March 3, 2010

Aussie's Big Board


Some of you know I have been working on this and I hope you enjoy. I had a look at players I thought the Broncos could draft and with help from other blogs came up with this. There is a lot of information here and you don't have to read it all, I have all the names in orange so it is easier for you to find players. Now the way I went about this was to collect information from a number of different areas and people and join them together. So places like, CBS, NFL, ESPN, other blogs, combine, experts, analysts, commentators and types of people. I then using this information form my opinion, you may disagree and that is guaranteed as this is my opinion not yours. So if you have something to say throw it in the comments. Also I am a defensive guy so there is more in depth analysis on that side of the board then the offense. Again if I missed something or overlooked a player add it in the comments. For example Sean Witherspoon is missing from this list, but he could be on it. Well enjoy ~ Aussie Out.

Defensive Lineman

Dan Williams – 6’3 327 – Official Combine Stats: 6’2, 327 lbs, Arm Length: 33 1/2 in, Hand Size: 10 1/8 in.

Projected Round: 1st- early 2nd.

Did really well in the Senior Bowl practices, out played Cody the whole time. Is moving up draft boards. Had stuffed the interior rushing lanes during the South practices all week long. Where he helped himself in the Senior Bowl, was in showing better instincts in the passing game than most had expected. Two SEC defensive linemen are helping their stock tremendously this week. Though they play essentially the same position, the two players couldn't be any different in their body shape or style of play. Tennessee's Dan Williams has the wide, lower body that defensive line coaches are looking for in a potential nose tackle. His great strength and 6-2, 329-pound frame may not have earned the hype of Alabama's "Mount" Cody, but he's the more consistent player. Scouts would like to see more burst and better use of hands to slip blocks and pressure the passer, but Williams will make his money the same way Cody will: By eating up blockers and shutting down running lanes inside.

Came in a bit shorter then thought to be. Run a 5.17 40 yard dash, bench pressed 27 times, moved well in drills, was a little tight in the hips but was pretty solid in drills, has real good leverage and drives players back.

Summary: Dan Williams is probably lacking a little bit to be a NT if he played in a 4-3 would be a great DT.

Terrance Cody – 6’4 340-370 - Official Combine Stats: 6’4, 354 lbs, Arm Length: 34 1/4 in, Hand Size: 11 in.

Projected Round: 1st- early 2nd.

Showed up to the Senior Bowl over weight at 370, but said would get down to 340 for the combine. Will be interesting to see what happens. Didn’t really show up in the Senior Bowl but that is his style, run stuffer not push rusher. Considered one of the rare two-gap nose tackles. Other than [Ndamukong] Suh, there might not be another player in college football who disrupts a game plan the way Cody does. [... He] is a wall-to-wall space occupier. It takes two, sometimes three, offensive linemen to keep him from pushing the pile into the backfield. To his credit, as he fielded question after question about the weight issue, Cody remained upbeat and kept a smile on his face. "I just have to do the work," he said. "I know I'm going to get that question a lot. It's going to be the same answer every time, though." Terrance Cody's sloppy build may draw sneers, but the big man is helping himself this week with his stout play inside. Teams knew he could hold the point against double-teams, but seeing him stuff the action on television is much different than watching him in person blow up plays before they even get a chance to begin. Cody clearly isn't the same dominant player at the end of practice that he is in the beginning, but if substituted often, he could quickly emerge as one of the league's better nose tackles. As a specialist, it might be too much to think he'll earn a first-round pick, but there is no way he'll get out of the second round if he comes in healthy at the Combine.

Cody came into the combine having dropped 16 lbs, it wasn’t the 350 he was hoping for but it is close and he may drop that by the time his pro day comes around. Also he never played under 365 while in college. Look for him to impress in workouts. Didn’t lift at the combine. Run the 40 yard dash in an unofficial 5.64 secs. Really strong, destroyed the bags, had really quick feet and moved well for a big guy. Was one of the reasons the Crimson Tide didn’t have a 100 rusher on them the last 2 years. Biggest power pig, best NT in the draft. One of the commentators said that Wilfork plays at about 340-355 and may be more than that because it is the offseason. One of the commentators said he throw up the bar 44 times? I not sure if that was correct, was incorrect had wrong player.

Summary: Cody is huge, is a very powerful man. He will either be drafted by the Steelers at 18 or the Chargers at 28.

Lamarr Houston – 6’3 302 - Official Combine Stats: 6’3, 305 lbs, Arm Length: 33 in, Hand Size: 10 in.

Projected Round: 2nd – 3rd.

Versatility along the defensive front, where he played both end and tackle, will probably impress NFL scouts. Often commanded double teams and handled them well. Pass rush: Extremely agile for a 300-pounder and works relentlessly to reach the quarterback. Gets under the shoulder of his man if lined up in the gap or slanting. Beats most cut blocks with quickness and strong hands and is able to recover from initial stalemate to get after the passer. Good backfield awareness. Gets his hands up to deflect passes, though his height and length leave something to be desired. Dangerous on twists inside. Short arms cause him to work harder to get off blocks against top-level guards. Must improve pass-rush moves.

Run defense: Excellent pursuit down the line. Upper body and hands are strong enough for him to pull down ballcarriers while engaged with blockers. Regularly lines up at the five-technique, standing his ground against larger linemen using a strong punch and leverage. Stays square to the line, able to move laterally while engaged. Lacks the bulk play inside on run downs at the next level.

Houston exhibits an inconsistent motor and doesn’t always finish plays. Gets called for too many flags when incorrectly guessing the snap count. Gets in trouble when he plays with inconsistent pad level. Must improve his pass rush package beyond the bull rush.

Run an unofficial 4.85 40 yard dash.

Summary: Could be a possibility at DE for the Broncos.

Cam Thomas – 6’3 330 - Official Combine Stats: 6’4, 330 lbs, Arm Length: 34 3/4 in, Hand Size: 10 ½ in.

Projected Round: 2nd – 3rd.

Defensive tackle Cam Thomas (North Carolina) carried his 331 pounds well, although he did measure at a shade under 6-4. His strength at the point of attack stood out. Possible NT, was projected as a first round pick at the start of last season but stock has fallen, now a 2-3rd round pick. Came in a bit taller than expected that is a plus for him. Could be a solid NT.

Run an unofficial 40 time of 5.31.

Summary: Another NT, not as good as Cody but could be very effective.

Alex Carrington – 6’5 280 - Official Combine Stats: 6’5, 285 lbs, Arm Length: 33 ¼ in, Hand Size: 10 ½ in.

Projected Round: 2nd – 3rd.

He may have entered the week of practice among the least hyped defensive players on the entire Senior Bowl roster, but after this week every NFL team knows his name. Carrington's rare combination of size (6-feet-5, 284 pounds) and strength make him an intriguing prospect at end for the 3-4 and 4-3 schemes. That versatility could result in a second round grade. Pass rush: Only marginal initial quickness off the snap and lacks the speed to consistently pressure the tackle's outside shoulder as an edge rusher. Good strength and arm length for the bull rush, but relies on this technique too often. Incorporates a rip or spin into his repertoire, on occasion, but rarely. Can get upfield quickly due to his long stride. Closes quickly when he has a free lane. Doesn't use his hands and size to his advantage as a pass rusher, only batting down two passes over the past two years.

Run defense: His best area. Has the length and strength to hold up at the point of attack. Locks-out with the tackle and has the lateral agility and balance to work his way toward the sideline, stringing out the sweep. Instinctive, physical run defender that rarely loses containment. Did not run or take part in drills, had an ankle injury.

Summary: Good be a DE in the 3-4 and could probably contributed right away.

Carlos Dunlap – 6’6 290 - Official Combine Stats: 6’6, 277 lbs, Arm Length: 34 5/8 in, Hand Size: 10 in.

Projected Round: 1st – 3rd.

Big DE, at 6-6 would be the perfect 3-4 DE, was suspended in college and saw his stock plummet. Was a top 10 pick, but will probably go after the 15th overall pick. May even drop into the second rounder depending on the combine and interviews. A Florida gator, remember another gator on our roster who didn’t perform well. I hope he isn’t another flop like Moss. Run the 40 in an unofficial 4.66, official was 4.71 secs

Summary: Good be a DE in the 3-4 and could probably contributed right away.

Jared Odrick – 6’5 296 - Official Combine Stats: 6’5, 304 lbs, Arm Length: 34 in, Hand Size: 9 ¾ in.

Projected Round: 1st- early 2nd.

