March 8, 2010

Free Agency - Day 4

Well guys was another slow day for Dove Valley with no new signings. But there was some good news with a number of quality players stopping in Denver today. First is Jamal Williams who spent the whole day in Denver and had a physical there.

Here is some info about Williams from The 33-year-old was cut by the Chargers last week, probably due to concerns about his age and durability. Williams was sidelined for the majority of last season with a triceps injury. Plus, he turns 34 next month. Williams' former position coach with the Chargers is Broncos defensive line coach Wayne Nunnely, so that could help his chances. Williams has a scheduled visit with the New Orleans Saints. Williams' big presence (6-foot-3, 348 pounds) in Denver is somewhat curious since the Broncos have already signed Justin Bannan to a five-year contract, but they could split playing time in a rotation obviously. And ESPN: Still, if Denver uses him in a rotation, Williams could help. San Diego reportedly wants Williams back at a reduced price. Perhaps seeing that Williams is in Denver will cause San Diego to make a move. He was released last week right before he was due to receive a roster bonus.

Also tonight and tomorrow the Broncos will have Jarvis Green in town for a visit. It is said Green has the choice of joining the Broncos or staying at the Patriots. I hope he choices us, he is a solid player. So keep your ear out for that tomorrow.

Also Rex Hadnot visited with the Cardinals but no deal has been done there. I noticed this on another website 'Hadnot would likely be a backup guard if he signed with the Cardinals', I thought he wanted a starting job which he could get here. I think the Cards will offer him less money then us, I can see him coming back to us for the deal.

Well that is it for the Free Agency news, now on to some big news, you the bloggers have said it is cool for Broncos Blog to move and update. If you have any objections put them in the comments. It will take me a few months to get the other site set up. I will continue to post here and will post the link up on this site when it is ready to be used. But won't be for a while, well that is it from me ~ Aussie Out!

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  1. D-line is set. now just need to retool the interior O-line