November 11, 2010

Week 10: Broncos vs. Chiefs Preview

Well my fellow Broncomaniacs, the bye week for Denver is already over and we are just a few days away from the start of the 2nd half of the season for the ever struggling Broncos. I personally think that extra week off will do this team some good with 8 games left on the line. From where we're sitting, these 8 games are all crucial, with 5 of them being division games. We got our hands full, we all know that. But even with all the adversity staring us in the face, this team CAN get it done. The question is will they put everything they have on the line to do so.

It's a very bold statement to make and possibly very unrealistic but I'm crazy enough and high enough on the Orange kool-aid to say it... I think they can muster up the smarts to pull out a crazy comeback and win 7 or 8 games either ending the season 9-7 or 10-6. At this point, when they can make anything happen, I hate to think they end up 8-8 again. I'm sick of seeing those numbers behind our name every year. Time for a change. And it starts Sunday. Chefs are going down baby... I'm talking flushing those stinkin' Arrowheads down the toilet where the sun never shines.


Air Orton vs. McD's old flame, Matt Cassel. Denver's Kyle Orton has had to use his right arm so much this season, his right shoulder is obviously becoming sore. He said himself that he prefers to balance out this offense rather than ‘airing it out’. Glad to see he has finally admitted to it. It's great that he's on pace to break Dan Marino's passing record but our season is on the line, along with a strong respected reputation for this team and one record isn't going to salvage our problems. We've needed balance for years now. Get with it already.

Orton has lost his mojo in the last few games leading to the 'Tebow Time' question. Must be something in the air as once again I'm on the fence about a lot of issues going on, including this one. I'd like to see the team rally around Orton as he is our starter and for good reason, he earned it. But everyone in Bronco Country knows he isn't our long-term future QB. Hence the reason why Tebow is with us. He's been used a time or two and has 2 rushing TDs but this kid has so much more potential than this. Let the kid throw the ball. I say if we can't get a run game going, strong & steady, and that causes Orton to get more of sore shoulder, it should be Tebow Time for the remainder of the season. I rallied around Orton the second he got to Denver but now that we have Tebow, its time to get him comfortable taking the reigns. Let him lead this offense like he was meant to.

As for Matt Cassel, I don't know if I can say it again. I'll just say the Chiefs are having a better season than us. Even that leaves a nasty taste in my mouth. Bleh!! The rookies on the KC roster have definitely made an impact on their 2010 season and have made the difference from the team they were a year ago to the team on top of our division now. Bleh again. Both QBs are pretty close in stats although Orton has been sacked twice as many times as Cassel. Cassel also has guys he can rely on to actually run the ball. Quite the concept. Our best option to run ball, Knowshon Moreno, has yet to be able to really break free but he definitely the better choice out of Maroney, Bucky & Lance Ball who we yet again signed on from the practice squad. With run weapons like rookie Dexter McCluster, Thomas Jones & Jamaal Charles, we got even bigger problems considering we are 31st in stopping the run and dead last at a run game of our own. We be in twouble.

Good news is we still have strong, healthy & reliable WR weapons that should give KC's pass defense a run for their money. Brandon Lloyd is still the favorable WR but with other hot weapons like rookie Demaryius Thomas, Jabar Gaffney and Eddie Royal we will probably have another game focused more on passing since that is our strong suit these days. Catch is, KC has reliable receivers as well Dwayne Bowe, Tony Moeaki, Jamaal Charles, Chris Chambers - just to name a few.

The Chiefs now have the #1 rushing offense so it's up to our defense to put on a good balancing act so they can put pressure on Cassel just as well as stopping the run. With the state we're in it seems like a tall order to ask of this defense but they have to find a way to get it done. No questions asked. Denver is 8th in putting up yards on offense, KC is 13th in that area. Denver is 24th in points, KC is 12th. Denver is 3rd in pass yards, KC is 30th. There are considerable gaps between these two teams but the fact that they are long-time rival division teams will make this a tight game, I believe.