Big DT would fit better as a 3-4 DE though. Gets caught up in double teams at DT would be better facing off against a tackle one on one. Had strong senior bowl practices. Is slow on tape and doesn’t have many moves, uses his strength to beat blocks. Has a great motor, will be more of a run stopping end in a 3-4 then a push rusher. May struggle to turn the corner to be a true push rusher in the 4-3 as well.

Came in a bit heavier, broke the 300 lbs barrier, could be a solid run stopper in the 3-4 as a DE. Run a 4.98 40 yard dash, had 26 reps on the bench. 3 or 5 technique depending on scheme also has a good motor.

Summary: Good be a DE in the 3-4 and could probably contributed right away. But I like Odrick over the other two above as a DE in the 3-4.

Corey Wootton - 6'6 270-280 - Official Combine Stats: 6’6, 270 lbs, Arm Length: 34 3/4 in, Hand Size: 10 ¼ in.

Projected Round: 2nd - 4th.

Projected as a likely first-round draft pick prior to his knee injury in the 2008 Alamo Bowl, Wootton has steadily improved his knee's health and will get to prove more at the NFL Combine. He was invited to the Senior Bowl but did not play.

Wootton is big and has a great amount of power for the defensive end spot. He excels in run defense using his long arms and toughness to disengage from blockers and make plays. Shows good instincts and intelligence when diagnosing at the line of scrimmage. Had some impressive previous production earlier in career.

Wootton only possesses average athleticism and isn't comfortable playing in space. Doesn't show the range to make plays away from him in the running game or the edge quickness to consistently get to the quarterback. Has some durability concerns (previous season ending neck injury, major knee injury).

Pass rush: Uses his 6-7 frame, long arms and good quickness to blow by collegiate right tackles on the outside. Can be violent with his hands to get the corner. Some suddenness on shake move to use an inside rush lane. If his man doesn't sustain, Wootton works his way back into the pocket to harass the quarterback. Lines up at tackle in third-down situations to use his quickness against interior linemen. Drops into zone coverage occasionally, and looks smooth moving down the line to cover tight ends in the flat. Athletic enough to have made four picks in his career. Uses his height to affect passing lanes when unable to reach the quarterback.

Run defense: Looks and plays a bit undersized, even at 265-270 pounds, because of height. Stays home to prevent against big misdirection plays, and keeps outside leverage to funnel backs inside to the linebackers. High cut, as you would expect at 6-7, and doesn't sink his hips for smooth lateral movement. However, he has the length and speed to chase down receivers and backs from behind if needed. Must use his hands more effectively to keep backs from cutting him - but manages to recover fairly quickly. Doesn't always chase down plays to his side, even when he has a chance at the tackle. Intangibles: Team Most Valuable Player in 2008 was a locker room and on-field leader on defense again as a senior. Coaches like his work ethic, especially during his recent injury rehabilitation.

Did not run, left quad injury.

Summary: Can’t say too much didn’t see enough of him.

Ndamukong Suh - 6'4 305 - Official Combine Stats: 6’4, 307 lbs, Arm Length: 33 ½ in, Hand Size: 10 1/4 in.

Projected Round: 1st.

Big dominant force in the middle. Very smart and wants to be a true pro. Works very hard and wants to be the best. Probably not big enough to play NT, doesn't have the 330 pounds. But could be a DE in the 3-4, a push rushing end. He was a consensus First-team All-American and earned consensus First-team All-Big 12 honors and was the Associated Press National Player of the Year, Big-12 Defensive Player of the Year, the Defensive Lineman of the Year, and a Heisman Trophy finalist. Barnes said Suh has been training for the NFL Combine. "He is going to blow the Combine up," Barnes said. "He is not a hard worker; he is a relentless worker." In the Ngema tribe in Cameroon, Ndamukong means "House of Spears."

I wonder if he'll slip in the draft after he tests positive for bad-ass (by TheBunk 01/28/2010 12:26 am EST)

Pass rush: Top-notch pass rusher with ideal height and length to affect passing lanes and wrap up quarterbacks. Constantly works forward until the ball is out of the quarterback's hand. Uses strong, active hands to jerk his man aside and keep blockers off-balance. Spins off single blocks and is quick enough to get into the pocket. Also able to split double-teams to at least get a hand in the quarterback's face. Recognizes screens quickly -- comes off pass rush to get to the ball or the sideline. Good awareness to get his hands up in passing lane to knock down passes. Has fair hands for the interception, especially given his size. Greatly increased his conditioning and stamina as a senior and seemed capable of playing every down. Difficult for right tackles to handle one-on-one on the edge as a 3-4 defensive end because of his strength and athleticism. Dropped into coverage at times and shows surprising agility and awareness.

Run defense: Very difficult to move and center-guard tandems can be blown up. Excellent backfield awareness. Holds up his man and keeps eyes up to make plays on the ball, even when engaged. Excellent footwork moving down the line on stretch plays, and will get off of blocks or explode through the line to make the tackle. His pads start off too high at tops, losing his anchor. Can protect his feet against the cut block. Hustles to be the second or third man in the pile and finish plays.

Explosion: Good quickness off the snap, especially if the quarterback doesn't change up cadence, but does not have an elite first step. Pops into his man's jersey and recoils if necessary. Quick enough to be a pass-rush threat and maintain the corner as a 3-4 defensive end.

Strength: Strong bull rush to push the pocket, even when double-teamed. Able to rip off his man with upper-body strength and hands, freeing himself to make a play. Greatly improved his strength against the run in 2009. Used as a goal-line fullback because he gets low enough to push the pile.

Tackling: Rare tackling ability and effort for a defensive lineman, leading his team in tackles the last two years. Very athletic for his size; able to change direction, break down and explode into ballcarriers. Wraps well with his long, strong arms; tough to escape his grasp -- even with one arm. Hustles downfield on short throws. Chases down the line.

Intangibles: Intelligent, low-key and mature. Suh became a vocal leader for the Huskers as a senior. Has improved his work habits and on-field toughness during his time in Lincoln. He's respected by teammates and looked up to by the younger players.

Not many weaknesses in Suh’s game. Durability is one minor area of concern. Sustained a knee injury in 2005 which required surgery and resulted in a medical redshirt. Dealt with another knee injury during spring drills in 2007. Did remain healthy from that point forward.

Suh is one of my favourite players in this draft, is an absolute monster on tape, played soccer when younger. Has great footwork because of the soccer. Has great work ethic and is a professional. Has returned intercepts for TDs, caught a TD as a FB, and has dropped into coverage on plays. He is a real athlete and could be a force playing at DE in a 3-4. But he is a dream and highly unlikely to get. Suh will work out at the combine and should be a spectacle. I can see him throwing up the 225 bar at least 35 times if not more. Hits bags real hard with little effort, I will be looking for that also in the combine, his power compared to others.

Suh had 32 bench presses at the combine which was a lot more than McCoy. Had a 35 ½ inch vertical jump. He had a solid run in his first 40 of 4.98 secs but had a disappointing second 40 of 5.07 secs. Had quick feet, really hit hard in the drills.

Summary: Is a monster but very unlikely for the Broncos.

Linval Joseph - Official Combine Stats: 6'4 328 lbs, Arm Length: 34 1/2 in, Hand Size: 10 in

Projected Round: 5-6.

Pass rush: Looks like a nose tackle but plays like a three-technique, penetrating and getting consistent pressure when fresh. Good closing speed for his size, swallows up quarterbacks that lack great elusiveness. Straight-ahead runner, however with limited lateral quickness, will not break down to change direction in the backfield.

Run defense: Adequate anchoring against double-team blocking due to thick legs and a wide upper body and will move to the ballcarrier after he's through the line. Can be moved and doesn't rip off blocks to stop the play before it starts. Willing to chase down the line and downfield between the tackles if he sees the ball in his area. Susceptible to the cut block. Not strong enough to arm tackle backs in the hole.

Explosion: Surprising quickness off of the snap for his size, gets into his gap in a hurry when fresh. Does not deliver much pop to his opponent with his hands on initial contact, however, relying on athleticism to get the job done.

Strength: Does not play as strong as you would think because he plays high and does not consistently use his hands to disengage. Does not reset his hands, get leverage by getting his hands under pads, or attempt to churn his legs after contact to push his man into the backfield.

Tackling: Length and wide body allows him to engulf players in his path. Gives effort to chase, can be effective when well rested. Gets a lot of assisted tackles because of his hustle. Does not sink his hips when approaching the ball, however, and is easily eluded by quicker players in space.

