeah Digger, I just want to see something out of Tebow, some spark, so we have hope for the future.

    And Princess not a problem will handle that for you.

  7. I was one of the "play Tebow now" people, until now. Now, I say wait 'til next year. The main reason is, "What's the point anymore?" We're done. Why take the chance of screwing up his career(injury or mentally) on a wasted season? Another reason, I want Orton gone next year. We bench him for Tebow and start winning his trade value plummets.

  8. Yeah Digger there is that option. But we also need to see what Tebow has before next year. He could be great (we hope) or terrible, if he is terrible then we may have to go QB round one in the draft (which would suck). But it is possible. Hence why I say play him a little and get him accustom to the game and see if he has anything.

    Plus Orton had such great improvement from year one to 2 with us. Tebow needs to take some of those licks this year so he isn't taking them next year. More prepared.

  9. For those who wish to see a preview of Tim Tebow as a QB then you need to watch the OU-Florida championship game. Yes they won and yes it was because of Tim Tebow but he did that during the last minutes in fourth quarter running the ball in the middle with his head down like a good rb and not because of his passing ability in fact during the whole game his pass's were intercepted more times then in his entire sec career.