When it comes to defense, Kansas City seems to have the stronger of the two. With guys like Derrick Johnson, Eric Berry, Brandon Flowers, Brandon Carr & Glenn Dorsey our receivers will be covered well and most definitely our RB. Then they have guys like Tamba Hali with 8 sacks on the year and Wallace Gilberry with 4 - the top two sack leaders of the Chiefs. And for the record, Orton has already been sacked 21 times in 8 games (double the amount on Cassel this year and double the amount he was sacked all of last year). Our Oline is also losing its mojo if Orton is getting pressured like this.

Denver's is 8th in pass defense, their strongest area. 27th in points allowed, 23rd in yards allowed and 31st in stopping the run. KC on the other hand is 8th in points allowed, 15th in yards allowed, 21st in pass defense and 9th in stopping the run. Denver has their hands full.

Special Teams:

McCluster has got to be held down on punt & kick returns. We cannot afford to have this guy running all over us as he is a major threat. Stopping him should NOT be our only priority but it should be on their Top 5 to-do list in the game on Sunday. Contain that kid or we will be doomed. As for Denver, I'm gonna say it again, use Squid more often and we'll get much better results instead of risking one of our best receivers for punt returns.


I'm happy and relieved to report that Denver's injury list has shortened up big time but we will still be without 2 strong defensive guys, Robert Ayers and Andre Goodman. Denver's defense will be short two key players, making their already tough job even tougher. However, McBath, Vickerson & Woodyard were all limited in practice this week so far and could play in Sunday's game.

KC's injury list is short as well with S Kendrick Lewis (hammy), WR Dexter McCluster (ankle), S Jon McGraw (knee) and G Brian Waters (shoulder) all limited in practice.

Broncos-Chiefs Preview

Trivia Time!

1) What Broncos' player led the AFL in pass-receiving in each of the new league's first 4 years of existence (and five of the AFL's first 6 years)?

2) In the 2003 season, how many TOTAL fumbles did the Broncos lose all season?

3) What Broncos' player returned 3 punts for touchdowns in 1997?

I say Denver comes into this game and the rest of this season fighting for wins and playing better, smarter football. They will start it off with a 20-17 win.



  1. Geez, as if our defense needed more drama. Guess DJ Williams got arrested on suspicion of a DUI last night and now he might not play Sunday because of it. STUPID!!!! Thanks a lot man.

  2. only know number 3. have no reason i would know number 2, and number 1, I am not that old.

    Darian Gordon was #3 i think.

  3. Here is another thing to make you all sick to your stomach, I couldn't believe my eyes when I just read this. Alphonso freakin Smith is second in the league in interceptions this season. All 5 coming in 6 of the last 5 games. thats about as many catches as the TE has that we traded him away for. Grrrrr. Couple that with the fact that hillis is tearing it up and Brad Quinn is gay, shoot, I am losing faith in McDaniels very quickly. :(

    Go Broncos!

  4. Haha Jazzy, maybe you should check it again, just because Smith has picks doesn't mean he is any good. He got burnt for a 74 yard TD by Braylon Edwards against the Jets haha.

    Got to remember Jazzy that the Broncos cut like 32 players (now no longer in the league) and traded others, so you can expect one or two of them to do good else were. But a 90-95% success rate isn't bad.

  5. And DJ that was just plain dumb.

    Anyone found guilty, or who pleads guilty, to a second alcohol-related offense faces a mandatory 10 days in jail which may, at the discretion of the judge, be home detention.

    They also face a fine of up to $1,500; community service of up to 120 hours; and a mandatory two years of probation.

  6. Starting a new poll, but thought it was interesting to note the old one. After the Raiders loss it take a noise drive on the ratings. It looks like we believe we will finish 10-6 or worse. I will be happy with 10-6 to 8-8 but anything else is not great, but looks like it will be a hard battle to get to that point.