Intangibles: Part of a rotation inside, possibly due to stamina issues. Looks to be winded when playing two consecutive series. Dropped 70 pounds after his freshman season (came to EUC at more than 370 pounds) due to a back injury, regained 20 before 2008 season.

The former Florida state weightlifting champion and all-state football star decided to leave the Pirates, at least partially due to head coach Skip Holtz leaving ECU for Tampa to take over at South Florida.

Had 39 reps on the Bench Press, was the second highest for D-lineman. Unsure of time, the announces got him confused with Jeff Hughes. Looked like a solid runner, may have run a 4.59 unofficial but that may have been Hughes times, will try to get the correct answer. Run an unofficial 5.17 for the 40 yard dash. But looked like a solid runner and could be interesting.

Summary: Very interesting prospect in the later rounds if we miss out on a NT earlier in the draft.


Brandon Spikes – 6’3 256 - Official Combine Stats: 6’3, 249 lbs, Arm Length: 33 3/8 in, Hand Size: 10 in.

Projected Round: 2nd – 3rd.

He suspended himself in college for eye gouging, not the fastest LB, great motor and second best LB in the draft behind McClain. Pass defense: Quick footwork to get depth in coverage. Very good reading the quarterback's eyes while in coverage. Breaks downhill quickly to close on the ball and arrives with attitude. Tackling: Explosive wrap-up tackler who can separate the football from the ball carrier. Good athletic ability and balance to break down in space to make the tackle against smaller, quicker athletes. Doesn't consistently pursue with the reckless abandon normally associated with the position. A number of other positives as well, is the complete package at ILB. May fall into the third round depending on how well he runs the 40. Will be an early 2nd round pick if he runs a sub 4.7 40 or will fall lower depending on his time.

Spikes did not run, he didn’t want to. Everyone thought Spikes would run it was a surprise. Doesn’t have a massive frame like Lee, has smaller legs than Lee also. Had good feet in the drill but stood a little upright and almost fell over, but seemed quicker than Lee. Wasn’t explosive out of his cuts and turns, wasn’t quick in space. But had great hands. In some drills wasn’t too bad in his cuts seemed to know what he was doing, did not take his eyes off the QB, showed good hands again.

Summary: Would take Sean Lee over Spikes in a heartbeat.

Rolando McClain – 6’4 258 - Official Combine Stats: 6’3, 254 lbs, Arm Length: 33 in, Hand Size: 9 3/8 in.

Projected Round: 1st

Top ILB prospect in the draft could be a top 10 pick. But I find him slow, gets off the snap slow, great straight line speed not bad in coverage. Makes most plays I believe because of his smarts. His intelligence helps him make up ground he loses for his slow off the ball speed. Well be very interesting what time he runs in the 40. If it is a 4.5 time he will be picked at about the 10 mark. But if his time is 4.6+ he could see his stock plummet and may even fall into the second round. Needs to have a good work out at the combine to prove getting picked so high. I think he will run a 4.6 or slower meaning he isn’t worth the 10th pick for Denver.

Rolando McClain had only 24 reps on the Bench Press. Did not take part in drills or the 40 because of a hamstring injury which I think was a massive disappointment. I think that the 40 may have exposed him to be a slower linebacker than he is and his stock could have fallen. Came in a little shorter than expected.

Summary: Didn’t show enough at the combine, in my opinion doesn’t warrant a top 15 pick.

Sean Lee – 6’2 236 - Official Combine Stats: 6’2, 236 lbs, Arm Length: 32 in, Hand Size: 8 3/4 in.

Projected Round: 2nd – 3rd.

Has played OLB and ILB, tore a ligament in his right knee and missed a year. But played the entire season the following year. Very physical LB, not the fastest, very smart. Could go in the second if not the third. Great leadership skills, was a team captain. Lead team in tackles. Could run surprising well in the 40, for these LB’s the 40 will be big for them as their speed is a very big unknown factor. Lee should throw the 225 bar at least 20 times, could push 30.

Lee is strongly built with a good frame. Reads quickly, fills fast, and takes quality angles. Displays good balance and uses proper hand technique to shed blockers. Prepares well and consistently displays good instincts and a high football intelligence, which helps him recognize screens and draws.

Does not have the smoothest hips and struggles to maintain speed in transitions. Lacks burst to stick in man coverage and limited top-end speed prevents him from being a sideline-to-sideline player. Not an explosive hitter that struggles to land good shots. Missed the 2008 season due to a torn ACL.

Has massive arms and huge legs. Looked like he run very fast. Run an unofficial 40 yard dash time of 4.72. Had good feet going in and out of the bags, slipped a little but looked solid, very good going in and out. Plays the game much better then he may measure. Turned well looked a little stiff in the hips, juggled the ball a little but did make the catch. Did all drills really well, has really good movement and knows how to play. Was very strong in drills, did juggle the ball again on another drill.

Summary: One of the best ILB in the draft in my book, could be great as an inside LB in the 3-4.


Patrick Robinson – 5’11 193 – Official Combine Stats: 5'11" 190 lbs, Arm Length: 30 1/2 in, Hand Size: 8 1/4 in.

Projected Round: 1st- early 2nd.

Corner that is a solid tackler, no intercepts in 2009 though. He shined during the Senior Bowl week as the best cornerback at the practices. Robinson also played well in the game, helping to boost NFL stock. He finished fifth in the ACC with 11 passes defended and tied for seventh with two forced fumbles. He finished fifth on the team with 47 tackles, including 37 solo stops -- both career-highs. Robinson made two big plays in the Seminoles' Gator Bowl win that are likely to get attention from NFL scouts. First, he tracked down West Virginia speedster running back Noel Devine from behind on a long run, thwarting on touchdown on the play and showing Robinson's own speed and heart. Solid CB could go in the first or fall into the early second round.

So smooth in and out of his cuts and turns. Really pushes himself and is always disappointed when he makes a mistake and trys to be better. Has a great back pedal very natural. Caught the ball well and has a giant leap to go up and get the ball. Did drop one pass and slipped in a drill but he still had an impressive workout. Had a 39" vertical jump and had unofficial 40 times of 4.42 and 4.49. I think he has jumped into the first round.

Summary: First round talent, has jumped in draft stock.


Myron Rolle - 6'2 220 – Official Combine Stats: 6'2" 215 lbs, Arm Length: 32 1/2 in, Hand Size: 9 1/8 in.

Projected Round: 3rd – 4th.

Studied at Oxford, rhodes scholar, very smart and asipres to play in the NFL. Wants to be a first round pick, probably won't be, but he is a solid player, could be a great pickup later on. After spending a year in England studying as a Rhodes Scholar, Rolle was invited to participate in the Senior Bowl and made a big impression on NFL coaches with his conditioning, body type and work ethic. He may have worked his way into the second or third round after a strong showing in Mobile, Ala. What's more impressive, NFL coaches knew, of course, he had not played football in more than a year. His big test in the NFL combine will be the 40 time.

Read & React: Good anticipatory skills. Reads the action quickly and has the athleticism to close quickly. Appears cautious, at times, and would rather make the secure stop than go for the big play.

Man Coverage: Smooth backpedal, but has questionable straight-line speed. Good change-of-direction agility. Reacts quickly to the pass and closes in a hurry. Lacks top ball skills and has only one career interception.

Zone Coverage: Prototype size and straight-line speed for the position. Versatile defender. Lined up all over the field for the Seminoles and can handle multiple assignments due to his size, athleticism and intelligence. Reads the play quickly and is seemingly always around the ball.

Run Support: Good run support defender. Not afraid to get his jersey dirty. Will take on and discard blockers to get to the ballcarrier. Sound open-field tackler.

Tackling: A sound tackler, but lacks the explosive physicality some teams prefer in the secondary. Wraps up securely.

A favourite of mine, I very smart dude, could be the president of the Bahamas in the future. Scouts question his commit but I believe he will be a solid player for the next decade. Will be interesting at the combine since having a year off football. Could go in the 4th round, but has 1st round talent, wants to be a first round pick that was one of his goals. And he could fly up the draft boards. Had 21 reps on the bench press.

Was very good on ST in the Senior Bowl, struggled to turn and seemed a little stiff in the game, though he did have some solid cuts. Very impressive in interviews, very smart, picks up things easily. Run unofficial 40 times of 4.69 and 4.68. Not too bad in drills, showed good hips and a natural turning ability. Has excellent tracking of the ball in the air and made the catch every time. Had a solid work out, wasn't great but did many things well. But is the mid round dude to be expected, 3 or 4 round.

