March 13, 2010

Free Agency - The Last Few Days

Well friends it is good to see you guys all around and been doing well. Now onto the news from the last few days. First up was the release of middle linebacker Andra Davis. I was a bit surprised by this as he was a solid player and could have been a good backup LB this year. But who knows, I think X-man and McD have a plan (I hope). Personally I would like to see Larsen get a chance to start, he is a far better LB than he is a FB, I really think that if he didn't get hurt last year he would have taken Davis's job. There is also Woodyard, but I think he is a player to much like DJ Williams, he is a smaller version of DJ, so he is a solid backup. Also there is the option of McClain in the draft, but that is a real gamble if they think they are sure to get him.

Now that is about all the news for the Broncos, other than that the Broncos payed their players the bonuses they were due, like Champ, so none of these players had to reconstruct contracts or were released.

The only other news to report is that of the player movement. First would be Rex Hadnot, who the Broncos were interested in, signed with the Cards so he is off the board, so maybe Hank Franley for center.

Casey Wiegmann signed with the Chiefs so that is good he is with his old team, he will probably retire a Chief.

Larry Johnson signed with the 'Skins, I wonder what Shanny is up to?

LT still doesn't have a deal.

Delhomme signed with the Browns, which could mean they are trying to move Quinn.

And finally Merlin Oslen passed away, he was a legend of the sport.

That is it from me ~ Aussie Out!


  1. Good article aussie. Great to see everyone is back and has offseason fever!

  2. haha, I knew the Broncos wouldn't stay quiet for too long during FA. Big news was bound to happen sooner or later. So here we go...

    WOW, just now read that we traded Peyton Hillis, a 6th round 2011 draft pick and a conditional pick in 2012 and in return we get Cleveland Browns QB Brady Quinn. My reaction: not too crazy at all about them letting Hillis go but I kinda expected it with McD being coach and all. I don't know what McD didn't see in Hillis... awesome player and person... thank goodness I got to meet him before he got traded but anyway. Overall, I like the trade. I have nothing against Orton but at least this time he'll get a run for his money with Quinn competing with him for a starting job. Simms wasn't competition at all. I think Quinn would do awesome IMHO.