  7. I made up a funny pic, is funny, is clean, but the joke isn't clean, so I figured Princess may not like it. So for everyone else here is a link.

  8. Don't get me wrong Aussie,
    I love my broncos and have supported coach throughout hi whole time here, but the hillis thing was ridiculous, he is a star and he was never given a chance, and now not only did we only get quinn, but we are also giving them draft picks in return. And with the injuries at cb, and the lack of turnovers, smith wasn't given much of a chance, and we traded a first round pick to get him. We either shouldn't have traded up to get him or we shouldn't have given up on him so soon. Turnovers are critical when it comes to winning a game, and A. Smith is getting it done. Just cuz he got burned once, doesn't mean he hasn't been playing excellent football, especially for being so young in the league.

  9. and those chefs might be interested in quinn, judging off that picture, haha, nice find.

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  11. Jazzy - your guess for the #3 question was right on. I know you'd have to go find the answers for the other two. The answer for #1 is a name you'd actually know, I would hope. Just gotta dig for the answers. And what, no guesses from Aussie??? Shame on you mister. lol Chicken... bak bak bak baaaaaaaak LOL At least that's how I think you'd spell out the sounds of a chicken. Wouldn't know, I ain't one.

    As for the DJ mess... make that a fine of $15,000. I am in disbelief about this. I can't believe he would be so stupid. Permission to smack some sense into him. There is no excuse to justify what he did... I don't care how bad our season is, no excuse for this. But you know I really do care about the season, just trying to make my point

  12. Hi
    Some guesses on trivia 1st. Lionel Taylor, 4.
    Now about DJ. Strong penalty by McD. $15,000, stripped of being a captain and can't start Sunday. Sounds like Mays and Hagen at ILB. I'm guessing Hunter and Moss as OLBs. DJ should play 2nd quarter, moving Mayes back outside and Moss back to the bench. Maybe things go well without DJ and he stays on the bench and consequently on the trading block. He is a Shanny guy and some have said he is out of position alot. Personally I think he's a hell of a player and deserves the Pro Bowl this year. Seems McD and the poor record has driven more than just fans to drink. LOL

  13. Yeah with DJ out of the line up it may be a long day for us against the run.

    Jazzy look at it this way. The year Hillis was here with McD he was given the chance to play, he won the KR job but he fumbled on the first try, then I think his Grandma died after that? and he then had a head injury with reoccuring problems, concussion I think. After that he wasn't the same he didn't run with the type of power that we have seen or are seeing now and he couldn't get the job done.

    The context of the trade, when you look at the trade we got a first/second string QB (remember this is at the time of the trade) for a low round draft pick and Hillis. Hillis was the 3rd string RB on their depth chart, when the Browns traded for him they had no visions of using him as the number one guy. Then the two first stringers got injuried and then Hillis got the start. And a year removed from all the problems that he had last year he got that power back and has been playing well. But like I said he is one of the few that we let go that is playing well.

    As for Smith, the ints he has made has miscued his stats and the perspective of his play. He has been beat a number of times, that TD to Edwards was the game winning score. Smith has a number of ints because the other teams are targeting him, you get 100 balls thrown at you, you will pick a few off.

    As for the questions Princess I have no idea.

  14. As for Hillis and Phonzy.
    Phonz was rated that high in the draft for just that reason, he is a ballhawk. However, that does not mean he will be a good CB. At the beginning of the season I predicted him to get quite a few picks this year, I didn't suspect it would be with another team. When he can't beat out Nate Jones in practice though it's time to see what you can get for him. That's what McD did. There was not much value for him. I think we got what we could before we cut him.
    Hillis was/is a good RB. Problem is he did not fit with us. I knew if given a chance in a west coast type offense he would succeed. He showed flashes before his injury in '08. Torain is also doing well. Does that mean they would do well with us? No. Do I know why? No. I think maybe McD is still searching for a FB/H-back type player that would make the running game click. Also the TE's and OL are not executing the blocking as well as he would hope. If this all magically got straightened out over the break and Moreno is as healthy as thery say he is, we may see a running game in the 2nd half of the season and possibly be able to forget about Hillis. If not, we are in for a long year(like it hasn't been awfully long already) and a high draft pick. There are a bunch of good DEs and CBs in the draft this year, but I'm not sure that's our biggest need. IMO we need whatever it takes to get the running game going. Without that we will continue to suck.