Summary: Had high hopes and a little disappointed, but could be a solid later round pick.

Taylor Mays – Official Combine Stats: 6'3" 230 lbs, Arm Length: 34 in, Hand Size 10 1/4 in.

Projected Round: 1st- early 2nd.

Is a monster and EXPLODES OUT OF THE BOX. He is one hell of an athlete, had unofficial times of 4.24 and 4.34 but his correct time was 4.43 but that is very quick. Had 24 reps on the bench. Had a huge vertical jump of 41" and a broad jump of 10'5. Had smooth turns and cuts, caught the ball well. Didn't show great tracking of the ball and didn't make all the catches but was solid enough in that area. I doubt we get Mays, he could go in the top 15 in the draft and he won't fall out of the first. And we all know who likes athletes so he may go at 8 to the raiders. Bottom of the first round, Dallas or Eagles.

Summary: Was a very late addition to the list, but is a freak, I think he could be more of a LB. But if we do draft him we have two hall of famers to teach him how to cover.

Offensive Lineman

Mike Iupati – 6’5 325 - Official Combine Stats: 6’5, 331 lbs, Arm Length: 34 3/4 in, Hand Size: 10 5/8 in.

Projected Round: 1st

Very big dude, very physical guard and could play OT. Had very good senior bowl practices and a Senior bowl, was shown that sometimes he goes very close to holding. Dallas good be looking at him. 35-inch arms. Could be an left tackle because of his footwork. Can dominate as a run blocker due to his mass and rare upper-body strength. Has had some struggles growing up coming from American Samoa. Hopes to support his family.

Run a 5.26 40 yard dash.

Summary: Could warrant the 11th overall pick.

Maurkice Pouncey – 6’5 318 - Official Combine Stats: 6’4, 304 lbs, Arm Length: 32 1/2 in, Hand Size: 10 in.

Projected Round: 1st- early 2nd.

The best center in the draft, a very big dude. His twin brother Mike Pouncey(6’4 313) plays guard for the gators, could be the top guard prospect in 2011 draft. Is a Junior, can play guard and center. Pouncey is rising on draft boards and may go late in the first round. A personally favourite of mine, great for the power blocking scheme, the complete center. Will be a strong possibility with the release of Casey Wiegmann.

Summary: Solid player and we need a center, but he will probably go between our picks.

Mike Johnson – 6’6 300 - Official Combine Stats: 6’5, 312 lbs, Arm Length: 32 1/2 in, Hand Size: 9 3/4 in.

Projected Round: unknown

Big offensive guard, would be a solid pick up. Later round dude. Johnson has size and enough height to add some more weight. Possesses outstanding football intelligence. Displays the position versatility to play either guard spot or tackle. Has long arms. Was a three year starter at a major program and part of one of the nation’s top running games as a senior.

Lacks great sand in lower body and can be overpowered in pass protection against the bull rush. Does not have great foot agility and range and isn’t always comfortable getting out and blocking in space. Is not a punishing blocker who will dominate at the point of attack.

Summary: A later round dude that could provide depth.

Bryan Bulaga – 6’6 315 - Official Combine Stats: 6’5, 314 lbs, Arm Length: 33 1/4 in, Hand Size: 9 1/4 in.

Projected Round: 1st- 2nd.

Pass Blocking

Over the course of the 2009 campaign, it was evident that Bulaga is one of the premiere pass blocking tackles in the nation. One area where he really lacked was in his footwork, which indicates to me that he would be an ideal guard prospect for the next level with his size and athleticism. Bulaga dominated lesser opponents but like I said, his footwork caused him relative struggle against guys like Brandon Graham of Michigan.

Run Blocking

Clearly his best area as an offensive lineman. When Iowa recruits linemen, they are looking for bruisers who can help them establish their bread and butter, which is in the running game. Bulaga seems like he could be an ideal fit in the power system we employ with his aggressive style and mean streak.

Bulaga has great size and speed for the tackle position. Displays initial quickness getting back into his pass protection set and off the ball in the running game. Plays with sound technique. Is a cerebral player. Bulaga’s really competitive, plays until the whistle and will really finish his blocks. Productive in college.

There are questions about his lower body strength to hold up at the point of attack and drive defenders backwards. Bulaga can be inconsistent with his footwork when asked to deal with speed rushers or move laterally. Is not a great knee bender.

Summary: OT that I think may be a better guard in the NFL.

Erik Cook - Official Combine Stats: 6'6 318 lbs, Arm Length: 33 7/8 in, Hand Size: 9 3/4 in.

Projected Round: Later rounds

Cook is thickly built with a wide frame. Uses his hands well to get inside and lock onto defenders. Possesses a quick first step and takes very good angles in run blocking. Sinks hips to get under the defender’s pads and uses his strong lower body to generate a good push. Prepares well and has a very good understanding of pass protection.

Lacks lateral range in pass protection and will be exposed on the perimeter by speedy edge rushers. Limited fluidity makes him a liability on the move and in open spaces. Struggles to recover when he loses position or balance. Does not show a mean streak and finish blocks. Inconsistent recognizing blitzes.

Summary: Another late round Center that could be an option.


Tim Tebow – 6’3 240 – Official Combine Stats: 6'3" 236 lbs, Arm Length: 31 3/4 in, Hand Size: 10 1/8 in.

Projected Round: 1st – 3rd.

Had terrible practices, could not hit anybody. Has great leadership, love the way he talks and carries himself. Said he would work to get better, wants to improve. Had a bad Senior Bowl just could not get anything going. Will appear in Super Bowl ad with mother about his birth, pro anti-abortion. Left hander. Over 70% completion in college. Greatest ever College QB, passing stats surprising. Despite his college success, Tebow's NFL potential is much debated. According to former Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Jon Gruden, he could "revolutionize" the pro game. Says Gruden: "Tim Tebow is 250 pounds, and he's the strongest human being that's ever played the position. He can throw well enough at any level."[100] Former Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy said he would pick Tebow with a top 10 pick, and would take him over any quarterback in the 2010 draft.[101] On the other hand, NFL analyst Mel Kiper, Jr. believes Tebow does not have the intangibles to play quarterback in the NFL. "I don't think he can be a fulltime quarterback. I don't think he can be the quarterback of the future for you, but I do think in the third round, maybe the second round, he'll be the same as Pat White," said Kiper.

Mechanics: Tebow's elongated throwing motion could cause him problems in the NFL, but he has apparently changed his throwing motion completely and is currently working on perfecting it. Tebow's problem was that he dropped the ball down by his thigh pad, which in the NFL would probably cause a bunch of sack-fumbles and tipped passes at the line of scrimmage. If Tebow can fix that element of his game, he will only be that much better.

Footwork: This is another area of Tebow's game that needs to be addressed. Playing in an option offense doesn't help him so much with his footwork, so he will need to really focus on this area of his game as he transitions to the NFL.

Isn’t throwing at the combine as he is working on his throwing action in an attempt to get better for the NFL. Also did not participate in the bench press which was a surprise. Also a number of other QB’s didn’t lift as well.

Tim Tebow has huge legs watched him at the broad jump, was always clapping encouraging others. Run the second fastest 40 yard dash for a QB. Had a 38 in vertical jump. Was also very strong in the broad jump.

Summary: Won’t be a Bronco.

Dan Lefevour – 6’3 238 - Official Combine Stats: 6’3, 230 lbs, Arm Length: 32 1/2 in, Hand Size: 9 1/4 in.

Projected Round: 2nd – 3rd.

Had a great Senior Bowl, threw some really nice balls and scored a TD. Solid player. Doesn’t have many intercepts, impressive college numbers, has a number of QB TD’s, a better prospect than Tebow but he could be considered a poor man’s Tebow based on his stats. Rams may be looking at him also Washington may look at him in the second round. Run the fastest 40 yard dash for QB. Didn’t show to much at the combine.

Summary: Hard to evaluate but could be a possible pick.

Tony Pike - 6'6 220 - Official Combine Stats: 6’6, 223 lbs, Arm Length: 34 1/2 in, Hand Size: 10 in.

Projected Round: 2nd – 3rd.

