March 8, 2010

Free Agency - Day 3

Well it again was another slow day in dove valley, without many reports of anything. I did pick up on one thing and it was from It is listed below:

Did Ryan Harris and Tyler Polumbus just exhale? Free-agent offensive tackle Tony Pashos, who was on the Broncos' initial wish list, signed a three-year, $10.3 million contract with Cleveland. He got a lot of money and wanted a starting position.

Had or Hadnot? The Broncos and free-agent center Rex Hadnot have reached an impasse in negotiations. Hadnot visited the Broncos on Friday.

The Broncos lost out Sunday on offensive lineman Tony Pashos, who signed with Cleveland. Free-agent center Rex Hadnot, who visited and went away, seeks more cash than the Broncos are offering.

The Broncos completed their visit Sunday with free-agent defensive end Dwan Edwards, but it doesn't appear there will be an agreement.

Update: Paige had this up on, he listed 6 names to have a look at. Wide receiver Antonio Bryant, running back Thomas Jones, quarterback Jake Delhomme, guard Keydrick Vincent, center Hank Fraley and defensive end Marques Douglas. Some info he had on the lineman: Hank Fraley is a 6-foot-3, 310-pound veteran, late of the Browns. He can start at center and has played everywhere on the line, including tight end. Does 6-5, 330 pounds sound OK for the Broncos in the power-blocking scheme? If so, Keydrick Vincent, a former starting guard for the Panthers, is available. He played in front of two 1,000-yard runners in 2008. On the other side, since Edwards likely won't join the Broncos, they should secure veteran defensive end Marques Douglas, who had 64 tackles and 1 1/2 sacks with the Jets last season. He is 290 pounds, strong and quick and another locker room leader.

So they are the notes from today, I don't think things will heat up in the coming days. I think it will be another week and then we will start filling backup spots and getting what is left. I believe the main part of Free Agency is over. That is it from me ~ Aussie Out

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  1. Hey, sorry its been awhile just got back from a little road trip I took with my mom. As for moving the blog... doesn't really matter to me, I'm fine with that. I'm all for simplicity when it comes to computers. lol

    So it sounds like I didn't miss out on much in FA. Making me nervous as heck to know what's going to happen to Marshall. Also sounds like the Broncos are staying quiet in FA and away from the big deals. That's fine but if there's a player available out there and we have a glimmer of a chance, we need to do something that makes it look like we're the least bit interested. Oh but the circus that is FA in the NFL is far from over. haha

  2. Oh and if you really want to move the blog you should let Doc know and ask him about it, as he is the one who started this whole thing. But yeah, I'm cool with it. :)

  3. Yeah I think doc is cool with it also. I think that is on the other comments.

  4. Cool... guess I would've known that had I read the comments. lol

  5. Haha maybe, but that won't be for a while, we will still be using this one.

  6. *until the other one is ready.