  15. Alphonzo Smith = Dre' Bly

  16. Peyton Hillis=Mike Alstott

  17. Thanks Aussie. Can't wait to see if we still have hope this year or start looking at high draft picks. We need a win tomorrow baaaaaaaad!

  18. Ah yes, Lionel Taylor is the answer for #1. Nice guess Digger. Guess #2 was a bad question to put out there so I'll give it up already... in '03 the Broncos only lost 6 fumbles (they never lost more than 1 in any game that year). Certainly that's more than we can say about our uh... issues this year.

    DJ doesn't deserve to play at all on Sunday. I know we need him and it believe me it hurts to say I don't want him out there in the game but there is ZERO justification for his actions. He didn't just make a poor decision in human error, he was just flat stupid about the whole thing. I would've fined him a lot more than 15K but its steep enough. I hope he's gotten the picture. And as a captain, he should definitely know better. Not only do his teammates & coaches look to him to lead this team (hence him being a captain) but the fans look to him as well, especially young ones. He should at least sit out of this week's game & our Monday night clash with SD. Having him out against SD (if it happens) will hurt even more. We'll see how they play against KC. That will answer some questions.

  19. Not getting ahead of myself but there are A LOT of positives to take away from this game for Denver. They let down their guard by letting KC get 29 pts but we held them down really well. Telling you all, this is the start of a new beginning for this team. One game at a time we will stun the NFL with a big comeback. Feels nice being high on this Orange kool-aid... at least I can say I didn't lose my mojo over this team. lol

  20. Yeah finally put everything together. We were missing this in the first half of the season. But the defense turned off and were playing back ups in the 4th quarter.

    I have some observations about the game, if I get time I may do a post game thing tonight.

  21. One thought, what about DJ? I thought he wasn't meant to dress this game?

  22. DJ shouldn't have played, I think they got soft on the situation. I think McD was looking at like we really needed him in there, we needed all the help defensively that we could get and look what he did for us today. He was a huge help to us. I think it really hit him that he's been stripped of his captaincy for the rest of the season. If anything, that should hit home. That's a huge compliment to a person to be named a captain by his teammates... that's a person the WHOLE team can & should rely on 100% and he blew it. 15K wasn't a steep penalty but it was steep enough. I know I don't have 15K to just hand out... I'd have a new car if I had that money. lol

    Yeah, defense got soft in the 4th qtr. We shouldn't have let KC get that last TD or get that many pts on our big lead. But we did hold them to under 30 for what its worth and the gap was 20 pts. 98% of Bronco Country didn't see that one coming. I knew they'd get things straightened out but even I was pleasantly surprised by the new attitude of this team. I can't even remember the last time this team scored on their opening drive, let alone their 2nd possession of the game. I was most definitely impressed. If they can just maintain that momentum and get out to a lead in games, we will be a force to be reckoned with. My faith in this team ain't lookin' too crazy now is it?? lol

  23. Oh and if you can't get a post game thing up, I'll do it... gladly!! ha should have some good pics to use. Oh and how about Moreno... first 100 yd game for him! I just think its too funny, the team with the worst run game in the league shuts down the team with best run game and OUR RB has a 100 yd game. Trying to stay calm and not get too excited but I like where this team is headed.

    So if you don't put up a post game thing tonight or sometime tomorrow, I'll go ahead and do it.

  24. Nice princess, yeah I thought the team could do it, I thought we had talent on this team and could play with good teams but just need to put it all together.

    Which we did today, we put it all together today and just dominated.

  25. Also I am going to work on a article now and have it up tonight.