Tony Pike is the most gifted thrower of the class, demonstrating the arm strength, accuracy to all levels of the field and mobility rare for a player of his 6-5 frame. The North's starter in each passing drill, Pike zipped passes through tight windows, consistently placed his deep outs low and wide so that only his man could get them and seemed increasingly comfortable dropping back from center. Unfortunately, for each series of impressive throws, Pike would leave scouts scratching their heads with inaccurate passes, especially in the intermediate zones. Some of this is from not developing a rapport with his new teammates, as well as gusty conditions that were prevalent Tuesday. However, much of it is traced to inconsistent footwork. Pike also has a tendency to rely upon his fastball, and he didn't have enough touch to fit the ball between the linebacker and safety

Pike, at nearly 6-6, weighed in at 212 pounds at the senior bowl. His skinny build won't do much to convince scouts that he'll be more durable in the NFL than he's proven while with the Bearcats

Accuracy: Smooth, accurate throws to either sideline. On the money with slants, giving receivers a chance to make a play after the catch. Puts good air under the deep ball when the receiver is behind his man and calmly throws to the wide open man with a little off the ball when defenders fall down. Makes the behind-the-shoulder throw when needed. Places end zone throws where only his receiver can make the play. Accurate with a defender draped on him. Height and delivery make most of his misses high. Throws sideline passes too far inside where corners and safeties can make the play.

Arm Strength: Average to above-average arm. Typically throws with seemingly little effort but recognizes when he really needs to step into one. Throws outs to the short or far side with plenty of strength. Tight spiral on most passes, but will wobble a bit when putting air under the throw. Good touch on short throws. Has zip on intermediate throws when arm drops into three-quarter slot.

Setup/Release: Usually works out of the shotgun, but is also poised taking the snap under center. Agile coming out from the snap to hand off despite his height. Stands tall (literally and figuratively) and carries the ball well in the pocket. Quiet feet and shows good balance when not pressured, but tends to get skittish and leave the pocket unnecessarily. Mostly over the top with his delivery with nice follow through to ensure accuracy. Drops his arm into a three-quarters slot when the time is right. Steps up into the pocket, keeps his eyes downfield and deliver. Lapses into a wind-up at times instead of his typically quick release.

Reading Defenses: Recognizes defense's weakness and exploits it. Height allows him to survey the field and find second or third option when patient, but often bird-dogs primary option, allowing defenders to knock down passes or jump routes. Doesn't recognize zone corners or safeties waiting for his late throws. Puts balls into traffic, putting his receivers at risk over the middle, or throws across his body over the middle when trying to make a play. Floats passes down the middle, allowing safeties into the play. Can throw before his receiver makes his break on out routes. Needs to sell ball and pump fakes better.

On the Move: Unexpected mobility for his size. Some elusiveness in the pocket and in the open field. Runs with the ball too loose inside and outside the pocket. Doesn't go down as easily as you would think given his lean frame; able to step away from players falling at his feet or trying to cut tackle him. Feels back-side pressure and capable of staying ahead of quick defenders to get the ball away. Will slide when prudent, although it is a bit awkward because of his height. Makes accurate short, intermediate and deep throws running to either his left or right, keeping his shoulders square while moving down the line.

Intangibles: Strong competitor; no problems with his work ethic or ability to run an NFL offense. Stepped up his leadership as a senior, but there are still questions there. Durability is a major concern given his lanky frame and injury history. Missed four games in 2009 after needing surgery to replace a damaged a protective six-inch plate already inserted in his left (non-throwing) arm from a break occurring in 2008.

His height, mobility and accuracy have made him one of the biggest risers of the senior class this season, but his injured arm and lack of bulk may cause some teams to shy away from him in the second round.

Lacks the necessary bulk to withstand a pounding at the next level. Has been injured and durability is a concern. Earned his living underneath in college and does not possess prototypical arm strength to drive the ball downfield on the deep out. Lacks the speed to pickup chunks of yardage with his feet.

Needs to put weight on before the combine, he will throw during the combine and good see his stock rising to late 1st early 2nd if he has a good day. If he is 220+ or 230 would be a very interesting prospect. Fits the mold of a McD QB could be a possible long term solutions to the Orton problem. Good and bad news for Pike. Good news he is the only top QB working at the combine. But news McCoy will not be throwing to make him look good.

Came in at 223 at the combine, which is a good sign as long as he can keep it on. Has long arms and big hands. I like him as a QB in our system. Throw wobbly balls in the practices, had a very inconsistent workout, didn’t show great touch. Wasn’t as good as people thought his accuracy was all over the place.

Summary: Will need work to start in the NFL.

John Skelton - Official Combine Stats: 6'5 243 lbs, Arm Length: 32 in, Hand Size: 9 3/4 in.

Projected Round: 5th – 6th.

Skelton is a good-sized quarterback with a major league arm. The problem is that he does not know how to use his arm to his advantage. He tends to rely on arm strength alone, when throwing the ball and does not do a good job of getting his feet set under him when throwing from the pocket. He can throw on the move, but his accuracy suffers a lot. He will need a ton of work when it comes to reading NFL coverages and going through his progressions as he looks for the best target. Teams may get too enamored with his arm strength and overlook how much development it will take before he is ready to play.

Skelton possesses prototypical height and bulk. Has excellent arm strength to make all the NFL throws. Generates great zip on the ball and can fit it into tight spots. Fluid athlete who avoids the rush and gains positive yards scrambling when receivers are covered.

Does not always set his feet when he throws, which results in a lot of errant passes. Overconfident in his arm strength and forces too many throws. Struggles reading coverage and does not show the ability to consistently find his second and third options. Played at the Division 1AA level and will have a steep learning curve.

None of the East quarterbacks, John Skelton (Fordham), Daryll Clark (Penn State) and Mike Kafka (Northwestern), had particularly strong days. Skelton clearly has the best size and arm strength, but failed to hit his target most times. It's difficult for quarterbacks and receivers to get on the same page early in the week, so even though Skelton couldn't connect with receivers downfield, the fact he could drive the ball deep while the Big Ten quarterbacks struggled to do so is still in his favor.

Accuracy: Accurate enough to give his receiver a chance to make a play after the catch whether on a quick screen, out route, slant, fade or throw down the seam. Leads his man on slants and deep throws. Will aim the ball and feather it in instead of letting it loose.

Arm Strength: Throws 45-50-yard passes with little effort, but he rarely takes full advantage of his arm strength. Ball gets from hash to opposite sideline in a hurry when he steps into the throw. Good trajectory on deep passes, and the ball doesn't hang up. Inconsistent spiral, though the ball still has fair pace when it wobbles.

Setup/Release: Prototypical size and stands tall in the pocket. Waits patiently for routes to develop. Mostly in the shotgun when passing but will go under center on run plays and the occasional play-action. Release speed is not an issue whether in the pocket or on the run. Relies on his arm strength too much; will throw off back foot and into traffic. Throws from different arm angles and usually well-balanced. Could sell the ball fake more in play-action.

Reading Defenses: Knows the second and third progression, and is willing to throw underneath route if deep receiver is covered up. Will pick apart a defense if given time. Looks to the quick screen before checking out deep throw. Will not look off the safety or creeping corner consistently, resulting in interceptions. Trusts his receivers too much, throwing jump balls when unnecessary.

On the Move: Mobile for his size and able to throw accurately on the run in either direction. Squares his shoulders when throwing on the run. Will evade sacks from FCS defenders, but unclear whether he'll do so against better competition. Doesn't always get his eyes downfield when pressured in the pocket but does when outside. Mobility leads him to leave the pocket too quickly at times. Agile enough to get first downs when scrambling or running the read option, but not quick enough to run for more than a few yards and lacks elusiveness in the open field. Lowers his head for a first down if sideline isn't available and can slide if possible. Good size for the sneak.

Intangibles: Two-year captain who leads his offense on and off the field. Quiet with the media but vocal on the field. Has the work ethic and intelligence to become an NFL starter.

Was a Top performer in the combine in the 40 yard dash, vertical jump and board jump for QBs. Had a 4.85 40 yard dash, 33.5 in vertical jump and a 9'0 broad jump.

He has arguably the best arm in the draft. Comparing his arm strength to Orton's is like comparing a lizard to a crocodile. ~ BR Nick Castillo

Summary: Has a MASSIVE arm, but will need a lot of work, is a project.

Running Backs

Dexter McCluster - 5’9 170 - Official Combine Stats: 5’9, 172 lbs, Arm Length: 29 1/4 in, Hand Size: 8 3/8 in.

Projected Round: 2nd – 3rd.

Smallest player probably in the draft and most likely the quickest. Has mad cuts and a good return man. Could play the slot. Got hammered a few times in the Senior Bowl, fumbled twice, had a bad game. Devoted Christian and a top bloke. Many teams are looking at him as the next DeSean Jackson, a Slot WR.

Came in a little heavier than expected. Throw the 225 bar up 20 times and was one of the better lifts for the RB. Outperformed CJ Spiller who only had 18 reps.

Dexter McCluster didn't have a good combine. After having a really good showing on the bench press he failed on the 40 and didn't impress in drills. He run an unofficial 4.55 and was given an official time of 4.58, let me remind you Knowshon Moreno run a 4.6. He also wasn't great in drills, he slipped and didn't look impressive in a cone cut back drill, zigzag between cones. He dropped a pass on a slant out route and juggled another pass on a bubble route. I think his 40 time throw him off for the rest of the day. Look for him to improve at his pro day.

Dexter Mccluster got the fastest time of all RBs in the 20 yard shuttle were u go 5-10-5. His time was 4.06. The next fastest person was 4.12. Back to Mccluster, he has great quickness and agility, its just his straight line speed that isnt so hot. His draft stock has fallen so maybe we could get him in the 3rd or 4th.

Summary: Won’t be a return man, I see his future as a slot receiver and change of pace back.

Legarrette Blount - 6'1 - 6'2 240 - Official Combine Stats: 6’0, 241 lbs, Arm Length: 33 1/2 in, Hand Size: 10 in.

Projected Round: 4th – 5th.

The emotional personality of former Oregon running back LeGarrette Blount was one of the highlights of the Senior Bowl. Blount had the game's most spirited individual celebration after running for a 14-yard touchdown in the second quarter. Blount, a native of Madison, is the Oregon player who was suspended during the 2009 season for punching a Boise State player and then going after Boise State's fans. The Floridian had plenty to prove, and he let his emotions spill over after his impressive run. After the score, Blount carried the football 20 yards up the field, tossed it on the ground and then performed a brief dance. Blount (6-2, 240 pounds) rushed for 37 yards on seven carries.

Blount said: "It was a mistake on my behalf. I shouldn't have lost my head, my emotions. I was out of control. The expectations for myself and my team was high, and we did not play to the expectations that we wanted to. We didn't perform like we wanted to. It was just a bad night altogether." What did he learn? "I've just learned that I've got to keep my composure, watch my temper," Blount said. "You're going to have bad games. You're going to have bad days. The way I handled that situation was the wrong way."

Inside: Tall back with H-back build. Oregon has an east-west running game, so most of his carries occur outside the tackles. Has the power to be an excellent inside runner. Lowers his shoulders to bowl over defenders, but must run with more lean near the line of scrimmage to be a short-yardage threat. Agile enough to pick through trash and accelerate out the other side.

Outside: Very tough to bring down in the second or third level. Runs through and over smaller defenders in space. Lacks breakaway speed, but makes big gains with his long, fluid strides. A bit miscast in Oregon's horizontal running game. If an early hole doesn't appear on stretch plays, he is slow in his cutbacks and won't elude penetrating defenders.

Breaking tackles: Too strong to be arm tackled. Excellent balance, leaping defenders trying to cut tackle him and keeps on going. Uses a strong stiff-arm against linebackers and safeties. Can stop and push aside oncoming tacklers, then start up again. Runs very upright, and will not avoid taking big hits.

Intangibles: Substantial character concerns that will cause many teams to remove him from their board entirely. To his credit, earned back his spot on the active roster by fulfilling the requirements as set forth by Oregon head coach Chip Kelly and Athletic Director Mike Belloti. Nicknamed "Biggie", needs to keep his weight under control to be an effective NFL back.

Has issues, good player but you can’t get past his issues, could be a steal in the 4th round.

Was shorter than expected. Run an unofficial 4.62 40 yard dash. Run the 3-cone drill in 6.85 seconds.

Summary: Has too many issues for us.

Toby Gerhart - 6'1 235 - Official Combine Stats: 6’0, 231 lbs, Arm Length: 32 in, Hand Size: 9 5/8 in.

Projected Round: 3rd – 4th.

Although Gerhart finished a close second in the Heisman Trophy voting and was second nationally in rushing yards per game, he looks like a second- or third-round pick at the moment. The question is speed. If Gerhart impresses the NFL with his times in the 40-yard dash, he will move up considerably. There is some question whether he would play tailback or fullback in the NFL, but he has never been a blocking back, so if he makes it in the pros, it will be as a tailback.

Inside: Power back with a nice burst into an inside hole. Some vision and quick enough feet to pick through traffic and find a running lane. Effective in the I-formation and reads his fullback blocks well. Tries to fall forward on every run, often getting three or four extra yards once wrapped up by multiple defenders. Keeps both arms wrapped tight around the ball when in traffic, but put the ball on the ground too often as a senior (five fumbles) due to over-use. Not a big cutback-and-explode threat. Runs hard but won't blow up defenders in the hole like some elite power backs.

Outside: Has good straight-line speed for his size. Doesn't own a breakaway gear but is fast enough to get outside and make it hard for safeties to get the angle. Switches the ball to outside hand. Won't make a tackler miss with great elusiveness, but can cut outside or inside blocks on the edge to get into space. Shows potential running zone plays, with patience and a better cut upfield than expected.

Breaking tackles: Can spin off, bounce off or sidestep a defender near the line of scrimmage. Keeps his feet moving and runs with a good lean, allowing him to rack up yards after contact. Uses a solid stiff-arm to keep smaller defenders from cutting him down.

Blocking: Has the size and strength to succeed in pass protection. Lowers his pads to pick up blitzers up the middle and anchors well, but is inconsistent sustaining the block. Works hard to block defenders downfield or prevent defenders from chasing down his quarterback, cutting them if necessary.

Receiving: Good hands as a receiver, and can adjust to poor throws and snatch the ball with his hands. Not overly elusive after the catch, but will muscle through defensive back tackles on swing passes and pound through traffic on middle screens. Good feet to get in and out of routes and tightrope the sidelines.

Intangibles: Intelligent, hard-working athlete who takes a pounding but keeps on coming. Worked hard to rehab torn left PCL during redshirt 2007 season. Baseball question is a major issue for scouts.

Gerhart has impressive size and strength for the running back position to be productive in between the tackles. He has great balance on contact and consistently bounces off would-be tacklers. Finishes his runs and fights for extra yardage. Always plays with a ton of effort. Was extremely productive in college. Plays with a high level of intelligence.

Gerhart does not possess the speed scouts like to see for the next level. Does not effectively attack the perimeter on outside runs or kick it into another gear to hit home runs up the middle. Attempts to get downhill in a hurry, but burst through the hole is just adequate.

Probably don’t need him if we keep Hillis but if Hillis is moved or let go Gerhart could be a good replacement as a Power back which we lack. Possible third round pick, may move up if he runs good 40s and shows good speed. Run an unofficial 4.53 40 yard dash. Run the 3-cone drill in 6.94 secs.

Summary: Could be a feature back, run faster than Moreno at the combine.

Anthony Dixon - 6'1 235-245 - Official Combine Stats: 6’1, 233 lbs, Arm Length: 32 5/8 in, Hand Size: 9 3/4 in.

Projected Round: Later Rounds.

Mississippi State's potential class of pros isn't exactly deep this year, but there are at least a couple of players heading to the NFL Combine. One, Anthony Dixon, is being talked about as one of the top running backs in the draft. RB Anthony Dixon - An amazing senior year only bolstered his stock, and teams needing a bulky running back (he's 245 pounds) are noticing him. Some analysts are mentioning Dixon in the conversation as one of the top backs in the draft

Inside: Good size for an inside runner. Effective on quick traps and draws inside, and makes a strong cut into the hole. Shows some vision to pick his way through trash to find creases. Keeps leg churning after contact past the line of scrimmage, falling forward for additional yardage. Does not evade penetrating defenders whether running between the tackles or to the outside. Will lose the ball in traffic when getting skinny or pushing to get extra yardage.

Outside: Has improved his patience on zone and stretch plays, and can shift down then speed up to get through the hole. Runs with good lean and balance, even after leaping a corner trying to cut tackle. Lacks great elusiveness but his shifty hips give him the ability to make quick cuts in space. Not quick enough to bounce plays outside if defenders stack up the line around the tackle. Will not separate from defenders with a third gear once through traffic. Doesn't move the ball to his outside hand.

Breaking tackles: Very tough to bring down once he gets moving. Lowers his pads and keeps his legs moving to run over linebackers or defensive backs to get the first down. Arm tackles near the line of scrimmage don't slow him down. Will stiff-arm or push aside would-be tacklers in traffic. Can be chopped down easily if reached at or just behind the line.

Blocking: Uses his size to stand his ground against oncoming blitzers, although he doesn't sustain and will throw a lazy shoulder at times instead of moving his feet. Extends his long arms to take edge rushers around the pocket. Agile enough to cut block on the edge when needed. Stands around after play-action fake, instead of helping linemen up front.

Receiving: Fair hands as a receiver and can catch outside his body. Used as a first option and check-down over the middle, as well as on swing passes. Bowls over and runs through tackles of smaller defenders, but doesn't have great speed to separate. Shows surprisingly quick feet coming out of routes, but he could be more consistent cutting hard.

Intangibles: Durable back who hasn't missed any games over the past three seasons. Played through broken finger in 2006, undergoing surgery on a Wednesday and playing Saturday. Arrested in July 2009 for suspicion of driving under the influence, careless driving and not having proof of insurance.

Dixon is a big, bruising running back who was highly productive against premier competition in college. Displays the necessary power to consistently break tackles. Exhibits impressive balance on contact and is rarely brought down by the first tackler. Shows nice foot agility for a big, power back.

His top end speed to be a threat on the perimeter or explode for long gainers up the middle is dubious. Must improve his ball security as he’s shown he will put the ball on the ground at times. Struggles getting to the outside.

Don’t know much about Dixon, is another later run guy that can play the power back position. Again another player we may look at depending on if Hillis is moved or not.

Summary: Later round guy that could be a power back.

Wide Receivers

Dez Briscoe – 6’3 200 - Official Combine Stats: 6’2, 207 lbs, Arm Length: 33 1/2 in, Hand Size: 9 1/2 in.

Projected Round: 2nd – 3rd.

Another tall big receiver. Is a big play maker, but may not be the quickest. Have not heard much about him, believed to be a fourth round prospect but may change depending on workouts.

Dez Briscoe run an 4.63 unofficial 40 yard dash.

Summary: Possible B Marsh replacement or 2nd receiver.

Demaryius Thomas – 6’3 229 - Official Combine Stats: 6’3, 224 lbs, Arm Length: 33 in, Hand Size: 10 1/2 in.

Projected Round: 2nd – 3rd.

Big receiver possible replacement for Marshall if he is traded, or a solid no 2 option on the other side of Marshall. Probably go in the second round. Has broken his foot, will be out for 4-6 weeks and will miss the combine. Broke foot while working out, Feb 17. His broken foot will set him back and will be hard for him to change his stock. Could be picked anyway from the 2nd round to the 4th, is an interesting player.

Thomas runs sloppy routes and is raw with his route-running in general. Needs to be more consistent with his concentration on the ball. Blocking must improve at the next level, which is tough to swallow given his size. Can make strides in this area due to natural measurables.

Summary: Possible B Marsh replacement or 2nd receiver.

Riley Cooper - Official Combine stats: 6'3 222 lbs, Arm Length: 32 5/8 in, Hand Size: 10 3/8 in.

Projected Round: unknown.

Cooper possesses ideal height and bulk to play on the outside at the next level. Is a high-character, two-sport collegiate athlete. Plays with a high level of intelligence. Athletic receiver for his size. Shows the willingness to catch the ball over the middle in traffic.

Cooper’s a guy who builds speed and is not explosive off the line. Must improve his ability to gain separation as a route runner. Long-term football future could be cloudy as he has other options (baseball). Blocking could be better but Cooper does have the build and frame to make strides here.

Two-sport athlete at Florida and was drafted in the 25th round of the 2009 MLB draft by the Texas Rangers. Reportedly signed a contract for $250,000, though he elected to play his senior season and wants to pursue a football career. Charged in February of 2009 with the misdemeanor of resisting an officer and failure to comply with police for not getting out of the way of a moving car upon police orders. The case was dismissed.

Scouts will remember Cooper's half-hearted efforts on the Senior Bowl practice field -- even if Cooper looks every bit the two-sport athlete he is during testing.

Run an unofficial 40 yard dash time of 4.52

Summary: Possible B Marsh replacement or 2nd receiver.


Trindon Holliday – 5’5 160ish

On the Texas side, the game was mostly about LSU speedster Trindon Holliday. He showed great balance, quickness and elusiveness with the ball in his hands playing running back, receiver and returner. He connected with Perriloux on another 67-yard play for a touchdown, going up to trap the ball against his chest near the sideline and getting downfield quickly for the score. He consistently flipped field position on punts and kicks with quick decisions and pure speed. The return success might be viewed as a mirage by scouts, who know most of players covering kicks in this game are inexperienced on special teams and Virginia Tech's Brent Bowden was very inconsistent putting air under the ball. Holliday did drop a pitch from Perrilloux and a reverse in the fourth quarter, bringing back memories of several drops during the week of practices. And his 5-foot-5 height is troublesome for some teams. Still, his quickness is hard for scouts to ignore, and could get him a late draft slot.

Holliday is so fast, he has run 10 flat in the 100 metres. He a very quick dude and small which is good. He fits into small spaces between defenders and pops out of the holes real quick. Could be a really good return man. Probably be a late round pick, but he may fly up draft boards if he runs a 4.23 like he has been saying he has run in training.

Track star with blinding straight-line speed. Explosive player who only needs a little seam to break a big return. Reads the ball quickly in the air and gets underneath it fast. Waits for his blockers to engage and finds running lanes. Fluid through the hips and makes people miss in space.

Performed as a Specialist at the combine, had 10 reps in the bench press. Run a 4.34 40 officially but went as low as 4.22, which is a big difference. 42’ in vertical jump, 9’8 board jump, 3 cone-drill 6.54secs and a 4.48 20 yard shuttle run. Has performed all week, watched a interview with him, he seemed a bit slow, but I think it may have come down to nerves, was very reserved.

Summary: Only a return man.

Jacoby Ford - Official Combine Stats: 5'9 186 lbs, Arm Length: 30 1/2 in, Hand Size: 9 1/4 in.

Projected Round: 2nd – 3rd.

Ford is a premier track athlete with excellent timed top-end speed. Exhibited great foot quickness as a returner and running reverses in college. Flashes the ability to adjust to off target throws and bail out his quarterback. Was a very productive player whose team always tried to get him involved early and often.

Ford lacks the prototypical size of a perimeter NFL receiver. Is a raw route runner, who doesn’t always get in and out of his breaks smoothly. Return potential is there, but return skills could use some refinement. Despite his track speed, open field running could improve.

Run the 40 in 4.28 seconds. I moved Ford out of the others section as I think we can use him as a specialist ie a return man. But he also could be used in some situations to stretch the field, did show good hands. Only knock is he is short. Reminds people of desean Jackson, caught the ball well and looked like a pro. Well asked he said he was a football player that was good at track not the other way around.

Summary: Can be a return that rotates in as a receiver.


Dez Bryant - Official Combine Stats: 6’2, 225 lbs, Arm Length: 34 in, Hand Size: 9 3/4 in.

Bryant has a really impressive combination of size and speed. Possesses the quickness and agility necessary to consistently gain separation as a route runner. Very good ball skills, catches the ball softly away from his body and is outstanding at high-pointing the jumpball and really fights for the football. Runs angry after the catch and is a load to bring down in the open field.

There are some questions surrounding Bryant’s maturity level. Does not always show a high level of effort away from the ball. Was able to get open with pure athleticism in college but needs to run more precise routes at the next level.

Top rated WR missed most of his college season due to suspension. But is a physical receiver that runs great routes and has above average speed. Is a dumb ass, has great hands and a footballer player but he is an idiot, after hearing him speak I think he is a Muppet and we should not draft him, Ashley Lelie anyone? Did not do any drills or anything, just physicals, then got permission to leave.

Joe Haden – Official Combine Stats: 5'11" 193 lbs, Arm Length: 32 3/4 in, Hand Size: 9 1/2 in.

Top rated Corner in the draft. Could be a true shutdown guy. Father was a body builder. Was running a stop watched 4.34 40 in practice. Will probably be a reach for us as we have many other needs other than secondary. Had 18 reps on the bench.

Haden run 4.6 and 4.7 in the 40, Biggest disappointment at the combine, needs to get better.

Everson Griffen – 6’3 265-280 - Official Combine Stats: 6’3, 273 lbs, Arm Length: 32 5/8 in, Hand Size: 10 in.

DE, but has the size to covert to the OLB position in the 3-4. Young skipped final year. Possibly late first round pick. Pass rush: Flashes a quick burst off the snap. Can pressure the outside shoulder of the offensive tackle and has good flexibility to get under his reach and turn the corner. Has a quick counter move to spin back inside. Must use his hands more consistently to break free from blockers once engaged. Uses rip and swim moves, but neither is effective enough to be a go-to move in the NFL. Good use of strength for the bull rush. Has a good closing burst when he has an open lane. Struggles locating the football. Is so concerned with getting upfield that he will run right by the action on inside running plays. Run defense: Appears to have the bulk and strength to hold up at the point of attack, but too often is engulfed and pushed back. Quick enough laterally to extend the edge. Rides the tackle outside and keeps contain. Good enough lateral agility to play in space and handle the pitch against the option. Good balance and straight-line speed to pursue, but is inconsistent in his effort.

Griffen’s a tough, strong defensive end prospect. Will show good hand use. Has really impressive speed and range for a big man (was a high school running back). Displays very explosive power to knock blockers backwards and to hold up at the point of attack against the run. Has great initial quickness off the ball when rushing the passer.

Only has average height and has likely maxed out his frame in terms of bulk. Lacks competitiveness at times and doesn’t always play with high intensity. Can be an inconsistent reactor at times and sometimes struggles to break down in space. Had a 4.66 second official 40 yard dash and had 32 reps on the bench press.

Colt McCoy – 6’2 210 - Official Combine Stats: 6’1, 216 lbs, Arm Length: 31 in, Hand Size: 9 3/8 in.

McCoy is a natural leader with high character. Played with a lot of intelligence in Texas’ system which he mastered. Was extremely productive. Possesses a quick release. Displays great accuracy in the short passing game and puts the ball in a position to set up his receivers for run after the catch. Has the foot-speed to avoid the rush and buy extra time.

McCoy lacks a cannon for an arm. Can fit the ball into spots on intermediate routes at times but will struggle with the deep ball. Release point is a little low. Needs to improve his accuracy on long passes down the field and toward the sideline.

Colt is the next overhyped collegiate quarterback who really doesn't have much of a chance in the NFL. He is a late-round talent, and don't let ESPN fool you. His talent is pretty mediocre when you consider the things he will have to do in the NFL in terms of the transition to a more West Coast or pro-style spread scheme. He won't stretch a defense in the NFL and the system makes him look far better than he is at Texas.

McCoy is a great college quarterback, but simply isn't an NFL mold. He should be projected as a fifth-to-seventh-round prospect. McCoy might develop into a solid backup quarterback at the next level, but he is simply not the prospect ESPN wants you to think he is. Is a poor man’s Kyle Orton, need to stay away from. Stock will rise at the combine as there may not be any other QB’s throwing. But Tony Pike could make him look bad. Scratch that McCoy will not work out at the combine. Pike is the only Top QB that will.

Came in smaller than thought of, at 6’1 it will be hard for him to be a QB in the NFL. Also he has shorter arms and doesn’t have that cannon release. Some compare him to Drew Brees, but Brees is a little taller and has a great arm. McCoy just seems like too much of a risk with those measurables.

Stephen Williams - Official Combine Stats: 6'4 210 lbs, Arm Length: 33 1/4 in. Hand Size: 9 1/8 in.

Had massive broad jump of 10'5 and was a top performer in the vertical jump. May not be well known but could be a solid prospect in the later rounds. Possible replacement for B-Marsh maybe?

Also people have mentioned J.D Walton and Jeff Byers for Center. The problem is these guys are both 6’3 and 300 pounds or lighter. I think for the power blocking scheme you need to be 6’3+ and over 300 pounds. Like Pouncey who is 6’4 and 318 pounds.


  1. Awesome Aussie-Your new nickname.
    So much information. You have changed my thinking on some. Odrick for one. Really like him now. McCluster for another. Would rather have him than Ford or Holliday. I don't want Royal going to the slot. Wish you went deeper with ILBs. I don't want one in the early rounds. Also thinking may not need to go Center in early rounds either. Defense, defense, defense. Don't really need to look at Safeties though. We have no idea what we actually have on the D-Line on our current roster. I think we will draft heavily there(at least 2) and sort it out at TC.
    Very nice work. One thing maybe you can adjust is when you have the names and measurements in orange, include their college.

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  3. Really nice Aussie, thanks for doin this, alot of info and insight and i know u put alot of time and effort into it. Some guys i know about now are guys like Sean Lee and Jared Odrick that could potentially be a 2nd round draft choice for us.

  4. That is a crapload of info but awesome indeed!! Can't believe you spent time doing all that but it sure is appreciated. I'll have to read it over the weekend during my spring break when I have more time. Definitely want to read it all and not be rushed. Thanks for doing this and can't wait to read it.

    Also, I saw this on DB... gonna get interesting with the Broncos starting Friday. Here comes the drama!!


  5. Hi guys, thanks for the comments, was a lot of fun putting together. And saw that Princess, will be an interesting offseason.

  6. Digger I will try to make that change for you tomorrow, and I will make up a mock draft I think we should do using this information, I will post it in the comments here I think.

  7. Aussie
    Yeah, I used your board to make a mock yesterday morning before the tenders were released which included what I thought the tenders would be, but now that part is null and void and I havn't edited it yet. Been blogging about Marshall. Everyone is so worked up that he is for sure gone now. I tried to be the voice of reason on it, but it's like talking to deaf people. People form opinions and won't deter from that until proven otherwise. IMO by assigning him the 2nd tender of just a 1st round means one of two things. He does still want out of Denver because he doesn't feel safe knowing the bullits for DWill were probably intended for him and we are willing to accomodate that as long is we get fair value in return or we are fulfilling the promise that if he played out his rookie contract he would be able to get his payday from either us or another team. Either way it is being handled in a way that is in the best interest of BM. I don't know what his desires are at the moment, but I do know that there is a reason why everyone considers Bowlen one of the best owners in sports. Even with Cutler last year the deal made was partly because it was what Jay wanted. Another part was it was a good deal for both teams. If BM does want out, I would expect it to be back home to Florida. Maybe Jax, who has Simms-Walker. Him and BM are friends and they could use another WR. Ironic we have been putting 10/11 all year until the coin toss and now we could have the 10 and 11. All I really want is whats best for Brandon. There is more to life than football and still being in Denver after that fateful New Year's Eve 31/4 years ago has messed him up. Not as bad as JWalker, but bad. I don't want to pretend I know the behind the scenes aspects of what is in BM's personal life, but i feel he does not feel safe and for a bad ass football player to be afraid would not sit well with them. He may find out you can't run from your fears, but if that's what he wants to try to do, Bowlen will let him. That's the part of it no one is getting. He is only going to go somewhere else if he wants to and we LET him.

  8. Yeah Digger, it is as you say, Marshall only leaves us if he wants too, but we made it a little easier with a 1st round pick grade for him, so a team could trade for him. But it would have to be a good deal. I think the Broncos want a little more for him then just a first. Also I think a 2nd for Scheff was a little high. But it means we get good value on return for him if he leaves.

  9. Nice Aussie. I've only read about 25% of it. Will finish rest later.

  10. lol, yeah it is a lot to read but it is very interesting. I just hope the front office will think defense, defense, defense first for the draft. We are RB'd out!! We need to focus on our weaknesses... yeah, like what isn't our weakness right now after the season we had but our D should be our #1 priority.

    There is a lot to be said about the D-lineman up there. Quite a few could be strong contenders for Denver... they all have weaknesses, we just need to find the one who has a weakness that can be easily (somewhat) exploited in our defense so that it can become a strength not only for the player but the team. I like several of them, and maybe its just me dreaming, which is probably the case that our "geniuses" would actually think about drafting players like Cody or Suh. Also have to consider the money of those players that will cost the organization down the road if they turn out to be a player we want to keep, so long as they prove themselves.

    My brain is rattled with all this... the Marshall issue is driving me crazy. I hope for the love of the game and this team, he stays. Same for Doom... can't possibly imagine him leaving and Kuper. Scheff, however, seems to be one of "Shanny's guys" who isn't going to be content for quite sometime so long as he isn't playing for Shanahan. Won't be surprised if he goes. As for Orton, even though the TEAM had a disaster of an ending, again, Orton had IMHO his best NFL season to date. Never really paid attention to Chicago when he was there but when I did he didn't seem to fight for wins like he did this past season. He wanted to play... he proved that when he injured his ankle and still fought for his time to play. That's what I want to see out of every single player and coach on this team... perseverance simply because you love the game and you want to help your team win. Is that too much to ask for? I think not.

  11. Also did you hear we signed RB JJ Arrington to a one year deal.